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  1. I just checked the Wikipedia page for CBS Olympic Broadcasts, and apparently CBS covered it in 1960 (Winter & Summer), and then in 1992, 1994 and 1998 (Winter only). They had the NBA rights from 1973 - 1990, so there might be a lot more there. I'm making a mental note to dive into that, try to find afternoon games and/or dates that were simultaneously holidays. May 26, 1986 seems to have aired, if it's dated correctly. May 1985 is wide open still, so it's possible. Thanks so much for your help!
  2. From October 2, we make our way to June 11, which is #9025 according to... the UCLA Library (I know... but this one will be backed up by the next entry, bear with me). There were 4 pre-emptions, and we know about two of them for sure: September 2, 1991: US Open September 6, 1991: US Open For the remaining two pre-emption slots, I have one potential candidate: August 20, 1991: Reason unknown, but could have been pre-empted according to @YRfan23 [listed regularly in historical newspapers, so if pre-empted, would have been an unplanned pre-emption]
  3. From December 10, 1991 onwards, the next checkpoint is October 2, 1991, #9102, which is in the P&G Archives and therefore a non-UCLA source. 2 episodes were pre-empted, one of which we know for sure: November 28, 1991: Thanksgiving For the remaining pre-emption, I have 2 potential candidates. Both episodes are listed as airing in the newspapers, but there could have been unplanned pre-emptions: October 9, 1991: dual Baseball game?? October 11, 1991: Clarence Thomas hearings?? Out of the two, the CT hearings seem a more likely candidate, as the
  4. I have the February 16, 1998 episode as pre-empted! Thanks for filling in those blanks for '92 and '94. What about '96? The only Monday I have left that could possibly be pre-empted is Monday February 26, 1996. Do you happen to know if that matches up with the Olympics? Do you know when CBS Sports coverage of the Olympics began? I have Monday February 19, 1990 pre-empted as well. In 1988 I have no info on any of the February Mondays. In 1986, however, all of the February Mondays seem to have aired for ATWT.
  5. You liked that? Procter & Gamble Television Script Collection: http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/cgi/f/findaid/findaid-idx?c=wiarchives;cc=wiarchives;view=text;rgn=main;didno=uw-whs-mss00784 The Irna Phillips Papers: http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/cgi/f/findaid/findaid-idx?c=wiarchives;cc=wiarchives;q1=as the world turns;rgn=main;view=text;didno=uw-whs-us0076an Guide To The Community Life TV Soap Operas Collection: https://sirismm.si.edu/EADpdfs/NMAH.AC.0108.pdf As The World Turns Collection: https://library.osu.edu/coll
  6. I stumbled on something interesting while I was doing some research for the episode list. The contents of the Bridget & Jerome Dobson Papers, a collection held in Wisconsin: http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/cgi/f/findaid/findaid-idx?c=wiarchives;cc=wiarchives;q1=as the world turns;rgn=main;view=text;didno=uw-whs-mss01082 The whole page looks like a wealth of information, but I was particularly interested at some of the character names included. April Montgomery? I wonder if this list includes characters that were created, but ultimateley never used. At least I have never heard
  7. OK, the next bit gets a bit tricky, so bear with me. I want to take you through the thinking process, but if you want the short version, skip to the section on the bottom of this post... We left things at August 3, 1992 (#9312). The next number I have is #9177 on January 20, 1992, which is also in the UCLA Library. Trying to connect those two numbers tells us that 5 episodes must have been pre-empted in between. We know about 3 of them: February 17, 1992: Winter Olympics Coverage [thanks @kalbir for confirming] March 19, 1992: NCAA Men's Basketball March 20, 1
  8. Two tidbits: I just found that February 20, 1990 is indeed listed as pre-empted in the historical listings. Thanks again @adrnyc for putting me on this trail. I believed it already, but it's nice to see it confirmed! I have also just added the Christmas pre-emptions to the post above, but in researching those dates I came upon an issue that I'd like to ask your help on. There is an episode named "Christmas 1989" on Oakdalian's channel, as well as on the AsTheWorldStillTurns channel under 12 25 89. It is one of the classic episodes that aired years later on (I b
  9. All right, so we've made our way backwards to May 12, 1995 and episode #10000. The next (going backwards) confirmed episode number is #9932 on February 3, 1995, which is in the collection held by the UCLA Library. To make the numbers work, 2 episodes need to have been pre-empted in between those dates. And indeed, we have both pre-emptions verified: March 16, 1995: NCAA Men's Basketball March 17, 1995: NCAA Men's Basketball February 3, 1995 - May 12, 1995: 2 pre-emptions; 2 confirmed. Status: closed -- The next era is a big one. Episode #9548 aired
