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  1. Patricia Bruder Debrovner has both #6666 and the previous episode, #6665 (February 1, 1982). The next checkpoint I've been using is November 2, 1981, which is the premiere of the "World Turns On And On" theme music. Here's where it gets a bit tricky, because an extensive history of ATWT's theme music states that the previous theme was used for "roughly the first 6605 episodes" (implying the episode number is not set in stone), while later also stating the November 2, 1981 debut of the new theme was #6606 (implying it is). As I stated in the previous post, I am running into some iss
  2. I am still loving these live chats, but I do wish Alan would have spent a bit more time asking ATWT-related questions. In the other two, I loved hearing which castmates they are still in touch with. With this group especially, I just think it's really nice that they are all still up for it. Most of them were young when they were on the show and were only there for a few years. It would have been too easy for them to want to play down there involvement in soaps, but they all still seem very appreciative. I wasn't expecting Agim and Alexandra to know each other as well as they seemed
  3. We left of on May 20, 1983. The next checkpoint is October 29, 1982, which is in the Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute as #6857. This means that 2 episodes were pre-empted in between. We got both verified: November 25, 1982: Thanksgiving November 26, 1982: Thanksgiving October 29, 1982 - May 20, 1983: 2 pre-emptions, both verified. Status: closed -- October 6, 1982 is in the P&G Archives as #6840, which lines up perfectly, meaning there were no pre-emptions. October 6, 1982 - October 29, 1982
  4. Soap Opera Digest has Maura's debut down as April 11, 1995 (as per one of the recent 5 things that happened today in soap history).
  5. I'd love to know the answer to that one. The scrapbook is super detailed about the late 80s, but gets very sparse in the early 90s. I am still continuously surprised to learn about storylines that I didn't even know about. I keep wishing the person who ran that tumblr would suddenly pop back up and resume it...
  6. I'm so confused by this non-issue being discussed that I actually went back to check the video. There was a momentary confusion over different Scotts, while at least four people were mentioning at least four different Scotts. That has absolutely nothing to do with memory from my perspective. At a later point he wasn't able to reproduce the name of Steve Bassett, who was the co-star that was with him, Kathy and Julianne in during the Sabrina storyline in Europe. Can we please remember that he was on the show for 50 years? He was asked about a co-star that he has exactly
  7. Agreed. When it was announced I was a bit "meh" on it, but I truly enjoyed every minute of it. Just as a quick aside. I don't think I have ever seen the cast photo that is used as the thumbnail for this video. Must have been '99, from the looks of it. The only person I can't immediately place is the guy behind Hal (although when you tell me who it is, I'm sure I'll feel stupid for not thinking of it). I'm not sure if people have like photo collections or something... would anyone happen to have this photo? I'd love to take a better look at it.
  8. Holy sh*t. Don Hastings was the absolute highlight! He hasn't aged a day since 2010.
  9. I have that episode jotted down in a list of undated episodes. Oakdalian's channel only places it in June 1991 I think, without an exact date. But from what you're saying, it sounds like the wedding had already happened in the Death Of David Stewart episode? Then it would have to be June 3 or June 4 (or May 31, if Oakdalian is wrong about June). Since the June 3 episode is in the archives, it seems like a good educated guess. I'll see if I can dig up something. Thanks for your continued alertness while you're watching these episodes!
  10. What's interesting about all of this is that SoapClassics was actuallty working on an online platform to release episodes. In The Netherlands (and I believe South-Africa?) it had set out a site which contained the first five months of 2005 (The Netherlands) and two weeks in August/September 2007 (South-Africa). Quite a bit of music had been digitally removed, which was a bit odd, especially when characters were dancing to nothing, but the episodes were very watchable and of high quality (visually, that is. Early 2005 wasn't my favorite era of the show, and I say that as someone who only watche
  11. Our next checkpoint is November 13, 1984, which is in the P&G Archives as #7377. This means 2 episodes were pre-empted in between, which is problematic, because we have already confirmed 3 pre-emptions. Therefore, one of the "confirmed" episode numbers must, actually, be wrong. However, if we take this period and the next three periods (both of which remain open) together, it still works out. These are the three episodes we have confirmed as pre-empted: November 22, 1984: Thanksgiving [pre-emption confirmed in The Journal listing] November 23, 1984: Thanksgiving [pre-empti
  12. Also, at the time of his first appearance, Luke was still being played by Christopher Tavani, and, therefore, much younger than Karl's character. This was when Will had just been released from prison. Will saved Luke from his bullies at a time when Lily was trying hard to get Will locked up again (as she couldn't forgive him for murdering her sister). About a year later, Luke has been SORAS-ed (with Jake Weary, then Van Hansis) and started hanging out with Kevin.
