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  1. 2004 Year Month Day Weekday No. 2004 1 1 Thursday #12166 Rose's Ghost Promises To Find Her Killer -- AsTheWorldStillTurns / Paley Center / UCLA Library 2004 1 2 Friday #12167 AsTheWorldStillTurns 2004 1 5 Monday #12168 AsTheWorldStillTurns 2004 1
  2. From Slick's list: the Kasnoffs Anna ___ Kasnoff Susie Abromeit 09 married Mike DM, HH, HaHN, OTH Caroline Kasnoff Never Seen daughter Mike and Anna Connor Walsh Stricklyn Kasnoff Allyson Rice-Taylor 90-97 AMC daughter Edwina, took over Walsh Susan Batten 97 OLTL, AMC Mark Kasnoff Alexander Walters 95-97 married Te Amo and Connor, Mike's brother DOOL Mike Kasnoff Shawn Christian 94-97 see Hoppers brother of Mark, Sarah, an
  3. Can we all just go back to discussing As The World Turns, which is what we're here for, and leave the other stuff for somewhere else? I was very fascinated, a few pages back, to learn more about Pa Hughes and his oft-mentioned-but-never-seen wife, Irma Kopecki. Pa being so close to Nancy in the early years, I wonder if Pa's second marriage was ever brought up when Nancy deciced to marry again herself?
  4. 2003 Year Month Day Weekday No. 2003 1 1 Wednesday pre-empted New Year's Day 2003 1 2 Thursday #11914 AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim 2003 1 3 Friday #11915 AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim 2003 1 6 Monday #11916
  5. I just watched the January 22, 1993 episode and was surprised to see Christopher Cass as Scott Eldridge. I've always had him listed as the 2nd Scott Eldridge, between Joe Breen and Doug Wert. Since I've seen Breen appearing into June 1993, this must have been a temp appearance. Now I'm wondering, though, if Cass still also took over the role after Breen's exit (in addition to temping during Breen's stint, kind of in the way Randolph Mantooth was brought on to replace Benjamin Hendrickson after he departed the show after already having temped during Hendrickson's stint)? Or did he onl
  6. 2002 Year Month Day Weekday No. 2002 1 1 Tuesday pre-empted New Year's Day 2002 1 2 Wednesday #11663 AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim 2002 1 3 Thursday #11664 AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim -- Carl T. Evans' exit? 2002 1 4 F
  7. About a year before he popped up as Kevin, he was on as (what I believe to be) a different character. Funny enough, he played a character that was kind of bullying Luke, who was still being played by Christopher Tavani at that point, and as such, was about half his age. This would have been in 2004 at some point. Cut to December 2005 and KG's Kevin and VH's Luke are best buddies. I'll see if I can dig up a name for his character.
  8. Did you skip Hutch' father, Woody? Or do you have him by a different last name?
  9. As I pointed out in the ATWT thread a few months ago, Craig Montgomery has slept with 1 trio of sisters, 3 pairs of sisters and 3 mother-daughter pairs throughout his years in Oakdale.
  10. 2001 Year Month Day Weekday No. 2001 1 1 Monday pre-empted New Year's Day 2001 1 2 Tuesday #11415 AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim / CashCrateWork 2001 1 3 Wednesday #11416 AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim 2001 1 4 Thursday
  11. I have watched from 2000 onwards and I'm positive I've never seen him (during that run; since then, I've seen him in 90's episodes on YouTube though)
  12. From Slick Jones' List: Amy Lin Hughes Irene Yaah-Ling Sun 73-74 adopted by Penny and Anton; real grandparents were Mr. and Mrs. Parsons see Hoppers Una Kim 86 This has actually been bothering me for some time. I wonder if someone who was watching in the 70s could help me out. So I've always understood Amy to have been adopted by Penny and Anton, as Slick wrote. Penny moved to England where she (offscreen) married Anton and they adopted Amy. Neither Anton, nor Amy was seen at that time. Amy was f
  13. Finally made it to the Hugheses. First stop: He definitely wasn't around by 2004. I'm not sure exactly what his airdate was... he just stopped appearing at some point. Although I remember he "returned" (all scruffy-looking, all of a sudden) when Margo was battling Hepatitis C and got a liver transplant from Katie, which I think was 2002. Spelled Zach Roerig Spelled Billy Magnussen
  14. Yes, I'm pretty sure I've seen a clip of that, probably in the BH memorial episode. I'm glad he got to experience one child from the start.
  15. Speaking of ATWT men and children... Hal Munson missed out on the first years of three of his children (Adam, Nikki, Parker), because their respective mothers didn't inform him he was their father. Then when he finally did know about a child from the start, she (Jennifer) turned out not to be his. Also... didn't the Wade Book Store catch on fire twice? I've seen one of those in the early 1980 episodes on Youtube, but I could swear I've seen clips of Joyce setting fire to it as well?
  16. Spelled Lauretta Vaughn (I actually suspected that before, but I just encountered it in the credits of that 2008 episode)
  17. Appeared in the January 31, 2008 episode (possibly more, not sure) as Emily's attorney (introduced himself as Trip Baker, Esq.) when she's brought in for questioning surrounding the Dusty Donovan murder.
  18. Thanks! Now that you mentioned that, I remember seeing it in the scrapbook years ago. It's been added in. Yes, I'm aware she played Dee as well. I meant her debut as Margo. I've changed it to Glynnis O'Connor's "Margo" debut to avoid confusion. Aww, thanks! I actually quite enjoy this project, as it helps me get a better grip on the show's vast history. And I think it's important to preserve that history. In this day and age, we've gotten so used to everything being easily accessible on the internet, but I've seen many sites (especially on a topic l
  19. I just finished season 6 of MP, and she makes an appearance at Billy's wedding to Samantha, which was in the first half of S6, so that must have been... 1997?
  20. 2000 Year Month Day Weekday No. 2000 1 3 Monday #11165 AsTheWorldStillTurns 2000 1 4 Tuesday #11166 AsTheWorldStillTurns 2000 1 5 Wednesday #11167 AsTheWorldStillTurns 2000 1 6 Thursday #11168 AsTheWorl
  21. Wow, two sections in a row... I need to catch up. I'd imagine once you get to the M's you'll need a bit more time though. There's not really one big family there, as there is in the H-section (Hughes) and the S-section (Snyder & Stewart), but a lot of smaller families that still have a lot of members, like the Munsons, the Montgomerys, the McColls, the McKechnies, the McKinnons, etc.
  22. That's the one. Fred and Julia Burke were Susan's parents. Having only watched the show from 2000 onwards (an era in which Susan herself was unfortunately barely seen, apart from 2004), it's fascinating to me that she has parents. I mean, obviously she has parents, but I just can't picture Susan as a girl being told off by her father or her mother. If only I could see some of those episodes. Does anyone here know, since there were several actresses to play the role before Marie Masters, if Fred and Julia were still around by the time Masters took on the role?
  23. The character appears in the February 13, 1987 episode (no idea if it's Diane Westin or another actress) and in that episode, she refers to herself as Joslyn Higgins.
  24. 1999 Year Month Day Weekday No. 1999 1 1 Friday pre-empted New Year's Day 1999 1 4 Monday #10913 AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim 1999 1 5 Tuesday #10914 AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim 1999 1 6 Wednesday #10915
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