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  1. munecojim has been uploading a lot recently. Mostly not new episodes though. ^ This episode, by my count, was not previously on YT.
  2. 2. Rhonda Blair (Haggard?) (Vanessa Williams) Personally, I never minded Rhonda all that much. I thought she fit well into the first incarnation of Melrose Place, at least for the first half of the season. It always seemed to me that around the time Sandy was written out, Rhonda was essentially written out as well. It's almost as if TPTB just felt it would be too much to have them both take off at once, so they kept Rhonda around until the end of the season. But they certainly stopped writing for her. Unlike Sandy, I don't think Rhonda would have worked well in the show MP would become, so utimately it was probably for the best that they let her go. I think Rhonda suffered greatly from the fact that they tied her down to Terrence so soon. It would have been interesting to see her in another relationship. It feels like an interracial relationship would have really fit with the whole social struggles theme they had going on back then. The one thing that bugs me to no end, however, is that she was not mentioned at all after her departure (actually, I think I recall a mention in one of the later seasons by someone like Amanda, which made little sense). Matt and Rhonda were supposed to be best friends. How easy would it have been to start a Matt scene by having him on the phone saying "I gotta go Rhonda, talk to you soon". I always found it interesting that on Beverly Hills, 90210 (I'm only on S8, so please don't spoil) they seemingly had an entire storyline going on in mentions only, as we found out through the remaining regulars that a certain former regular had made their way down to where a certain other former regular lived to resume a certain relationship). I'm not saying that's what MP should have done as well, but how difficult would it have been to mention some of these former regulars from time to time. In Rhonda's case, those mentions obviously would have waned over time, but in the beginning it was quite jarring. Though the show was definitely guilty of tokenism with both Rhonda and Matt, I do think it's a shame that the show never brought in another African-American (or any non-Caucasian, really) character following Rhonda's departure. -- I actually either didn't or at least don't remember. I'll pay attention to it once I rewatch. I definitely remember her having a strong southern accent, but I don't recall her dropping that accent.
  3. I swear I made a mental note to request Zach last week. Great minds... The reason I was going to request is because I saw that his IMDB page most infuriatingly lists him as having appeared in a 2009 ATWT episode, which most definitely did not happen. It just reminds me of how happy I am that we have out own Internet Soap Opera Database here. I'm telling you, you should trademark the name ISODB. Roerig was on ATWT from January 2005, so while not impossible, I wouldn't imagine his GL stint to have been in 05. 04 seems more likely. Also, between The Vampire DIARIES () and Legacies he played Matt Donovan on 1 episode of The Originals as well. I'm not sure if that show is among the ones you list. Could I now request his ATWT buddy Jesse Lee Soffer as well?
  4. 1. Sandy Harling (Amy Locane) What to say about Sandy? The funny thing is, because I've watched this show spread out over 8 years, the early stuff is actually quite blurry in my mind already. One major thing I realized yesterday is that I have lived with a misconception for the duration of my MP journey. Back in 2012 when I started, I read about Locane's manslaughter charges, but I guess I didn't read it quite thoroughly (fear of spoilers I'm sure), because I always understood that those charges actually dated back to 1992 and that was the reason she was written off the show. I was always surprised that she got a bit of a send-off, considering those circumstances. Only now do I realize that the whole incident happened years after the show had ended and had nothing to do with her prompt departure. She was written off because TPTB decided she wasn't working, I assume? She definitely felt like the odd one out in early S1. Ironically, I feel (as others have said) that she could have worked better in the later version of the show, as I felt Locane's acting was always a bit over the top. I wonder if they ever considered re-introducing her in a later version of the show. Honestly, the only things I remember about Sandy are her on-again-off-again thing with Jake (and subsequent "rivalry", if you can call it that, with Kelly), some sort of story about a stalker guy, and that one time she was hired to be the scream queen on some horror flick. I wouldn't say I minded her much, but I also wasn't necessarily a fan.
  5. I literally just found out that Bissett and Estes were married for quite some time and have kids together. Apologies to the both of them. I'm sure they had chemistry, it just didn't translate well onto the screen in my humble opinion.
