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  1. Feel free to check out the full episode list I created for reference It's never a problem to re-share videos though!
  2. I don't have time to check the actual scrapbook at the moment, but luckily I made some notes on my computer. Diane Steiner was Bob's patient. She has some sort of severe illness (sorry, my notes aren't specific enough about that) and Bob saved her life, against her parents' wishes. I guess the parents were very religious or something, so they didn't want their daughter to be revived. This led to a lawsuit against Bob. Mr. Steiner (who was played by Dan Frazer, who would go on to play Dan "Mac" McClosky) also had an elderly mother (referred to as Mother Steiner in the Scrapbook) who
  3. "Cheri Love" was the name she was using as a Madam. Her full name was later revealed to be Charlene Wilson, so I guess her marriage to Winston would have made her Charlene Wilson Mayer.
  4. I was unaware, actually, but I'll be sure to check that out and update the list accordingly when I can. Thanks for all your input!
  5. Thanks! I've taken out the Block appearance, since it wasn't actually him appearing. I've added in CK's debut, but left it unverified.
  6. That's all, folks! I felt it would be appropriate to finish this project before the year was out. I will continue to update this list if new episodes should become available online, or if new information is uncovered. I will also continue to update the actor information (which is currently taken from soapcentral character profiles and as such extremely unreliable). Once I've verified anything it will appear in bold. Please feel free to keep sharing info with me. It's my hope that this thread can remaine active, instead of disappearing into obscurity.
  7. And finally... 2010 Year Month Day Weekday No. 2010 1 1 Friday pre-empted New Year's Day 2010 1 4 Monday #13678 AsTheWorldStillTurns 2010 1 5 Tuesday #13679 AsTheWorldStillTurns 2010 1 6 Wednesday
  8. 2009 Year Month Day Weekday No. 2009 1 1 Thursday pre-empted New Year's Day 2009 1 2 Friday #13427 AsTheWorldStillTurns 2009 1 5 Monday #13428 AsTheWorldStillTurns -- Kelli Barrett's exit? 2009 1 6 Tuesday #13429
  9. 2008 Year Month Day Weekday No. 2008 1 1 Tuesday pre-empted New Year's Day 2008 1 2 Wednesday #13174 AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim 2008 1 3 Thursday #13175 AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim 2008 1 4 Friday #13176
  10. 2007 Year Month Day Weekday No. 2007 1 1 Monday pre-empted New Year's Day 2007 1 2 Tuesday #12923 AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim 2007 1 3 Wednesday #12924 AsTheWorldStillTurns 2007 1 4 Thursday #12925
  11. 2006 Year Month Day Weekday No. 2006 1 2 Monday pre-empted Extended New Year's Holiday 2006 1 3 Tuesday #12672 AsTheWorldStillTurns 2006 1 4 Wednesday #12673 AsTheWorldStillTurns 2006 1 5 Thursday #12674
  12. 2005 Year Month Day Weekday No. 2005 1 3 Monday #12420 SoapClassics / AsTheWorldStillTurns 2005 1 4 Tuesday #12421 SoapClassics / AsTheWorldStillTurns -- Chris Tardio's exit? 2005 1 5 Wednesday #12422 SoapClassics / AsTheWorldStillTurns -- Christopher Tavani's exit?
  13. Wow, thank you so much for that info. I'd always heard that they were setting up the Kasnoffs to basically be the new Snyders, but I had no idea they had such fleshed out ideas. Perhaps you or someone else could answer my next question as well, about the Keiths/Reynoldses. From slick's list: Dr. Alexander Keith Jon Cypher 77-79 see Hoppers father, Mark Lewis, married Valerie, they adopted Katie Katie (Emerson) Keith Rachael Kelly 78-79 adopted by Valerie and Alex Valerie Reynolds Conway Thompson Keith Judith McConnell 76-79 sister of
  14. 2004 Year Month Day Weekday No. 2004 1 1 Thursday #12166 Rose's Ghost Promises To Find Her Killer -- AsTheWorldStillTurns / Paley Center / UCLA Library 2004 1 2 Friday #12167 AsTheWorldStillTurns 2004 1 5 Monday #12168 AsTheWorldStillTurns 2004 1
  15. From Slick's list: the Kasnoffs Anna ___ Kasnoff Susie Abromeit 09 married Mike DM, HH, HaHN, OTH Caroline Kasnoff Never Seen daughter Mike and Anna Connor Walsh Stricklyn Kasnoff Allyson Rice-Taylor 90-97 AMC daughter Edwina, took over Walsh Susan Batten 97 OLTL, AMC Mark Kasnoff Alexander Walters 95-97 married Te Amo and Connor, Mike's brother DOOL Mike Kasnoff Shawn Christian 94-97 see Hoppers brother of Mark, Sarah, an
  16. Can we all just go back to discussing As The World Turns, which is what we're here for, and leave the other stuff for somewhere else? I was very fascinated, a few pages back, to learn more about Pa Hughes and his oft-mentioned-but-never-seen wife, Irma Kopecki. Pa being so close to Nancy in the early years, I wonder if Pa's second marriage was ever brought up when Nancy deciced to marry again herself?
  17. 2003 Year Month Day Weekday No. 2003 1 1 Wednesday pre-empted New Year's Day 2003 1 2 Thursday #11914 AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim 2003 1 3 Friday #11915 AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim 2003 1 6 Monday #11916
  18. I just watched the January 22, 1993 episode and was surprised to see Christopher Cass as Scott Eldridge. I've always had him listed as the 2nd Scott Eldridge, between Joe Breen and Doug Wert. Since I've seen Breen appearing into June 1993, this must have been a temp appearance. Now I'm wondering, though, if Cass still also took over the role after Breen's exit (in addition to temping during Breen's stint, kind of in the way Randolph Mantooth was brought on to replace Benjamin Hendrickson after he departed the show after already having temped during Hendrickson's stint)? Or did he onl
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