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  1. Thanks for clearing that up! Speaking of Inaugurations... here's an overview of all 13 inaugurations that took place during ATWT's run: January 21, 1957 (Eisenhower's second term): pre-empted January 20, 1961 (Kennedy): pre-empted January 20, 1965 (Johnson's second term): pre-empted January 20, 1969 (Nixon): pre-empted August 9, 1974 (Ford): unknown January 20, 1977 (Carter): unknown January 20, 1981 (Reagan): unknown January 21, 1985 (Reagan's second term): unknown January 20, 1989 (Bush): unknown [listed regularly in one newspaper though] January 20, 1993 (Clinton): pre-empted January 20, 1997 (Clinton's second term): aired January 20, 2005 (Bush's second term): pre-empted January 20, 2009 (Obama): pre-empted -- 2007 section updated
  2. 1964 was a leap year and, as a result, January 1, 1965 was a Friday (which might still have been pre-empted) and January 1, 1966 was a Saturday. Did you mean Monday January 3, 1966 for the Cotton Bowl by any chance? [EDIT:] I just found an overview of Cotton Bowl broadcasts on wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Cotton_Bowl_Classic_broadcasters). Looks like CBS had the rights from 1958-1992 and 1996-1998. It also lists all the exact dates (especially the not-January-1 dates threw me off in the past). Since we already know that about 75% of these caused pre-emptions, I'm going to carefully assume that all of these impacted ATWT and put them on the list as pre-emptions, although I won't make them bold until we have hard evidence. Paul Raven, do you have any way of verifying that the January 1, 1960 episode was pre-empted? I had that one as airing based on the P&GTSC I mentioned yesterday, so if it was indeed pre-empted that would be the second strike against that resource. Fun fact: Based on this new info, it looks like 2004 was the ONLY year in the 54-year-history of the show that had a January 1 broadcast.
  3. That clears up the October 2 - December 10, 1991 era! Great work!
  4. This one is interesting, mostly because it confirms a fear I already had. There are a lot of scripts in the P&G Television Script Collection (http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/cgi/f/findaid/findaid-idx?c=wiarchives;cc=wiarchives;view=text;rgn=main;didno=uw-whs-mss00784), but I wasn't really sure how to process them. It only gives begin and end dates for each folder, which means there is no telling which episodes may have been pre-empted in between. I figured at least the begin and end dates for each folder must have aired, so I had marked those (in the updates I am getting ready) as having aired. July 25, 1960 is the begin date for one of the folders, and, as such, had been marked as having aired. Now we know that's not true, but that means I can't trust any of those dates from this collection. Either it just doesn't account for pre-emptions (in which case the episode marked July 25 likely aired the next day), or maybe the dates don't even correspond to airdates at all, but reflect the dates the scripts were written or something. I just kills me that such a rich collection apparently exists, but I have absolutely NO info to work with from it. Either way, I'm really glad we caught this now, before I started relying too much on the P&GTSC dates as being accurate. Thanks as always, Paul Raven! -- 2008 section updated
  5. With the new info, we now know - or at least have strong leads - for 15 out of 19 pre-emptions in the December 9, 1986 - November 3, 1987 era, leaving 4 unknown pre-emptions. Let me first say, in the interest of full disclosure, that it is possible that any or all of those pre-emptions are unrelated to the Iran-Contra hearings, and occurred. However, since we have no leads and a lot of remaining question marks during the I-C hearings, it seems likely that the pre-emptions were due to the hearings. I have taken all 44 days of the I-C hearings, crossed off the ones that - based on @feuxdelamour's research - we are counting as semi-verified, as well as the days that we know ATWT aired and the days when no afternoon hearings occurred or were broadcasted. I am left with the below list of 15 dates that are the candidates for these 4 other pre-emptions. May 6, 1987: Iran-Contra Hearings Day 2 (CBS said it would carry at least the start of the hearings, although I assume that means the morning session) May 13, 1987: Iran-Contra Hearings Day 7 (no coverage planned, but break-in possible, depending on developments) May 14, 1987: Iran-Contra Hearings Day 8 (no coverage planned, but break-in possible, depending on developments) May 19, 1987: Iran-Contra Hearings Day 9 (no coverage planned, but break-in possible, depending on developments) May 27, 