  6. Finally caught up fully on this thread. I agree with a lot of what's been said, and disagree with a few other things as well. I feel like I've been watching 3 or 4 separate shows, all of which were pretty great. S1 feels like the 90210-like, learning a moral lesson each week type of show. I know some people didn't really like it, but I did. S2-S4 was obviously peak MP, with the bombing of the place right in its center. The huge cast turnovers - not once, but twice - are a bit jarring, and the later seasons certainly suffered for it, although they still had their moments that made them watchable. S6 was a low. S7 was definitely more watchable, but I have a number of issues with it. I will comment more on the early seasons later, but since it's what I've seen the most recently, I want to go over S7 first. First of all, I had no idea until I read this thread that those first 7 episodes on the DVD were originally supposed to be part of S6. That makes so much more sense, as the shift 7 episodes into the season is quite jarring. For me, there are three major issues that I have with S7 (and the later seasons in general), and they're somewhat inter-related. The complete lack of honoring the show's history When TV shows enter their final seasons, I am always hoping to see most of the former regulars again, however briefly. I understand that it's difficult with a show like MP, which had so many former regulars, many of whom would have not been willing or able to return. During those 7 in-between episodes, they seemed to be teasing Alison's return. I was expecting her back for Billy's exit and for them to get their happy ending, but no such luck. Next, they were teasing Matt's return, only to kill him off offscreen. WTF? Was that really necessary? The Fielding family had already lost Matt Sr. and Matt's never-before-mentioned brother Tom in a few years' time. What made the whole thing worse is that he was only killed off to jump-start the eventual Amanda/Eve storyline (which I actually liked) with that stupid diary. I do not remember Matt and Amanda being friendly, let alone in a place where she would reveal her deepest darkest secret to him. They even brought back Claudette Nevins to have her interact with Amanda, but I would have preferred to have Michael or Jane, who actually knew Matt, interact with her. Speaking of Jane, I was happy to see ONE former regular return at least. I HATED that she seemed to have completely forgotten about every rotten thing Michael had ever done to her, and fell blindly in love with him all over again. Some people earlier in this thread called her "stronger" upon her return, but I didn't feel like that at all. The thing that bugged me most of all is that a major thing happened in her life since we had last seen her (her sister died), but she did not mention Sydney even ONCE. All the while, Michael mentioned her at least twice while listing all his ex-wives for comic relief. Although I love that the show has always managed to bring back the parental characters, I can't believe George and Katherine Andrews actually showed up for Jane's ridiculous second wedding to Michael, after everything Michael had done to both of their daughters. I'm also surprised to see the pairing of Jane and Kyle get a lot of love in this thread. Although it made sense on paper (Kyle needed someone a little less used to the high life than Amanda, Jane needed a good guy for once), they went from a small flirtation while he was married to Amanda to wanting to spend the rest of their lives togehter in 0.2 seconds. I also felt that they had no chemistry together. About ten episodes before the ending, Amanda decided she needed to sell the building. There was a great moment where she was sitting on the stairs looking over the pool, and they showed a flashback of when she decided to buy the place. When Kyle joined her, she mentioned some of the crazy things that happened like Kimberly bombing the place and Brooke drowning in the pool. Kyle had an "oh, year" type of reaction, which was kind of ridiculous as he wasn't there for either event, but despite that, I loved both the flashback and the callbacks to previous events. Exactly the type of thing that I expect to see from a show in its final episodes. I was expecting the sale of the building to last much longer, throughout those final 10 episodes. There was a moment when an obvious lackey bought the place, and was talking to someone unseen in a limo (who obviously turned out to be Lexi). How awesome would it have been if they kept the identity of that person a secret throughout those 10 episodes, all the while teasing possible returns of four or five former regulars, making us think they could be the one buying the building? The finale that we ended up with did NOTHING to honor the show's legacy (save from Peter's incredibly cheesy line about naming their children after the apartment's residents). I loved reading some of the endings that were apparently pitched earlier on in this thread. Eve's therapist being revealed to be Kimberly would have been great. The Melrose Place Hell idea seems incredibly over the top, but at least it would have given many shout outs to the show's history. Over-The-Top, Cartoonish Characters I realize Melrose Place was built on camp. But characters like Amanda, Kimberly and Sydney are so amazing, because they walked that fine line perfectly, where it's definitely kind of campy, but can still be taken seriously. I felt like a number of characters, some of whom are praised quite a bit in this thread, were absolutely God-awful in the final two seasons. Completely cartoonish, with no sense of reality. The main offender here is Taylor. I can't believe that nearly everyone is praising her in this thread. I absolutely HATED her, and not in a love-to-hate kind of way. There was absolutely nothing about her that could be taken seriously. Someone