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  1. 3 new episode numbers? Nice work @Paul Raven. I'll try to process these ASAP. I will also continue working my way back, connecting episode numbers, as I was doing, I've just been a bit busy lately.
  2. That's the "was cast on a third show" I was referring to above, indeed. Thanks slick!
  3. Perhaps I can be of some assistance... Here's a screencap of Sgt. Doyle from 1980. Can anyone confirm that this is Guardino?
  4. I just realized, to my shock, that one of the most celebrated and longest-running actors from As The World Turns is still missing from the list. I can't believe I hadn't noticed that before, I guess I'd always thought he'd been done somewhere in the first 20 pages. In addition to his 35 years on ATWT, I know he had at least one other daytime role, and he was cast on a third show. He was also nominated for 8 Daytime Emmy's, taking home 2 of them. Slick, would you be so kind as to do a hopper profile for the legendary... Larry Bryggman
  5. Damn. What a tremendous loss. I'm a big fan of Inside The Actors Studio, and I have always had an endless amount of respect for him and found him to be a true class act. I haven't caught any episodes since he's stepped down as host, and while I appreciate the attempt to carry on the legacy, I can't quite imagine the show without him. I would have never guessed he was 93, he looked much younger to me. I can only hope that heaven exists and that when Mr. Lipton arrived at the pearly gates, God said: "You see Jim, you were wrong, I exist. But you may come in anyway". Rest in peace, James Lipton
  6. The next confirmed episode number is #8603, airing October 2, 1989, which is in the P&G Archives. 2 episodes need to have been pre-empted, and we know both of them: November 23, 1989: Thanksgiving November 24, 1989: Thanksgiving October 2, 1989 - December 8, 1989: 2 pre-emptions, both confirmed. Status: closed -- #8550, airing July 17, 1989, is everywhere (P&G Archives, ATAS-UCLA Television Archive, Museum of Broadcast Communications). 2 episodes were pre-empted, we know both of them: September 4, 1989: US Open September 8, 1989: US Open July 17, 1989 - October 2, 1989: 2 pre-emptions, both confirmed. Status: closed -- The March 20, 1989 episode is in the ATAS-UCLA Television Archive as #8465. That lines up perfectly, meaning there were no pre-emptions in between. March 20, 1989 - July 17, 1989: 0 pre-emptions. Status: closed -- February 17, 1989 is in the P&G Archives as #8445, meaning there was 1 pre-emption, which we have confirmed: February 20, 1989: NBA Game (Houston vs. Cleveland) February 17, 1989 - March 20, 1989: 1 pre-emption, confirmed. Status: closed -- And then there is no confirmed number until November 3, 1987, nearly 1,5 years before. That episode is in the P&G Archives as #8120. There were 14 pre-emptions in between. We know about 10 of them: November 26, 1987: Thanksgiving November 27, 1987: Thanksgiving December 25, 1987: Christmas January 1, 1988: New Year's Day September 5, 1988: US Open September 9, 1988: US Open November 24, 1988: Thanksgiving November 25, 1988: Thanksgiving December 26, 1988: Extended Christmas Holiday? [confirmed in The Journal listings] January 2, 1989: Extended New Year's Holiday / Tournament of Roses For the remaining 4 pre-emptions, I have 5 potential contenders: December 19, 1988: possible pre-emption in this week as per @YRfan23? [listed regularly in The Journal] December 20, 1988: possible pre-emption in this week as per @YRfan23? [listed regularly in The Journal] December 21, 1988: possible pre-emption in this week as per @YRfan23? [listed regularly in The Journal] December 22, 1988: possible pre-emption in this week as per @YRfan23? [listed regularly in The Journal] January 20, 1989: Bush inauguration? [listed regularly in The Journal] Interestingly enough, I found absolutely nothing in the listings for that week about the inauguration. I did find that the Bush inauguration took place at noon. Since ATWT aired at 2PM, I'm wondering if the festivities would have been over by then? But that still doesn't account for the fact that the listings in The Journal didn't have anything at noon either. So possibly as mistake was made, in which case we shouldn't factor in the regular listing too heavily. November 3, 1987 - February 17, 1989: 14 pre-emptions, 10 confirmed, 5 contenders. Status: open
