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  1. Updated: ^ Note: this episode was, by my count, not previously on YouTube!
  2. Bailey Chase (ex-Chris, ATWT) is joining S.W.A.T. https://tvline.com/2019/12/19/bailey-chase-swat-season-3-cast/ Jennifer Ferrin (ex-Jennifer, ATWT) was in a list of most prolific television actors of 2019. Apparently, she was on The Blacklist, Instinct, God Friended Me, Evil and The Passage. I had no idea she had appeared in all of these shows. Good for her, I always really loved her as Jennifer. https://tvline.com/2019/12/19/2019-busiest-tv-actors-katherine-mcnamara-aaron-paul-darcy-carden/ I also saw a post on facebook indicating that Marnie Schulenburg (ex-Alison, ATWT) just gave birth to a healthy baby
  3. I've been wondering when the show started incorporating Thanksgiving as well. From my experience, those 1979 episodes on Youtube are definitely missing bits and pieces, so there may have been a Thanksgiving celebration that was not uploaded. Interestingly enough, though, if the dates on those '79 episodes are correct, the Friday episode actually aired in that year. Although the 1980 episodes aren't up there, in order to make sense of the episode numbers that ARE out there, both Thanksgiving dates must have actually had episodes that aired (the Thursday one in '79 could have aired as well, but that one is not on YT). By 1982, in order to make sense of the episode numbers, both Thanksgiving dated must have been pre-empted, and for every year since I have the pre-emptions either confirmed or strongly suspected. So either a shift took place around '81, or some of the episode numbers/dates out there are not correct. In answer to your original question, @DramatistDreamer, you can find all episodes that are available on YT (to my knowledge) in the ATWT Full Episode List thread. I'd venture to say that Thanksgiving was celebrated on the show on the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving usually, so all of those episodes that are marked as being on YT may feature some of that holiday sentiment you're looking for
  4. These dates have been taken from Abigail's profile on Soapcentral, which is known to contain many mistakes in its profiles. Since the episodes are sadly not online, I have not been able to verify this personally. There's one more appearance on October 7 (as DRW50 pointed out), but that episode is unfortunately also still missing. I know this won't satisfy the desire to see ER as Abigail, but Soapcentral does have recaps online for all of those episodes, which would at least give you an idea of the context in which the character appeared. This is the funniest thing I've read all week.
  5. Nice! More screenshots will follow when I have a bit more time. I'm so happy we can actually solve some of these mysteries!
  6. William Fichtner (Josh/Rod, ATWT) will make his directorial debut with a film called Cold Brook, which was written by Fichtner and Cain DeVore (Lance Whittaker, ATWT). https://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/cold-brook/
  7. Another question: I've been transcribing some of the end credit sequences, in an attempt to learn more about the cast changes and the minor characters. I came upon the 1993-12-30 episode (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiGTddxH-K8), which has quite a list of characters/actors. Unfortunately, someone decided it would be a good idea to use a red font (presumably because of the holidays), rendering the list nearly unreadable. I think I've been able to figure out most of the names though. Would someone be able to help me read the two missing characters/actors? Bob Hughes Don Hastings Courtney Dixon Hayley Barr Ellen Stewart Patricia Bruder Craig Montgomery Scott Bryce John Dixon Larry Bryggman Lily Grimaldi Martha Byrne Janice Maxwell Holly Cate Eduardo Grimaldi Nicolas Coster Andy Dixon