earlier in this thread used the words "without going over the top". I'm sorry, but she was so far over the top she couldn't have spotted the top with a magnifying glass. I'm a bit more in the middle when it comes to Lexi in S7. Jamie Luner reveled in that kind of role, but she was so over-sexed. I know this show ran on sex, but some of Lexi's moments are just embarrassing to watch. When she hid into Tony Marlin's car in her underwear and was all like honey this and honey that with EVERY SINGLE LINE given some sort of sexual innuendo, it was honesly just painful to watch IMO. I did like her pairing with Michael in the end. Speaking of Michael, I was never a fan of him, but in the first four seasons he was the kind of character that you do kind of love-to-hate. I'm not sure when it happened exactly, but he became a complete cartoon character towards the end. His final scene with that playboy model was ridiculous. Since she was mentioned in this thread recently, I need to give a shout-out to Alexandra Paul's Terry O'Brien. What a completely ridiculous character. I like the reveal that Ryan had a daughter, and Terry seemed like an interesting foe, keeping Ryan from his child. But then she fell for him and was not at all subtle about it. I don't understand how she could kidnap Sarah, get in a car crash, and they were all a happy family after. WTF? She tried to KIDNAP Ryan's daughter. They should have all hated her and banned her out of their lives. Character Transplantations Another thing was characters having complete transplantations overnight. Lexi would be one of the main offenders here. I remember liking her (and her and Peter) in S6, but in early S7 I figured I just hadn't been paying attention during the previous season or something. As I said above, the transplantation did sort of suit Jamie Luner, but I'm still a bit torn about it. I also never bought her as running an ad agency. I can't remember, but I don't think Sterling-Conway was even an ad agency when her father ran it. It was clearly done to pit her against Amanda, but at least at D&D and AWA, we always saw and heard about campaigns, clients and meetings. I don't think Lexi would have been capable of running much more than maybe a prositute ring. Eve is another character that did a total 180, although I feel like it's a bit more motivated through some of the subtext. A lot of people are referring to her as "crazy Eve", but mind the fact that she only went crazy in the last two episodes. I do think there were some hints early on, when her relationship with Peter started, by the way she pretty much attacked him and moved WAY too fast. And I kind of like Eve's craziness in the final episodes. There was definitely a hint of Kimberly there, albeit a very watered down version. What I didn't buy is that within ONE episode, she went from being lovey-dovey with Peter, to trying to hold on to him as he was breaking things off, to wanting to kill him. To be fair, this is an issue that the show, in a lesser version, has had for a long time. Especially when it comes to the characters' careers. I think the show suffered from trying to bring all of the characters into the same 2-3 places of employment. S1 Billy dreamed of becoming a writer. He had a job at a magazine during S2, until he was brought on to D&D as a copy writer. Somehow, he became Amanda's right hand man, doing much more than copy writing. Up until his exit in S6/7, I was hoping for him to leave advertising and go back into writing. Samantha, Jane and Megan's stints at AWA didn't make much sense to me either. In one of the final episodes (even titled Floral Knowledge), Jane is suddenly working in a floral shop. Whatever happened to her career as a fashion designer? I absolutely loved Matt working at the shelter in S1. Then, after he was fired, he started some type of administrative work at Wilshire, only to later reveal that he had actually wanted to become a doctor all along? Don't even get me started on Alison being content working at Shooters. What I Liked For the record, there was plenty I did like in 7. I loved both the Kyle/Amanda and Peter/Amanda pairings, but I am happy that the latter ended up together. The integration of the former's marriage was well done IMO. I really liked the Amanda/Eve story, and I was warming quite a bit to the Peter/Eve pairing (much like Peter/Lexi in S6, just when I started really liking them, they split up the couple and gave the woman a personality transplant). Apparently unlike many people in this thread, I loved Ryan/Megan. The show needed some "normal" characters to keep things grounded, and I really felt this couple. I also really liked the reveal about Ryan's daughter. I'm glad Jane returned, although she could have been used better. Anyway, sorry for a long post, I will go over my thoughts on the earlier seasons soon. I'm thinking of going regular-by-regular.
  7. I have an episode synopsis for that day by CBS itself (was on their website, retrieved through the internet archive), so that pre-emption did not apply to ATWT. Still, thanks for letting me know!
  8. Well, it's finally here. Last night, I finished the series finale. I started watching Melrose Place somewhere around 2012, and have watched on a weekly basis, with a few breaks between seasons. What I love about this (and HATE about binge-watching), is that a show really becomes a big part of your life as you grow with the show. It also makes me feel a bit melancholy that's it's finally over now. The show has definitely had a lot of ups and downs, but I really did love it. For the past 8 years, I've been avoiding this thread (with one minor exception) out of fear of being spoiled, but I definitely have a lot to say. I'm still kind of collecting my thoughts, but I'll start to put some of them into words over the next few days (anything to prolong my stay in the MP universe for a while), so stay tuned.