  7. OK, we left off on June 3, 1991. Next up is January 8, 1991, which is in the P&G Archives (and Museum of Broadcast Communications) as #8920. This means 5 episodes were pre-empted in between. We know about these two for sure: March 14, 1991: NCAA Men's Basketball March 15, 1991: NCAA Men's Basketball We have two potential candidates for the final three slots: January 9, 1991: Possibly pre-empted for Gulf War news coverage? January 17, 1991: Possibly pre-empted for Gulf War news coverage? January 8, 1991 - June 3, 1991: 5 pre-emptions, 2 confirmed, 2 candidates. Status: open -- December 20, 1990 is in the ATAS-UCLA Television Archives as #8910, which means 3 episodes were pre-empted in between. We know about all three of them: December 25, 1990: Christmas December 31, 1990: New Year's Eve January 1, 1991: New Year's Day December 20, 1990 - January 8, 1991: 3 pre-emptions, all confirmed. Status: closed -- July 30, 1990 is also in the ATAS-UCLA Television Archives, as #8812. This means 5 episodes were pre-empted. We have 4 confirmed: September 3, 1990: US Open September 7, 1990: US Open November 22, 1990: Thanksgiving November 23, 1990: Thanksgiving For the remaining pre-emption, we have one candidate: August 22, 1990: possibly pre-empted as per @YRfan23 [the episode does appear in the newspaper listings, so if pre-empted, this would have been an unplanned pre-emption] July 30, 1990 - December 20, 1990: 5 pre-emptions, 4 confirmed, 1 candidate. Status: open -- July 4, 1990 is also in the same archive, as #8794. This lines up perfectly, which means there were no pre-emptions. July 4, 1990 - July 30, 1990: 0 pre-emptions. Status: closed -- June 15, 1990 is also in the same archive (and the P&G Archive, and the Museum of Broadcast Communications), as #8794. This lines up perfectly, which means there were no pre-emptions. June 15, 1990 - July 4, 1990: 0 pre-emptions. Status: closed -- December 8, 1989 is also in the ATAS-UCLA Television Archive, as #8650. This means there were 4 pre-emptions. We know about three: January 1, 1990: New Year's Day February 19, 1990: NBA Afternoon Basketball Game May 28, 1990: NBA Eastern Conference Playoff Game I have one contender for the remaining pre-emption: December 25, 1989: Christmas [listed as pre-empted in the newspapers, but appears on 2 Youtube channels from a later SoapNet re-airing. Possibly dated wrong?] December 8, 1989 - June 15, 1990: 4 pre-emptions, 3 confirmed, 1 contender. Status: open
  8. Just found a lot more info on the collection held by the Jerome Lawrence & Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute, including a LOT of episode numbers! Unfortunately, many of them do not match up with the episode numbers we've previously established (particularyly those from the P&G Archives), and some of them don't even match up with each other. Some of the dates listed are even weekend days. 😧 I swear, I love working on this project, but sometimes it just gets extremly frustrating. Sometimes, I wonder if this show actually had 13.858 episodes, or if that's just what some writers thought was the correct number. Anyways, you know I will be triple-checking all of these numbers against the previously "established" info. I'll let you know when I know more. https://library.ohio-state.edu/search~S7?/fSPEC.TRI.ATW.1/fspec+tri+atw+1/-3%2C-1%2C0%2CE/frameset&FF=fspec+tri+atw+1&1%2C1%2C
  9. The Lisa plot thickens... The Paley Center has an episode dated December 16, 1965, which they called "Lisa And Bob's Custody Battle". According to our info now, this would be in between Fulton's exit to do OPW (in '65) and her return (in '67). Interestingly, the cast list for the episode does not include Fulton or the character of Lisa. Was Bob involved in a custody battle with an offscreen Lisa? Did Fulton make an appearance during her break from the show? Did Fulton in fact return much earlier than we previously believed?