Scott DeFreitas Larry McDermott Ed Fry Kim Hughes Kathryn Hays Hal Munson Benjamin Hendrickson Holden Snyder Jon Hensley Tom Hughes Scott Holmes Lucinda Walsh Elizabeth Hubbard Royce Keller Terry Lester Susan Stewart McDermott Marie Masters Emily Stewart Kelley Menighan Margo Hughes Glynnis O'Connor Rosanna Cabot Yvonne Perry Connor Jamison Walsh Allyson Rice-Taylor Damian Grimaldi Paolo Seganti Julie Wendall Susan Marie Snyder Duncan McKechnie Michael Swan Cal Stricklyn Patrick Tovatt Jessica Griffin Tamara Tunie Nancy McClosky Helen Wagner Evan Walsh Greg Watkins Emma Snyder Kathleen Widdoes Kirk Anderson Tom Wiggin Caleb Snyder Graham Winton Barbara Ryan Munson Colleen Zenk Pinter Neal Alcott Mary Kay Adams Scott Eldridge Joseph Breen Iva Benedict Lisa Brown Debbie Simon Sharon Case Angel Snyder Alice Haining Jason Benedict Jonathan Hogan Linc Lafferty Lonnie McCullough Hutch Hutchinson Judson Mills Lyla Peretti Anne Sward Katie Peretti Cori Ann Bianca Marquez Walsh Karina Arroyave Meg Landry Jennifer Ashe Seth Snyder Steve Bassett Sabrina Hughes Claire Beckman Aaron Snyder Mason Boccardo Fred Greeg William Bogart Dr. Audrey Samuels Maggie Burke Ned Simon Frank Converse Cynthia Linders Linda Cook Officer Murphy David Courier Josh Landry William Fichtner Dan McClosky Dan Frazer Bonnie McKechnie Allison Gangadesu Lamar Griffin Michael Genet Franco Visconti Ronald Guttman Matthew Paul Hartel Alexander Cabot Paul Hecht Dr. Savitt Munson Hicks L.J. McDermott Robert Hogan ?? ?? Mary Campbell Lisby Larson Ambrose Bingham Dick Latessa Det. Joel Higging Damien Leake Sean Baxter Mark Kevin Lewis Edwina Walsh Rita Lloyd M.J. Dixon Leonard Manning Jane Bingham Ann Mitchell Dawn Wheeler Alexandra Neil Thelma Dailey Jenny O'Hara Will Munson John Pink Felix Harrison Kevin Ramsey ?? ?? Casey Hughes Cruise Russo Jennifer Munson Brianne Sassone Christopher Hughes Christian Seifert Lynn Michaels Courtney Sherman Graham Hawkins Nick Ulett Woody Hutchinson Dan Ziskie Adam Hughes Michael Zderko And: Lisa Eileen Fulton
  8. That's Burke? I've never seen him, but I had him pictured quite differently. Burke wasn't Gunnar's brother, though. Gunnar slept with Burke's wife, resulting in Dusty. Judging from this photo, it does look like it's him. Was he involved with Kim at all?
  9. I'm wondering if someone can help me out. I recently rewatched the Tom & Margo wedding episode (1983-06-01), and there are a few characters that I have trouble identifying. I've managed to capture some screenshots, which I will attach. The first one I think is Cricket, whom I have seen in only one or two other episodes and am therefore not sure of. Is it indeed her? The second was seen with Kim at the wedding, but since the whole event is such an impromptu gathering, he might not be related to Kim story-wise (he came from a tennis match, apparently). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a good close-up, but you can make him out next to Kim in the shot. Side note: I love Kathryn Hays and Kim, but the carrying-around-a-dog-look seems like a rather extreme departure of the character's essence, no? The third one appeared from a limo with Barbara. During the close-up shot the music was rather ominous. I got the impression he's some sort of bodyguard, but I also got the impression he's not who he's pretending to be. I believe Barbara is married to Gunnar at this time, right? Any idea who this man is? Thanks in advance!
  10. Great finds, especially regarding Watergate. I'll update over the weekend or next week. Keep it coming!
  11. Not to take anything away from what you've said, because you make a number of good points, but the hook-up between Craig and Jennifer happened years after Bryant's death, during the time when JP was headwriter (although it was, indeed, utterly ridiculous). But Craig/Jennifer/Bryant were never written in a triangle sort of way.