  9. While I was digging into some historial newspapers for the Full Episode List, I found this fun excerpt in the March 11, 1984 edition of a paper called "The Journal" Although it's only a regional pre-emption, that doesn't help my episodes project, I can't help but wonder about the "something big" that was happening on the show in the week of March 5-9, 1984, involving Craig Montgomery being forced to confront his evil ways. Is this around the time he bombed Steve's truck?
  10. Ok, so I've recently been digging into some historial newspapers to find listings, and I have reason to believe that in 1981 Thanksgiving Friday was NOT pre-empted. I realize that although I've assumed both Thanksgiving days to have been pre-empted from the early 80s onwards, I have no actual Thanksgiving Friday pre-emptions confirmed before 1986, forcing me to re-think a lot of the info I have on the early 80s. I'll need to do some double checking on the years between 1979 and 1986, which will take some time. I only wish I had found this before real life started to kick back in again, but I'm really happy about this info regardless. To be continued...
  11. Another thing I've just noticed is that the episode numbers between the confirmed April 27, 1979 and June 17, 1980 episodes line up perfectly. If it is true that all of these episodes aired, it means that 1979 had no pre-emptions for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's Eve, nor did 1980 have a pre-emption for New Year's Day. Another thing, though, is that UCLA has episode #6055 in their collection, which according to their info was taped on (Wednesday) August 29, 1979. Following the above logic, that episode would have aired on (Tuesday) September 4, 1979, less than a week after taping. Does anyone know if that sounds about right for those days?
  12. Funny enough, I already had that episode number linked to the episode in my file on my computer, but I see I forgot to update the 1982 section in this thread. I was able to figure out the episode numbers to a lot of 1982 episodes based off of the few episodes Patricia Bruder Debrovner uploaded a few months back. But it's always good when any of the episode numbers I've figured out are actually confirmed, so thanks as always! Bumping up 1982: We have almost connected 1982 to 1981, but what's odd is that there need to have been 6 pre-emptions between November 2, 1981 and February 1, 1982. Even if both Thanksgiving days were pre-empted (which they always were from 1982 onwards, but likely weren't in 1980!), as well as Christmas, New Year's Eve (which likely wasn't pre-empted in 1980 OR 1982) and New Year's Day (fell during the weekend in '83 and '84; was always pre-empted from 1985 onwards, EXCEPT for 2004 for some reason), there would still be another pre-emption unaccounted for. Still: I am amazed that we have nearly all of '80, '81 and '82 figured out, as well as half of '83.
  13. Me again! Would someone be able to confirm that the guy with Barbara / Eduardo at around 16.32 is Mark Kevin Lewis as Gregory Varner? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W2sFg4o0Z8
  14. Sorry to re-open this thread, but does anyone know what happened to these tumblr pages? I have been enjoying reading old ATWT recaps for the last few months, but I notice they stop in the early 90s. The SOD covers page is updated through 2014, so I'm wondering if more will be posted, but since the pages seem to have been inactive for a while now, I have to assume the worst... Is there any other place where I can find early to mid-90's recaps (pre-soapcentral)?
  15. Great catch @adrnyc ! Sorry for not responding to this earlier. Since the February 16 episode ends with Dan Region inviting us to join again on Monday, I had marked the February 19 episode as having aired, but obviously, an unplanned pre-emption could have taken place. Since the 21 episode picks up directly after the 20 episode, and I assume ATWST hasn't mis-labeled an entire week, I am going to assume February 19 may have indeed been pre-empted. Please share if you find more during your watching. The only way we are ever going to find the real pre-emptions is by actually comparing the ends of episodes to the beginnings of subsequent episodes. This also means that between December 8, 1989 and May 11, 1990, in addition to the January 1 and February 19 episodes, only 1 more episode was pre-empted.