  10. I just found a wonderful page with descriptions for 1956/57 episodes, coming from TV Guide issues. http://www.oocities.org/televisioncity/studio/5185/stories/1956.html http://www.oocities.org/TelevisionCity/Studio/5185/stories/1957.html However, this info seems to corroborate your first post above, not the second. It also states there actually WAS a Thanksgiving pre-emption. What do you think @Paul Raven? How are we to interpret this info?
  11. I just checked the Wikipedia page for CBS Olympic Broadcasts, and apparently CBS covered it in 1960 (Winter & Summer), and then in 1992, 1994 and 1998 (Winter only). They had the NBA rights from 1973 - 1990, so there might be a lot more there. I'm making a mental note to dive into that, try to find afternoon games and/or dates that were simultaneously holidays. May 26, 1986 seems to have aired, if it's dated correctly. May 1985 is wide open still, so it's possible. Thanks so much for your help!
  12. From October 2, we make our way to June 11, which is #9025 according to... the UCLA Library (I know... but this one will be backed up by the next entry, bear with me). There were 4 pre-emptions, and we know about two of them for sure: September 2, 1991: US Open September 6, 1991: US Open For the remaining two pre-emption slots, I have one potential candidate: August 20, 1991: Reason unknown, but could have been pre-empted according to @YRfan23 [listed regularly in historical newspapers, so if pre-empted, would have been an unplanned pre-emption] June 11, 1991 - October 2, 1991: 4 pre-emptions, 2 confirmed, 1 candidate. Status: open -- So, the reason why I trust that UCLA-based date is that only a few episodes earlier, on June 3, we get to #9019, which is in the P&G Corporate Archives (as well as the Museum of Broadcast Communications). That one matches up with #9025, so there would not have been any pre-emptions. Of course, there is a slight chance the June 3/#9025 combination could be off, but either way, we are looking for 2 more pre-emptions in between June 3 and October 2. June 3, 1991 - June 11, 1991: 0 pre-emptions. Status: closed
  13. From December 10, 1991 onwards, the next checkpoint is October 2, 1991, #9102, which is in the P&G Archives and therefore a non-UCLA source. 2 episodes were pre-empted, one of which we know for sure: November 28, 1991: Thanksgiving For the remaining pre-emption, I have 2 potential candidates. Both episodes are listed as airing in the newspapers, but there could have been unplanned pre-emptions: October 9, 1991: dual Baseball game?? October 11, 1991: Clarence Thomas hearings?? Out of the two, the CT hearings seem a more likely candidate, as the dual Baseball game would have surely been planned and therefore appeared in the listings? But now I'm speculating and I try to do as little of that as I can. October 2, 1991 - December 10, 1991: 2 pre-emptions, 1 confirmed, 2 candidates. Status: open -- Since the UCLA dates in the last few posts got a bit messy, here is this entire period between non-UCLA checkpoints: October 2, 1991 (#9102) is in the P&G Archives, as is November 10, 1992 (#9381). In between, there were 10 pre-emptions. We know about these 9: November 28, 1991: Thanksgiving December 25, 1991: Christmas December 31, 1991: New Year's Eve January 1, 1992: New Year's Day February 17, 1992: Olympics March 19, 1992: NCAA Men's Basketball March 20, 1992: NCAA Men's Basketball September 7, 1992: US Open September 11, 1992: US Open For the remaining pre-emption, we have these two candidates: October 9, 1991: dual Baseball game?? October 11, 1991: Clarence Thomas hearings?? October 2, 1991 - November 10, 1992: 10 pre-emptions, 9 confirmed, 2 candidates. Status: open
  14. I have the February 16, 1998 episode as pre-empted! Thanks for filling in those blanks for '92 and '94. What about '96? The only Monday I have left that could possibly be pre-empted is Monday February 26, 1996. Do you happen to know if that matches up with the Olympics? Do you know when CBS Sports coverage of the Olympics began? I have Monday February 19, 1990 pre-empted as well. In 1988 I have no info on any of the February Mondays. In 1986, however, all of the February Mondays seem to have aired for ATWT.