  13. In case anyone's interested, I've turned the list into an excel file with filters, which makes it easy to search by last name, first name, title, actor, time period, or even info, when you are looking for a specific someone. I'd be more than happy to share that with anyone who's interested. Just send me a PM.
  14. Outstanding! I love finding channels I didn't know about. I see the episode also ends in a "join us tomorrow". There is an 1998 episode, including a "join us again Monday", that I did not yet find elsewhere on the channel as well. Thanks for the heads-up, I made sure to subscribe! I'll add in the info once I get to the complete overhaul! Sorry it's been a while, these are crazy times we live in. We'll pick things up at November 3, 1987, which is where we got last time. The next confirmed episode number is #7904 on December 9, 1986, which comes from a sc
  15. Thanks for sharing! I've always wondered just when exactly Wagner & MacLaughlin were written out. It's so interesting to see the article singling out Helen Wagner, instead of going for "Wagner and MacLaughlin out of a job". I'm used to Helen being mentioned on her her own from the many years she was (thankfully) on the show after Don's death, but I always assumed before that it was always Don & Helen.
  16. 3 new episode numbers? Nice work @Paul Raven. I'll try to process these ASAP. I will also continue working my way back, connecting episode numbers, as I was doing, I've just been a bit busy lately.
  17. That's the "was cast on a third show" I was referring to above, indeed. Thanks slick!
  18. Perhaps I can be of some assistance... Here's a screencap of Sgt. Doyle from 1980. Can anyone confirm that this is Guardino?
  19. I just realized, to my shock, that one of the most celebrated and longest-running actors from As The World Turns is still missing from the list. I can't believe I hadn't noticed that before, I guess I'd always thought he'd been done somewhere in the first 20 pages. In addition to his 35 years on ATWT, I know he had at least one other daytime role, and he was cast on a third show. He was also nominated for 8 Daytime Emmy's, taking home 2 of them. Slick, would you be so kind as to do a hopper profile for the legendary... Larry Bryggman
  20. Damn. What a tremendous loss. I'm a big fan of Inside The Actors Studio, and I have always had an endless amount of respect for him and found him to be a true class act. I haven't caught any episodes since he's stepped down as host, and while I appreciate the attempt to carry on the legacy, I can't quite imagine the show without him. I would have never guessed he was 93, he looked much younger to me. I can only hope that heaven exists and that when Mr. Lipton arrived at the pearly gates, God said: "You see Jim, you were wrong, I exist. But you may come in anyway".
  21. The next confirmed episode number is #8603, airing October 2, 1989, which is in the P&G Archives. 2 episodes need to have been pre-empted, and we know both of them: November 23, 1989: Thanksgiving November 24, 1989: Thanksgiving October 2, 1989 - December 8, 1989: 2 pre-emptions, both confirmed. Status: closed -- #8550, airing July 17, 1989, is everywhere (P&G Archives, ATAS-UCLA Television Archive, Museum of Broadcast Communications). 2 episodes were pre-empted, we know both of them: September 4, 1989: US Open Septe
  22. OK, we left off on June 3, 1991. Next up is January 8, 1991, which is in the P&G Archives (and Museum of Broadcast Communications) as #8920. This means 5 episodes were pre-empted in between. We know about these two for sure: March 14, 1991: NCAA Men's Basketball March 15, 1991: NCAA Men's Basketball We have two potential candidates for the final three slots: January 9, 1991: Possibly pre-empted for Gulf War news coverage? January 17, 1991: Possibly pre-empted for Gulf War news coverage? January 8, 1991 - June 3, 1991: 5 pre-emptio
  23. Just found a lot more info on the collection held by the Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute, including a LOT of episode numbers! Unfortunately, many of them do not match up with the episode numbers we've previously established (particularyly those from the P&G Archives), and some of them don't even match up with each other. Some of the dates listed are even weekend days. I swear, I love working on this project, but sometimes it just gets extremly frustrating. Sometimes, I wonder if this show actually had 13.858 episodes, or if that's just wha
  24. The Lisa plot thickens... The Paley Center has an episode dated December 16, 1965, which they called "Lisa And Bob's Custody Battle". According to our info now, this would be in between Fulton's exit to do OPW (in '65) and her return (in '67). Interestingly, the cast list for the episode does not include Fulton or the character of Lisa. Was Bob involved in a custody battle with an offscreen Lisa? Did Fulton make an appearance during her break from the show? Did Fulton in fact return much earlier than we previously believed?
  25. I just found a wonderful page with descriptions for 1956/57 episodes, coming from TV Guide issues. http://www.oocities.org/televisioncity/studio/5185/stories/1956.html http://www.oocities.org/TelevisionCity/Studio/5185/stories/1957.html However, this info seems to corroborate your first post above, not the second. It also states there actually WAS a Thanksgiving pre-emption. What do you think @Paul Raven? How are we to interpret this info?
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