1987: Iran-Contra Hearings Day 12 (no coverage planned, but break-in possible, depending on developments) May 28, 1987: Iran-Contra Hearings Day 13 (no coverage planned, but break-in possible, depending on developments) May 29, 1987: Iran-Contra Hearings Day 14 (no coverage planned, but break-in possible, depending on developments) June 2, 1987: Iran-Contra Hearings Day 15 (no coverage planned, but break-in possible, depending on developments) June 3, 1987: Iran-Contra Hearings Day 16 (no coverage planned, but break-in possible, depending on developments) June 4, 1987: Iran-Contra Hearings Day 17 (no coverage planned, but break-in possible, depending on developments) June 8, 1987: Iran-Contra Hearings Day 19 (no coverage planned, but break-in possible, depending on developments) July 20, 1987: Iran-Contra Hearings Day 33 (ABC's day, but CBS could break-in, depending on developments) July 28, 1987: Iran-Contra Hearings Day 37 (NBC's day, but CBS could break-in, depending on developments) July 30, 1987: Iran-Contra Hearings Day 39 (ABC's day, but CBS could break-in, depending on developments; according to an unverified source, NBC's Santa Barbara was pre-empted on this day, so maybe developments were juicy?) July 31, 1987: Iran-Contra Hearings Day 40 (NBC's day, but CBS could break-in, depending on developments)
  6. Please... by all means. I always love your additions to this post. Don't worry about double posting either. I will filter out any new info and add it to the list.
  7. Wow, that is amazing work! Thank you SO much for sharing this! Is it too much to hope you're planning on tackling O.J. pre-emptions next? I'm going to need a bit more time to work through your document in full, but you have access to everything I know in this thread. I will let you know if I find out more.
  8. 2009 section updated Thanks! Will add that in. It will show up in the update.
  9. The February 10, 1970 episode is listed in a script as being #3589, which means 4 episodes were pre-empted in between. We know about 1: January 1, 1971: New Year's Day February 10, 1970 - June 28, 1971: 4 pre-emptions, 1 confirmed, 0 leads. Status: open -- The January 30, 1970 episode is listed in a script as being #3582, which lines up perfectly, meaning no episodes were pre-empted. January 30, 1970 - February 10, 1970: 0 pre-emptions. Status: closed -- The August 25, 1967 episode is in the Research Collection at New York Public Library Annex as #2962, which means 15 episodes were pre-empted over those 2,5 years. We know about 5 for sure: November 23, 1967: Thanksgiving January 1, 1968: New Year's Day November 28, 1968: Thanksgiving January 1, 1969: New Year's Day November 27, 1969: Thanksgiving For the remaining 10 pre-emptions, we have 1 strong possibility: January 1, 1970: New Year's Day August 25, 1967 - January 30, 1970: 15 pre-emptions, 5 confirmed, 1 lead. Status: open -- The Research Collection at New York Public Library Annex has every episode between August 7 (#2948) and August 25 (#2962), meaning August 7 will be our departure to the next checkpoint, which is January 16, 1967 (#2812). 9 episodes were pre-empted, which seems a lot for a few months, but is due to a strike. We know about 6: April 3, 1967: AFTRA Strike [replaced with Candid Camera reruns] April 4, 1967: AFTRA Strike [replaced with Candid Camera reruns] April 5, 1967: AFTRA Strike [replaced with Candid Camera reruns] April 6, 1967: AFTRA Strike [replaced with Candid Camera reruns] April 7, 1967: AFTRA Strike [replaced with Candid Camera reruns] April 10, 1967: AFTRA Strike [replaced with Candid Camera reruns] That leaves 3 pre-emptions unaccounted for. January 16, 1967 - August 7, 1967: 9 pre-emptions, 6 confirmed, 0 leads. Status: open -- The January 3, 1967 episode is #2803, which lines up perfectly, meaning there were no pre-emptions. January 3, 1967 - January 16, 1967: 0 pre-emptions. Status: closed -- Unfortunately, that is the last confirmed episode number I have. Since we know April 2, 1956 was #1, it would seem that only 4 episodes were pre-empted in those 11 years, which seems incredibly unlikely and we actually already know about 8 pre-emptions, with 13 more suspected ones. So either the 1967 episode numbers are wrong, or, as I've speculated, pre-empted episodes were given episode numbers in those days. Either way, these are the 8 pre-emptions we know about: August 13, 1956: Democratic Presidential Convention August 14, 1956: Democratic Presidential Convention August 15, 1956: Democratic Presidential Convention November 22, 1956: Thanksgiving January 1, 1957: New Year's Day January 21, 1957: Eisenhower Inauguration (second term) January 1, 1959: New Year's Day November 24, 1966: Thanksgiving And these are the 13 dates I suspect may have been pre-empted as well: November 28, 1957: Thanksgiving November 27, 1958: Thanksgiving November 26, 1959: Thanksgiving November 24, 1960: Thanksgiving November 23, 1960: Thanksgiving January 1, 1962: New Year's Day November 22, 1962: Thanksgiving January 1, 1963: New Year's Day November 28, 1963: Thanksgiving January 1, 1964: New Year's Day November 26, 1964: Thanksgiving January 1, 1965: New Year's Day November 25, 1965: Thanksgiving April 2, 1956 - January 3, 1967: 4 pre-emptions, yet 8 confirmed, 13 more suspicions. Status: error -- I hope to update the actual list on the first few pages over the next few days