  10. I just looked over some notes I took a while back on the collection held by the Paley Center, and it turns out they actually have the November 24, 1995 episode in their collection (title: Carly And Rosanna Are Rescued From A Burning Car). Firstly, this means that Thanksgiving Friday aired in '95, much like '91, '92 and '93. It therefore seems extremely likely that Thanksgiving Friday would have aired in '94 as well. Secondly, that means I now have only one (strong) suspicion for our one remaining pre-emption: Thursday November 23, 1995 (Thanksgiving). Since Thanksgivin
  11. Having said all that, I am, as I said, currently working on a major overhaul of the list. This time, I am working my way backwards. Since so little is known about the early years, it just makes more sense to use the final episode number (#13858) as a reference point. I'm sorry if what I'm about to do sounds a bit like a monologue, but I want to document the steps I take to provide clarity for myself and others. I've done this before in the ATWT discussion thread. What I will do is I will cut the list up in smaller pieces, to see which ones I can already connect and which individual episo
  12. All right, so as mentioned, I'm currently working on a major overhaul of the entire list. There is a wealth of information to be found in these historical newspapers, if you know how to look for it. One thing I've realized is that I've previously been a bit too hasty to assume a number of 'regular' pre-emptions. Turns out they were a lot less regular than expected. Especially the Thanksgiving pre-emptions, which I had long considered to be a given, proved a revelation. Here's a quick overview: NCAA Men's Basketball (assumption: Thursday & Friday pre-empted from 1991 onwards)
  13. 10. Amanda Woodward Parezi Burns McBride Blake McBride Burns (Heather Locklear) Long before I started watching Melrose Place, I had heard of Amanda Woodward. She is one of those characters that truly became a bigger pop culture phenomenon than the show she hailed from. And while I have already argued that to say that Amanda/Heather single-handedly saved the show is a bit of an oversimplification, there is definitely no denying that she played a huge part in it. In many ways, this show turned into Amanda's show, with the other characters just living in it. I have to say that made me
  14. OK, so maybe not a "short" time in absolute terms, but in relative terms. She came in later than the others and left before anyone else did.
  15. 9. Jo _____ Reynolds (Daphne Zuniga) I have a confession to make: There are two reasons why I originally started watching MP. The first is that I'd been watching Beverly Hills, 90210 up to the point where it spun off, and I figured I'd check out what Kelly, Steve, David, Donna, and Jake would be up to in the spin-off. The second (although really the first) reason was that I love One Tree Hill, and I'd really enjoyed Daphne Zuniga on that show to the point where I wanted to check out her other major televsion role. You know, the popular story is that Heather Locklear saved this
  16. Oof, sorry it's been a minute guys, it's been a crazy week. I'm really happy to hear my posts are making you all want to rewatch the show. Hell, your responses are making me want to rewatch the show, and I have only just finished it. -- 8. Dr. Michael Mancini (Thomas Calabro) Let me start by saying that I have the utmost respect for Thomas Calabro for being the only cast member that stuck with the show from beginning to end, and I appreaciate the character of Michael for the same reason: being the constant on the show. I remember reading that tidbit while I wa
  17. Per your own list, Susan Pellegrino was also on ATWT as Pamela _____ Thompson, and Matthew Del Negro was Frank, who liked Rose in 2000.
  18. April 12 was a Saturday April 16 was a Sunday
  19. I always felt like nearly everyone was 2-3 years out of college (age, at least. Whether they actually attended is another matter), with the exception of Billy, who was completely fresh out of college. I could easily be wrong though. Whoa, I have zero memory of this. More regular-by-regular takes are coming up, when I have a moment.
  20. That's how I'll regard it for now. Count it as an aired episode, with some people/areas missing out on it. This has got to be 1998... right?
  21. 7. Billy Campbell (Andrew Shue) I think I'm about to say something quite controversial, but I honestly never minded Shue's acting much, especially in the early seasons. Like I said previously, Billy was the new guy, through whose eyes we were meant to see the other inhabitants of the apartment building. But additionally, I always saw Billy as bringing some youthful energy to the show. I'm not sure if this was ever stated on the show, but I always imagined Billy as fresh out of college, living on his own for the first time, while most of the others had already been out of college fo
  22. As I mentioned a bit earlier, I have been going over some TV listings in historical newspapers that can be browsed online. I have started a brand new file, in which I am slowly, but surely retracing all of my steps, to ensure that no mistakes are made. That will obviously take some time (but it's also surprisingly fun). I'm systematically going over some of the major recurring pre-emptions, to see when they started, leading to some surprising and interesting finds. First up: the US Open. For as long as I can remember, the show was always pre-empted on the Monday and Friday of the f
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