  15. You liked that? Procter & Gamble Television Script Collection: http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/cgi/f/findaid/findaid-idx?c=wiarchives;cc=wiarchives;view=text;rgn=main;didno=uw-whs-mss00784 The Irna Phillips Papers: http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/cgi/f/findaid/findaid-idx?c=wiarchives;cc=wiarchives;q1=as the world turns;rgn=main;view=text;didno=uw-whs-us0076an Guide To The Community Life TV Soap Operas Collection: https://sirismm.si.edu/EADpdfs/NMAH.AC.0108.pdf As The World Turns Collection: https://library.osu.edu/collections/SPEC.TRI.ATW/collection-inventory William And Lee Bell Collection Of Scripts For Television Soap Operas: http://pdf.oac.cdlib.org/pdf/ucla/pasc/wjbell.pdf Ahh, if only I lived near one of these places...
  16. I stumbled on something interesting while I was doing some research for the episode list. The contents of the Bridget & Jerome Dobson Papers, a collection held in Wisconsin: http://digicoll.library.wisc.edu/cgi/f/findaid/findaid-idx?c=wiarchives;cc=wiarchives;q1=as the world turns;rgn=main;view=text;didno=uw-whs-mss01082 The whole page looks like a wealth of information, but I was particularly interested at some of the character names included. April Montgomery? I wonder if this list includes characters that were created, but ultimateley never used. At least I have never heard of the name April Montgomery before. I guess she could have been Bart's sister or his new wife? These are the characters I have never heard of before. Does anyone have any info on any of these? Did they actually appear on the show? Garth Basnum Barney Hollister (Brad and Eric's father? I believe their other brother was named Stan?) Jace Hutchinson April Montgomery Skye Sullivan (Cody's mother? sister?)
  17. OK, the next bit gets a bit tricky, so bear with me. I want to take you through the thinking process, but if you want the short version, skip to the section on the bottom of this post... We left things at August 3, 1992 (#9312). The next number I have is #9177 on January 20, 1992, which is also in the UCLA Library. Trying to connect those two numbers tells us that 5 episodes must have been pre-empted in between. We know about 3 of them: February 17, 1992: Winter Olympics Coverage [thanks @kalbir for confirming] March 19, 1992: NCAA Men's Basketball March 20, 1992: NCAA Men's Basketball For the remaining 2 pre-emptions, we unfortunately have no leads: January 20, 1992 - August 3, 1992: 5 pre-emptions, 3 confirmed, 2 unknown. Status: open -- The next confirmed number, also from th UCLA Library, is #9149 on December 10, 1991. This would mean that only 1 episode would have been pre-empted in between December 10 and January 20, yet I have 3 pre-emptions confirmed: December 25, 1991: Christmas December 31, 1991: New Year's Eve January 1, 1992: New Year's Day December 10, 1991 - January 20, 1992: 1 pre-emption, yet 3 confirmed. Status: system failure -- However, if we combine these two sections, we find that in between December 10 and August 3, a total of 6 episodes must have been pre-empted and we have exactly 6 pre-emptions confirmed. Therefore, it seems like either the date or the number is off for the #9177/January 20, 1991 entry in the UCLA Library. Now, this is a bit of a slippery slope, as both of the other episodes used for reference (August 3, 1992 and December 10, 1991) come from the UCLA Library as well. If this one entry is off, who's to say the others are correct? So, in my next post, not only will I tie the December 10, 1991 episode to the next non-UCLA checkpoint, but I will also tie that checkpoint to November 10, 1992, which was the last non-UCLA checkpoint we've encountered. December 10, 1991 - August 3, 1992: 6 pre-emptions, all confirmed. Status: closed
  18. Two tidbits: I just found that February 20, 1990 is indeed listed as pre-empted in the historical listings. Thanks again @adrnyc for putting me on this trail. I believed it already, but it's nice to see it confirmed! I have also just added the Christmas pre-emptions to the post above, but in researching those dates I came upon an issue that I'd like to ask your help on. There is an episode named "Christmas 1989" on Oakdalian's channel, as well as on the AsTheWorldStillTurns channel under 12 25 89. It is one of the classic episodes that aired years later on (I believe) SoapNet, as end credits have been added to the episode in the 90s style, which unfortunatly makes it more difficult to date the episode (as Dan Region's voice-overs usually provide a hint). However, I have just found out that December 25, 1989 is actually listed as pre-empted in some of these historical newspapers. Now, I know these listings are never a 100% certain, but the ones I've found so far have been very reliable. They largely match up with pre-emptions I had known about previously. There are probably a number of pre-emptions that don't appear in these listings (as they were unplanned), but I doubt it's the other way around. If a pre-emption appears in the listings, I doubt it would have aired instead. Long story short: I have a semi-credibly source confirming that the December 25, 1989 episode was pre-empted. I'm now wondering if the date on that episode could be wrong. Oakdalian only has it as "Christmas" not "December 25", and I could imagine AsTheWorldStillTurns having assumed that to mean December 25. So, the question that arises: Is it possible that this episode aired on a different date? Maybe December 26? December 22? Would anyone be able to shed some light on this?