  10. Sorry to drag up an old conversation thread, but I just found some info: "August 6, 1999 - David Harbour will portray Officer Shanks starting Tuesday, August 17th. He'll be in scenes with Carly and Molly." Seems like Harbour started the role on August 17, 1999 (give or take an episode due to scheduling changes, of course).
  11. The same comment (from 'Soapluvva' on 'Danny Hill's' video) indicated that the December 20, 1971 episode is #4068, which lines up, meaning no episodes were pre-empted in between. December 20, 1971 - December 24, 1971: 0 pre-emptions. Status: closed -- The September 23, 1971 episode in listed as #4007 in a script, which means 1 episode would have been pre-empted in between. We don't have any leads as to what it might have been (Thanksgiving aired both days that year). September 23, 1971 - December 20, 1971: 1 pre-emption, 0 leads. Status: open -- The July 1, 1971 episode is listed as #3947 in a script, which lines up perfectly, meaning no episodes were pre-empted. July 1, 1971 - September 23, 1971: 0 pre-emptions. Status: closed -- The June 28, 1971 episode is listed #3944 in a script, which lines up perfectly as well, so no episodes were pre-empted. June 28, 1971 - July 1, 1971: 0 pre-emptions. Status: closed
  12. Yes, so that is the episode I checked. Clark is in the episode, but he is 100% played by Gregory Michael. Not sure where this credit came from.
  13. The next checkpoint is June 17, 1980, which is in the P&G archives as #6260, meaning 11 episodes would have been pre-empted in two months, which is highly unlikely. So either the August 27 number, or the June 17 number, is likely off (or both). However it may be, we have no pre-emptions confirmed, nor any leads for this period. June 17, 1980 - August 27, 1980: 11 pre-emptions, 0 confimed, 0 leads. Status: open/error -- The April 27, 1979 episode is in the P&G archives as #5963, which lines up perfectly with June 17, 1980 being #6260. This means there would have been no pre-emptions, yet we already know about 4 (fueling the theory that numbers may have been handed out to pre-empted slots in those days): September 3, 1979: US Open November 22, 1979: Thanksgiving December 25, 1979: Christmas January 1, 1980: New Year's Day April 27, 1979 - June 17, 1980: 0 pre-emptions, yet 4 confirmed. Status: error -- The next confirmed episode number is found on December 24, 1971, nearly 8 years prior. According to a comment from a user named 'Soapluvva' on a video uploaded by 'Danny Hill', that episode is #4072. If that is true, 24 episodes would have been pre-empted in between '71 and '79. We know about 13: January 1, 1974: New Year's Day November 28, 1974: Thanksgiving January 1, 1975: New Year's Day November 27, 1975: Thanksgiving January 1, 1976: New Year's Day September 6, 1976: US Open November 25, 1976: Thanksgiving September 5, 1977: US Open November 24, 1977: Thanksgiving January 2, 1978: Extended New Year's Holiday November 23, 1978: Thanksgiving December 25, 1978: Christmas January 1, 1979: New Year's Day For the remaining 11 pre-emptions, we have 9 contenders: January 1, 1973: New Year's Day June 5, 1973: Watergate June 25, 1973: Watergate June 26, 1973: Watergate June 27, 1973: Watergate June 28, 1973: Watergate June 29, 1973: Watergate November 22, 1973: Thanksgiving September 4, 1978: US Open December 24, 1971 - April 27, 1979: 24 pre-emptions, 12 confirmed, 10 contenders. Status: open
  14. I honestly only remember Gregory Michael as Clark... But I will see if I can find out more. I'm suspicious about that '04 credit, though. I could possible see another actor having been on as a dayplayer before the character gained importance with Michael. But I highly doubt someone played Clark after Michael. And I know for a fact that Michael was on in December '03. [EDIT:] I just checked out Calabrese's IMDB profile, and the ATWT credit is gone? [EDIT 2:] TV.com has Calabrese credited for February 23, 2004. I just checked out that episode on YT, and it is definitely Gregory Michael in the role. So either the date is off, or Calabrese never played the role.