  12. RIP Hogan. It's so hard for me to comment on his ATWT tenure objectively, but here it goes: First of all, I get why people may have disliked Hogan's writing. Since the show's end, I've been watching more and more classic clips and I agree that Sheffer's ATWT is nothing like Marland's ATWT. That Hunt Block is not the same Craig Montgomery that Scott Bryce was. That the show's identity was not what it used to be. However... I started watching ATWT in 2000, just a few months before Hogan came in. His version of the show is essentially the version of the show that drew me in. I loved the Holden/Lily/Simon/Rose storyline. True, the reveal that Iva had given birth to another child is a bit of a retcon, but as someone else said, one that worked for me. I loved that the show brought back Iva, and later Caleb, Julie and Cal for short stints. Something that wouldn't really happen much beyond that point. I loved Scott Holroyd as Paul and Paul and Rose were my favorite couple at the time. I loved Mitzi too. I loved the boathouse explosion and Barbara spiralling into darkness. I thought the spa storyline was a fantastic way to handle three pregnant lead actresses at the same time, but I also loved the friendship between Carly, Emily and Rose that followed from it (although that was mostly undone after Rose's death). I loved Jake and Molly. I loved Simon and Katie, and then I loved Mike and Katie. I loved Bryant, Abigail and Adam (although not KO's Jennifer). I loved Hal and Emily. And most unpopularly of all... I loved Hunt Block as Craig (Again, in hindsight, I realize that he was NOT the same Craig that Bryce had always portrayed in such a nuanced way... but at the time I didn't know any better). That's not to say his writing wasn't without flaws. In addition to the writing of Craig, I think the vets were given much too little airtime (although more than they would have under JP). I remember seeing Susan in a late 2001 episode and having no idea who she was. I think an attempt was made to feature the vets a bit more with the Rick Decker storyline in 2003, but that was only temporary. And 2004 was one of the worst years for the show IMO (I actually liked 2005 and 2006 better than 2004). But overall, and I could imagine that not everyone (especially those who grew up with Marland's ATWT) would feel this way, Oakdale still felt like a community for much of Hogan's stint, whereas under JP it never felt like that at all. Obviously, we are not all going to agree on these things. And that's good, we shouldn't. We are passionate about our shows. But having come in to the show post-Marland, I think Sheffer's version of the show was one of the better alternatives. Compared to some of the mid-90s episodes I've seen online, Hogan's ATWT really wasn't all that bad.
  13. Thank you both! This makes it much easier to piece everything together!
  14. I have recently finally gotten around to reading classic SOD recaps and articles, which are so generously posted on tumblr (https://classicsodcovers.tumblr.com/post/156216270838/a-complete-list-of-my-soap-opera-related-tumblrs). However, since I'm not from the US and am therefore not very familiar with the SOD magazine, I am struggling a bit with the dates. I'm wondering if someone could fill me in on these things: How often did the magazine come out? Do the recaps cover a week or a month or even longer? I'm trying to use the recaps to complement my own timeline (for, in my case, ATWT), but I've noticed that the dates that are shown with the posts (which, I assume, is when the magazine was released) are often several months after when the events from the recap took place from what I know. I remember one issue recently talked about events that "were going to happen" over Christmas, but the accompanying date was post-Christmas. Nevertheless, these issues contain a wealth of information, so I hope somebody can give me some 'pointers' as to how to read/interpret them. Thanks in advance!
  15. This whole twitter account is very interesting to follow! I feel like it was longer than that. I can't be sure though. He was one of those characters that was just always around in the background. I'd say he was on as early as 2000, when I started watching (could have been earlier), and I'd say he lasted into 2003 at least.
  16. Sorry for getting back to you late, I've had a few busy days. First off: every piece of info, however big or small, helps. Thanks for letting me know! I checked and #4072 doesn't make sense since we've previously established the 1971-09-23 episode to be #4007. Even if every episode in between aired, the December 20 episode could only be #4069 at most. However, if I'm interpreting those youtube comments correctly, I think they're saying that the December 20 episode was #4068 (which means 1 episode would have been pre-empted in between September 23 and December 20). The episode that's on youtube is actually December 24 and it was #4072 (which means no episodes were pre-empted in between December 20 and December 24). Again, thank you SO much for alerting me to this. Reading those comments makes me wonder how many people are out there with knowledge about episode numbers, but not on this forum.
  17. Would someone be able to verify the relationship between Jef Hamlin and Rick Hamlin for me? Since Jef was a love interest for Emily and I think Rick was paired with Susan for a second at some point, I've always assumed that Rick is Jef's father. But as it turns out, I can't seem to find this anywhere. Another question: The character profiles on Soapcentral (which, I am aware, contain a lot of errors) state that Jessica Griffin and Tucker Foster used to date. However, as far as I'm aware, Tucker left the canvas in 1985, while Jessica didn't come in until 1986/1987 (I've read '87 in various places, but I'm pretty sure she was brought in during the Douglas Cummings storyline in '86). If they were never on the screen together, was it a part of Jessica's backstory? Or is it a Soapcentral error? Thanks in advance!
  18. That's actually interesting, because they way I've always understood it, Molly is Carly's cousin through Ray, not through Sheila. So she isn't Rosanna's cousin at all. Must have been a mix-up on the part of the writers.
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