  19. All right, so we've made our way backwards to May 12, 1995 and episode #10000. The next (going backwards) confirmed episode number is #9932 on February 3, 1995, which is in the collection held by the UCLA Library. To make the numbers work, 2 episodes need to have been pre-empted in between those dates. And indeed, we have both pre-emptions verified: March 16, 1995: NCAA Men's Basketball March 17, 1995: NCAA Men's Basketball February 3, 1995 - May 12, 1995: 2 pre-emptions; 2 confirmed. Status: closed -- The next era is a big one. Episode #9548 aired on July 12, 1993, and is held by the P&G Corporate Archives. In between these two dates, there need to have been no fewer than 25 pre-emptions. Of course, this is the O.J. Simpson era (which actually also includes a lot of random, one-off, not-O.J.-related pre-emptions), so who knows if we will ever get to the bottom of this one. I have 10 pre-emptions confirmed currently: September 6, 1993: US Open September 10, 1993: US Open November 25, 1993: Thanksgiving Thursday December 24, 1993: Christmas Eve December 31, 1993: New Year's Eve January 17, 1994: Northridge Earthquake coverage February 1/2, 1994: "The Bell Tower" was re-broadcast on the 2nd, because it had been pre-empted in parts of the country February 21, 1994: Winter Olympics Coverage [thanks @kalbir for confirming] December 30, 1994: Extended New Year's Eve holiday January 2, 1995: Extended New Year's Eve holiday In addition, there are 5 pre-emptions that, although unconfirmed, seem highly likely: March 17, 1994: NCAA Men's Basketball March 18, 1994: NCAA Men's Basketball September 5, 1994: US Open September 9, 1994: US Open November 24, 1994: Thanksgiving Thursday Even with those pre-emptions included, we still need 10 more dates. I have the following written down as potential candidates: September 13, 1993: Oslo Accords signing? [listed as airing, but could be an unplanned pre-emption?] June 30, 1994: O.J. Simpson? July 1, 1994: O.J. Simpson? July 4, 1994: O.J. Simpson? July 5, 1994: O.J. Simpson? July 6, 1994: O.J. Simpson? July 7, 1994: O.J. Simpson? July 8, 1994: O.J. Simpson? November 25, 1994: Thanksgiving Friday??? [seems highly unlikely, as Thanksgiving Friday aired in '93 and '95] January 24, 1995: O.J. Simpson opening statement? Unfortunately, 1994 is pretty much the one year that is largely missing from my historical tv listings sources. I'm also sad to find magilla71's YouTube channel has gone missing, as they were systematically uploading '94 episodes, which were being dated in the comment sections. July 12, 1993 - February 3, 1995: 25 pre-emptions, 10 verified, 5 highly likely; 9 potential candidates; 1 highly unlikely. Status: Open -- But for some good news, following that frustrating period: The next five (smaller) cases have been closed. "Jelinda's Theme" debuted in episode #9437 on February 3, 1993 ("The World Turns On And On" was last seen the day before in #9436), which means 2 episodes were pre-empted: March 18, 1993: NCAA Men's Basketball March 19, 1993: NCAA Men's Basketball February 3, 1993 - July 12, 1993: 2 pre-emptions, both confirmed. Status: closed -- Episode #9381 aired on November 10, 1992 and is held by the P&G Corporate Archives. 5 pre-emptions are needed, all have been confirmed: November 26, 1992: Thanksgiving Thursday December 25, 1992: Christmas December 31, 1992: New Year's Eve January 1, 1993: New Year's Day January 20, 1993: Clinton inauguration November 10, 1992 - February 2, 1993: 5 pre-emptions, all confirmed. Status: closed -- The UCLA Library holds the September 8, 1992 episode, which is #9337. 