  15. Patricia Bruder Debrovner has both #6666 and the previous episode, #6665 (February 1, 1982). The next checkpoint I've been using is November 2, 1981, which is the premiere of the "World Turns On And On" theme music. Here's where it gets a bit tricky, because an extensive history of ATWT's theme music states that the previous theme was used for "roughly the first 6605 episodes" (implying the episode number is not set in stone), while later also stating the November 2, 1981 debut of the new theme was #6606 (implying it is). As I stated in the previous post, I am running into some issues trying to straighten out the numbers for the next few periods, so it is possible this number is wrong. It's all I have to go on, however, and around this time checkpoints are getting fewer and farther between, so I will proceed as if November 2, 1981 is #6606, with a note that that could easily be wrong. I will revisit this era later, as I have a few unprocessed numbers from the Dobson papers, that I can't get to work out with anything else at this time. With that said, 6 episodes would need to have been pre-empted. We know about three: November 26, 1981: Thanksgiving December 25, 1981: Christmas January 1, 1982: New Year's Day For the other three pre-emptions, I have no leads. November 2, 1981 - February 1, 1982: 6 pre-emptions, 3 confirmed, 0 leads. Status: open -- August 25, 1981 is in the P&G archives as #6559, meaning there were 2 pre-emptions. We know about 1: September 7, 1981: US Open NOTE: Archived TV listings confirm that the second pre-emption is NOT the US Open Friday, common in later years! I have no leads for it. August 25, 1981 - November 2, 1981: 2 pre-emptions, 1 confirmed, 0 leads. Status: open -- Here's where things get really strange. The next checkpoint is August 27, 1980, which is in the P&G Archives as #6300. Although that's nearly a year before August 25, 1981, these episode numbers line up perfectly, suggesting that no pre-emptions occurred. We know this is wrong, as there were at least three: September 1, 1980: US Open December 25, 1980: Christmas January 1, 1981: New Year's Day In addition to those, I have another, shall we say, strong suspicion: November 27, 1980: Thanksgiving August 27, 1980 - August 25, 1981: 0 pre-emptions, yet 3 confirmed, 1 strong contender. Status: error -- Some people have suggested that back in the day, episode numbers were assigned on pre-empted dates as well. If that is the case, the shift from that practice to only assigning numbers to airing episodes likely occurred during one of the above eras. Beyond this point, it is almost impossible to make anything work, although there are smaller eras around 1970/1971 that work out. Therefore, I will continue marching towards April 2, 1956 in 13 more steps, before I start updating the first few pages of this thread. But it won't be pretty...
  16. I am still loving these live chats, but I do wish Alan would have spent a bit more time asking ATWT-related questions. In the other two, I loved hearing which castmates they are still in touch with. With this group especially, I just think it's really nice that they are all still up for it. Most of them were young when they were on the show and were only there for a few years. It would have been too easy for them to want to play down there involvement in soaps, but they all still seem very appreciative. I wasn't expecting Agim and Alexandra to know each other as well as they seemed to, as Alexandra came on after Agim left. Then Agim returned when Alexandra was on the way out, and when Alexandra returned, Agim was gone. Also, it's funny how sometimes when you are only accustomed to reading - not hearing - a name, you find out that you have been mispronouncing it for nearly 20 years. I've always thought Agim was pronounced Adjim. I respect Van for refusing to name-and-shame, but I DO wonder which actor he was referring to. Like many others, I would love to see vets and/or Marland-era actors, but I do think we need to be realistic about this. Out of the older actors, not everyone is going to be as good with technology as Don. And from the Marland-era, not everyone might be willing to revisit a job from 30 years ago. Plus, I get the impression - not sure though - that Alan was only with the show for the final decade or so, so he might not even be able to contact some of those people. I think our best bet might be if some of the actors, like Martha, spread the word.
