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  1. 10. Amanda Woodward Parezi Burns McBride Blake McBride Burns (Heather Locklear) Long before I started watching Melrose Place, I had heard of Amanda Woodward. She is one of those characters that truly became a bigger pop culture phenomenon than the show she hailed from. And while I have already argued that to say that Amanda/Heather single-handedly saved the show is a bit of an oversimplification, there is definitely no denying that she played a huge part in it. In many ways, this show turned into Amanda's show, with the other characters just living in it. I have to say that made me
  2. OK, so maybe not a "short" time in absolute terms, but in relative terms. She came in later than the others and left before anyone else did.
  3. 9. Jo _____ Reynolds (Daphne Zuniga) I have a confession to make: There are two reasons why I originally started watching MP. The first is that I'd been watching Beverly Hills, 90210 up to the point where it spun off, and I figured I'd check out what Kelly, Steve, David, Donna, and Jake would be up to in the spin-off. The second (although really the first) reason was that I love One Tree Hill, and I'd really enjoyed Daphne Zuniga on that show to the point where I wanted to check out her other major televsion role. You know, the popular story is that Heather Locklear saved this
  4. Oof, sorry it's been a minute guys, it's been a crazy week. I'm really happy to hear my posts are making you all want to rewatch the show. Hell, your responses are making me want to rewatch the show, and I have only just finished it. -- 8. Dr. Michael Mancini (Thomas Calabro) Let me start by saying that I have the utmost respect for Thomas Calabro for being the only cast member that stuck with the show from beginning to end, and I appreaciate the character of Michael for the same reason: being the constant on the show. I remember reading that tidbit while I wa
  5. Per your own list, Susan Pellegrino was also on ATWT as Pamela _____ Thompson, and Matthew Del Negro was Frank, who liked Rose in 2000.
  6. April 12 was a Saturday April 16 was a Sunday
  7. I always felt like nearly everyone was 2-3 years out of college (age, at least. Whether they actually attended is another matter), with the exception of Billy, who was completely fresh out of college. I could easily be wrong though. Whoa, I have zero memory of this. More regular-by-regular takes are coming up, when I have a moment.
  8. That's how I'll regard it for now. Count it as an aired episode, with some people/areas missing out on it. This has got to be 1998... right?
  9. 7. Billy Campbell (Andrew Shue) I think I'm about to say something quite controversial, but I honestly never minded Shue's acting much, especially in the early seasons. Like I said previously, Billy was the new guy, through whose eyes we were meant to see the other inhabitants of the apartment building. But additionally, I always saw Billy as bringing some youthful energy to the show. I'm not sure if this was ever stated on the show, but I always imagined Billy as fresh out of college, living on his own for the first time, while most of the others had already been out of college fo
  10. As I mentioned a bit earlier, I have been going over some TV listings in historical newspapers that can be browsed online. I have started a brand new file, in which I am slowly, but surely retracing all of my steps, to ensure that no mistakes are made. That will obviously take some time (but it's also surprisingly fun). I'm systematically going over some of the major recurring pre-emptions, to see when they started, leading to some surprising and interesting finds. First up: the US Open. For as long as I can remember, the show was always pre-empted on the Monday and Friday of the f
  11. 6. Matt Fielding (Doug Savant) Despite Matt being treated like a side character for most of his run, I always really liked Matt. The character obviously suffered from the fact that it was not yet widely accepted to display gay relationships on a television show in the 90s. It is downright ridiculous that Matt and his many love interests were never shown doing more than hold hands. Although it is easy nowadays to frown upon any such portrayals, I am a big believer that these things need to be seen in their historical context. I was actually quite surprised at how ahead of its time some of
  12. 5. Jake Hanson (Grant Show) I really like S1 Jake. The "bad boy" with the heart of gold. It's interesting to me how the character seemingly falls within the same archetypical realm as Dylan McKay, and yet both Jake and Dylan are very much their own character. I liked a lot of Jake's standalone stories in S1, like when he found out about David, or when an ex-girlfriend showed up with the message that she had AIDS. I also really liked seeing Jake's struggles, especially when it came to what he wanted to do with his life. On a show that had so many characters that were very career-dri
  13. I just saw that IMDB has it spelled Allison. Maybe that's what kept throwing me off. Which one? Or all three?
  14. 4. Alison Parker Armstrong Hanson (Courtney Thorne-Smith) (Side-note: has the show ever been consistent in the spelling of Alison/Allison's name? I feel like every time I convinced myself it was Alison, I saw something that said Allison, and vice versa.) I really love the description of Alison, at least in the early seasons, as the heart of the show. Although the show has clearly always been an ensemble show, I remember thinking back in S1 that there were three characters that you could reasonably think of as the show's "main character". Jake transported us from 90210 to MP. B
  15. @Paul Raven I'm super thankful, as always, for all the info you provide! I'll add these in as soon as I have a moment. Keep up the good work.
  16. 3. Jane Andrews Mancini Mancini (Josie Bissett) I'm a big believer that when you're going to have such larger-than-life characters as Kimberly, Amanda and Michael, you're going to need to balance that out with a few more down-to-earth characters. To me, Jane (along with a few others) is that type of character. I've generally always liked her. It's interesting to me that Jane is remembered in this thread as a bitchy character, as she was only that character for a very brief stint in early season 5. More than anything, the word 'victim' comes to mind when I think of Jane. I felt bad for her
  17. munecojim has been uploading a lot recently. Mostly not new episodes though. ^ This episode, by my count, was not previously on YT.
  18. 2. Rhonda Blair (Haggard?) (Vanessa Williams) Personally, I never minded Rhonda all that much. I thought she fit well into the first incarnation of Melrose Place, at least for the first half of the season. It always seemed to me that around the time Sandy was written out, Rhonda was essentially written out as well. It's almost as if TPTB just felt it would be too much to have them both take off at once, so they kept Rhonda around until the end of the season. But they certainly stopped writing for her. Unlike Sandy, I don't think Rhonda would have worked well in the show MP would be
  19. I swear I made a mental note to request Zach last week. Great minds... The reason I was going to request is because I saw that his IMDB page most infuriatingly lists him as having appeared in a 2009 ATWT episode, which most definitely did not happen. It just reminds me of how happy I am that we have out own Internet Soap Opera Database here. I'm telling you, you should trademark the name ISODB. Roerig was on ATWT from January 2005, so while not impossible, I wouldn't imagine his GL stint to have been in 05. 04 seems more likely. Also, between The Vampire DIARIES ()
  20. 1. Sandy Harling (Amy Locane) What to say about Sandy? The funny thing is, because I've watched this show spread out over 8 years, the early stuff is actually quite blurry in my mind already. One major thing I realized yesterday is that I have lived with a misconception for the duration of my MP journey. Back in 2012 when I started, I read about Locane's manslaughter charges, but I guess I didn't read it quite thoroughly (fear of spoilers I'm sure), because I always understood that those charges actually dated back to 1992 and that was the reason she was written off the show. I was
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