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  1. Along similar lines, it always confused me that Susan went back to Stewart after divorcing Larry. She and Dan divorced before he died (he was married to Kim at that time), so why wouldn't she have gone back to Burke, but kept Stewart? It made even less sense when Alison became largely known as Alison Stewart, even if she was biologically related to Emily, Dan, and Ellen. As a watcher during the 2000's, I always thought of that house as Susan's. I was shocked when those 1979 episodes were released on YouTube to find that the set was around (and largely unchanged) at that time. Makes
  2. I wouldn't call it chemistry exactly, but the short-lived pairing of Craig & Dani on ATWT was wrong on many, many levels. Around the same time, the show had brought on Laurence Lau to romance both Lucinda and her grandson, which, though carried by good actors, always made me uncomfortable as well (I guess that was the point, but still)
  3. Whoa! @mikelyons you are officially my new favorite person in the whole world. Thank you so much for sharing this. I've never seen this before!
  4. Hi BoldRestless, with pleasure! If you go to https://nyshistoricnewspapers.org, you can browse through all kinds of NY (state) publications, a number of which have TV listings included. It takes a little playing around with to get a feel for it, most likely. What I did is I started by using "As The World Turns" as a search term, and set the date to post-1956 to eliminate irrelevant results. I focused primarily on the eras where I was the closest to making connections in terms of episode numbers, and soon learned how to "read" the way some of these papers publish their listings. I actually have
  5. I've been wondering about this for a while, and since the conversation has turned to Jennifer recently, it's a good time to ask: Did Jennifer ever find out she was not biologically Hal's child? Does she know about Darryl? I started watching the show in 2000, and I don't remember any mention of this. I feel like Jennifer died without ever knowing the truth. I understand what you're saying about the death of a legacy character, and I guess I agree, but I will say that that whole storyline around Jennifer's death was executed really beautifully. I've said before how 2006 was a rare hi
  6. Thanks for linking my efforts in this thread! I'm not a Y&R watcher, but please let me know if I can help out with anything. I'm a big fan of any effort to track soap history! This is too funny, because I'm working on doing almost the exact same thing for ATWT. I felt a little obsessed, so I'm glad to see I'm not the only one . Fascinating stuff!
  7. Continuing my full list update with 1994. I've made my way from 1989 to 1994 on RATS and have collected several recaps confirming dates that were previously unconfirmed. I skipped 1995 on purpose... Since that year is included in another (way more massive and altogether unnavigable) RATS group, it'll take me a while to sort through that. Since July 4 is a holiday in the US, am I correct in saying it makes sense that there was no OJ trial on that day? July 5 throws me for a loop. Many people stated it was pre-empted, but at least 1 person claimed to have rec
  8. Which story are you referring to? The mid 90s are a blur for me. I've seen one or two episodes of her with Jef, and liked them as well. When the Soapcentral recaps pick up in late '96 Emily seems to be in some sort of triangle with model Paul and Sarah Kasnoff (is that the story you mean?) before being thrown in Diego's orbit. Maybe it's because of her pairing with Hal, which happened right as I started watching, that I've never objected to the character or actress much. I agree with you that that was her best pairing.
  9. I've been reading through the old RATS group for a while now, experiencing much of the early 90s vicariously "in real time". I just stumbled upon this post about Craig, which I found rather funny with hindsight. Title: CRAIG LIKES TO SLEEP WITH HIS EXES' SISTERS Background: This is in 1994, when Craig briefly returned during his marital issues and had a fling with Sam, who was new on the scene Little did they know at the time he would go on to add another Snyder sister and a pair of Washburn sisters to this list, as well as another mother/daug
  10. I'm so excited! Back when SoapClassics was around, I managed to get all the ATWT box sets they released except for one: the CarJack one. Ever since, I've been scouring the internet for it, but for the longest time I could only find a ridiculously-priced version (over $100 I believe). About two weeks ago, I suddenly found a reasonably-priced version on eBay. I wasted no time in ordering it, and it just came in today. I was expecting a second-hand version, but it's sealed and seems unused. So now I have my SoapClassics ATWT collection complete! I guess I'll b
  11. Thank you @will81 for that resource. It looks amazing!
  12. No worries, that's what I'm here for. Aww, I liked Luke & Noah. I guess I shouldn't hold my breath for a Jake Silbermann profile any time soon, then? She appeared in two '04 episodes and three '10 episodes. Not in between. Maiden name is Brigard (not sure of spelling).
  13. Based on those pictures, I'm fairly sure Stan Mitchum (Iris' boyfriend) was played by Daniel Ahearn (i) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7KX5fUrUoo (from 3:44)
  14. Thanks for the heads-up! I have put these in my own (offline) file already, and will update them on here when I get to the next major update for those years.
  15. Thanks, BoldRestless! I have updated the 1986 list accordingly.
  16. Hi all, Sorry for my breakdown last month. I have since been indirectly in touch with the person behind the channel that was targeted, and know a bit more about what happened. I am now convinced my list had nothing to do with it. As such, I have restored all references to the channel on my list. Even if it is now defunct, its dates still help us piece together the full episode list. With so many channels popping up, pumping out content and being taken down again, it is getting a bit daunting trying to keep track of any new info for the list, so please feel
  17. Well, I liked having Helen on, and the photo was honestly a nice touch. It's the whole... having two actors on in an otherwise clearly very empty house pretending there was a big family celebration. I also feel like this would have felt better if it was Tom with Nancy. Despite the fact that Margo had been family for 26 years, she wasn't actually related to Nancy, which made the moment fall flat a little.
  18. I see both sides of the above discussion... As someone who originally only watched from 2000 onwards and who only saw the earlier stuff after, it's sometimes difficult to hear people pointing out the shows's flaws in the last ten years so much. Then again, I will be happy to admit that the episodes I've seen from 1979-1980, as well as the Marland era, are much better than the final ten years. And even in what I consider "my era" with the show, I can honestly say it went off the rails. I just don't necessarily agree on the when and how of it. My take is that the show was terrible in
  19. This may be old news... but I don't remember hearing about it at the time. I just watched a 2016 Robert DeNiro movie called The Comedian. He plays a former sitcom star, who's trying to break loose from his sitcom character and have a career in stand-up comedy. Anyway, towards the end of the movie he attends a "classic TV convention" and while he's at a table for meet-and-greets, guess who's at the table right next to him? "Soap Opera vixen" Colleen Zenk! She has no lines and is only in about two quick shots, but it was pretty nice to see regardless. The movie wasn't all that g
  20. I've never seen this before, but Yvonne Perry reminds me of Cady McClain with some of her mannerisms here. I haven't been bothered by Alan that much, and honestly wasn't bothered much in this one. The William Fichtner/Martha Byrne one was a different story. I though Alan was typing while William was talking, which I later read wasn't typing, but static. However, Alan was very clearly not listening, which clearly disturbed WF and MB both. I think William deserved much better. Overall, though, I remain mostly thankful for Alan organizing these at all.
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