  17. We left of on May 20, 1983. The next checkpoint is October 29, 1982, which is in the Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute as #6857. This means that 2 episodes were pre-empted in between. We got both verified: November 25, 1982: Thanksgiving November 26, 1982: Thanksgiving October 29, 1982 - May 20, 1983: 2 pre-emptions, both verified. Status: closed -- October 6, 1982 is in the P&G Archives as #6840, which lines up perfectly, meaning there were no pre-emptions. October 6, 1982 - October 29, 1982: No pre-emptions. Status: closed -- The script of the September 8, 1982 episode is detailed in the book Writing For Soaps as #6821, meaning there was 1 pre-emption, and we have it confirmed: September 10, 1982: US Open September 8, 1982 - October 6, 1982: 1 pre-emption, verified. Status: closed -- The script for the May 7, 1982 episode is listed as #6734, meaning there was 1 pre-emption. We know it already: September 6, 1982: US Open May 7, 1982 - September 8, 1982: 1 pre-emption, confirmed. Status: closed -- According to Patricia Bruder Debrovner, February 5, 1982 is #6669, which means no episodes were pre-empted. February 5, 1982 - May 7, 1982: no pre-emptions. Status: closed -- Patricia also lists February 2, 1982 as #6666, which lines up perfectly. February 2, 1982 - February 5, 1982: no pre-emptions. Status: closed -- Unfortunately, following those smooth periods, a few much trickier periods are coming up next... -- Just for the record: the videos from the P&G archives are not (necessarily) available on YouTube. I included them in the list, because number one: if they are in the archive, that means an episode aired on that date and two: they provided me with many episode numbers (although I'm not sure they are all correct. So it's not you, these videos are not on YT.
  18. Soap Opera Digest has Maura's debut down as April 11, 1995 (as per one of the recent 5 things that happened today in soap history).
  19. I'd love to know the answer to that one. The scrapbook is super detailed about the late 80s, but gets very sparse in the early 90s. I am still continuously surprised to learn about storylines that I didn't even know about. I keep wishing the person who ran that tumblr would suddenly pop back up and resume it...
  20. I'm so confused by this non-issue being discussed that I actually went back to check the video. There was a momentary confusion over different Scotts, while at least four people were mentioning at least four different Scotts. That has absolutely nothing to do with memory from my perspective. At a later point he wasn't able to reproduce the name of Steve Bassett, who was the co-star that was with him, Kathy and Julianne in during the Sabrina storyline in Europe. Can we please remember that he was on the show for 50 years? He was asked about a co-star that he has exactly one storyline with, 34 years ago. If that's a memory issue than I think we all have memory issues. As others have said, the actresses had trouble remembering which of their own children was born during the Spa storyline. I'm sorry, people are entitled to their own opinion, but I think these comments are highly disrespectful to a wonderful man who has given his entire life for this show. If we want to get more vets to appear in these chats, this is not the way to go about it. I, for one, remain absolutely shocked over how young Don Hastings came across, both inside and out. He was the absolute highlight. I'd love to see which other vets are game to do one of these.
  21. Agreed. When it was announced I was a bit "meh" on it, but I truly enjoyed every minute of it. Just as a quick aside. I don't think I have ever seen the cast photo that is used as the thumbnail for this video. Must have been '99, from the looks of it. The only person I can't immediately place is the guy behind Hal (although when you tell me who it is, I'm sure I'll feel stupid for not thinking of it). I'm not sure if people have like photo collections or something... would anyone happen to have this photo? I'd love to take a better look at it.
  22. Holy sh*t. Don Hastings was the absolute highlight! He hasn't aged a day since 2010.
  23. I have that episode jotted down in a list of undated episodes. Oakdalian's channel only places it in June 1991 I think, without an exact date. But from what you're saying, it sounds like the wedding had already happened in the Death Of David Stewart episode? Then it would have to be June 3 or June 4 (or May 31, if Oakdalian is wrong about June). Since the June 3 episode is in the archives, it seems like a good educated guess. I'll see if I can dig up something. Thanks for your continued alertness while you're watching these episodes!
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