  16. OK, let's see if we can figure this thing out. Two questions (which you may not have an answer to, but I'll ask them anyway): 1.) When you say "rotated in this manner" do you mean they kept going in that specific order (NBC-CBS-ABC-NBC-CBS-ABC etc.), or just that they rotated in whatever order? 2.) When you say "CBS covered 19 days", do you mean CBS took on 19 days of the rotation cycle, or CBS aired Watergate 19 times in general (including the hearings that were covered by all networks)? I copied the Watergate-section of 1973 below to have some workspace. If I have interpreted your info correctly, we get this: 1973 5 17 Thursday ??? Watergate! CBS / ABC / NBC 1973 5 18 Friday ??? Watergate! CBS / ABC / NBC 1973 5 21 Monday ??? no hearings 1973 5 22 Tuesday ??? Watergate! CBS / ABC / NBC 1973 5 23 Wednesday ??? Watergate! CBS / ABC / NBC 1973 5 24 Thursday ??? Watergate! CBS / ABC / NBC 1973 5 25 Friday ??? no hearings 1973 5 28 Monday ??? no hearings 1973 5 29 Tuesday ??? no hearings 1973 5 30 Wednesday ??? no hearings 1973 5 31 Thursday ??? no hearings 1973 6 1 Friday ??? no hearings 1973 6 4 Monday ??? no hearings 1973 6 5 Tuesday ??? Watergate? NBC 1973 6 6 Wednesday ??? Watergate! CBS 1973 6 7 Thursday ??? Watergate? ABC 1973 6 8 Friday ??? Watergate? NBC? 1973 6 11 Monday ??? Watergate? CBS? 1973 6 12 Tuesday ??? Watergate? ABC? 1973 6 13 Wednesday ??? Watergate? NBC? 1973 6 14 Thursday ??? Watergate? CBS? 1973 6 15 Friday ??? Watergate? ABC? 1973 6 18 Monday ??? Watergate? NBC? 1973 6 19 Tuesday ??? Watergate? CBS? 1973 6 20 Wednesday ??? Watergate? ABC? 1973 6 21 Thursday ??? Watergate? NBC? 1973 6 22 Friday ??? Watergate? CBS? 1973 6 25 Monday ??? Watergate! ABC? 1973 6 26 Tuesday ??? Watergate! NBC? 1973 6 27 Wednesday ??? Watergate! CBS? 1973 6 28 Thursday ??? Watergate! ABC? 1973 6 29 Friday ??? Watergate! NBC? 1973 7 2 Monday ??? Watergate? CBS? 1973 7 3 Tuesday ??? Watergate? ABC? 1973 7 4 Wednesday ??? Watergate? NBC? 1973 7 5 Thursday ??? Watergate? CBS? 1973 7 6 Friday ??? Watergate? ABC? The exclamation marks indicate that we know CBS aired Watergate. The question marks indicate that CBS might have aired Watergate. The left column is based on a rotation cycle that goes NBC-CBS-ABC. IF all of that is correct, we may have just uncovered 17 out of 19 Watergate pre-emptions. Obviously, that's still a big IF. ANY info, from ANYONE, would be very much appreciated!
  17. Updated: Long overdue... Courtesy of Paul Raven's info! @Paul Raven March 25 was a Sunday... so that must have been a misprint, possibly the date was March 23 or 26?
  18. 1996 this time... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHaOhkgMkOo Around 4 minutes in, a scene starts involving three men, none of whom I recognize in the slightest. I think they have something to do with this Bill Mason figure that kept being mentioned in the episode, although I'm not sure any one of them is him. Other names that I think are related to Mason are Clegg, Switzer and Quinlan. I must admit I'm not very well-versed in 1996, and I'm quite hazy on the Bill Mason plot in general, so if anyone could shed some light on it, that would be great.
  19. Wait... you're saying AFTER KL's Nella left with Beau, she returned with VR in the role? I don't think that's right, is it? I have been trying to find out where KL's stint ends and VR's stint begins, but the character is on so little that it's kind of hard to figure out.
  20. I'm going to keep doing this, as long as you all don't mind... June 28, 1988: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUoBZGf5FLw At 23:27, the first prize winner is drawn at the AIDS ball. Am I correct in saying that it is Nella Franklin? If so, does anyone know if it is Kasi Lemmons or Victoria Rowell in the role? Thanks in advance!
  21. Could someone help me identify a few characters in the December 30, 1993 episode? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiGTddxH-K8 I am trying to find out who the couple is that Duncan and Jessica run into at around 2:44. Could it possibly be Dick Latessa and Ann Mitchell as Ambrose and Jane? I am also wondering if I'm correct in assuming the man they run into at around 25:53 is Jessica's brother Lamar? Is it Michael Genet in the role? Was Lamar involved with security at the Falcon Club? Thanks in advance! I think I may have found it: Neal Jones as Randy Selkirk. The character is mentioned at the start of the episode.
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