1 episode was pre-empted, and we know which one it is: September 11, 1992: US Open September 8, 1992 - November 10, 1992: 1 pre-emption, confirmed. Status: closed -- The UCLA Library also holds the August 24, 1992 episode, which is #9327. 1 episode was pre-empted, and we know it: September 7, 1992: US Open August 24, 1992 - September 8, 1992: 1 pre-emption, confirmed. Status: closed -- And it doesn't end there, the library also has August 4 (and 3), which is #9313 (and #9312). Those numbers line up perfectly with the previous ones, which means there were no pre-emptions in between. August 4, 1992 - August 24, 1992: no pre-emptions. Status: closed
  20. I just looked over some notes I took a while back on the collection held by the Paley Center, and it turns out they actually have the November 24, 1995 episode in their collection (title: Carly And Rosanna Are Rescued From A Burning Car). Firstly, this means that Thanksgiving Friday aired in '95, much like '91, '92 and '93. It therefore seems extremely likely that Thanksgiving Friday would have aired in '94 as well. Secondly, that means I now have only one (strong) suspicion for our one remaining pre-emption: Thursday November 23, 1995 (Thanksgiving). Since Thanksgiving Thursdays were pre-empted all through the 90s and beyond, it seems like we have connected May 12, 1995 to March 18, 1997. I sure wish I was able to confirm that final pre-emption though. I should probably also mention that there is one slight issue with the numbers as I've figured them so far. I believe I have mentioned this before, but the Scrapbook includes a behind-the-scenes look at the making of an episode, which is said to be #10155, and said to have aired on December 22, 1995. By my current count, #10155 aired on December 20, 1995, while #10157 aired on December 22, 1995. Since the Scrapbook contains many errors, and the alignment of that date and episode number contradicts all my other sources, I'm considering this to most likely be a mistake. However, I'm still keeping it in the back of my mind to check with later findings.
  21. Having said all that, I am, as I said, currently working on a major overhaul of the list. This time, I am working my way backwards. Since so little is known about the early years, it just makes more sense to use the final episode number (#13858) as a reference point. I'm sorry if what I'm about to do sounds a bit like a monologue, but I want to document the steps I take to provide clarity for myself and others. I've done this before in the ATWT discussion thread. What I will do is I will cut the list up in smaller pieces, to see which ones I can already connect and which individual episodes provide the biggest question marks. For the final 13 years of the show, there is a lot of material around. As a result, I have every episode confirmed (either because it's on youtube, or because there are recaps around somewhere) from 1998 onwards. The first episode (going backwards) that I do NOT have confirmed is the March 17, 1997 episode. Therefore the first period is: March 18, 1997 - September 17, 2010: 131 pre-emptions, all confirmed. Status: closed. Going backwards further, the first confirmed episode number we encounter is May 12, 1995, which is #10000. If I count every weekday between May 12, 1995 and March 18, 1997, the latter would be episode 10482. Since we have connected the 1997 episode to the final episode number, we know it must be #10466, meaning there were 16 pre-emptions in between. I have 15 of those 16 pre-emptions confirmed: September 4, 1995: US Open September 8, 1995: US Open December 29, 1995: Extended New Year's? [confirmed from an episode] January 1, 1996: New Year's Day March 14, 1996: NCAA Men's Basketball March 15, 1996: NCAA Men's Basketball September 2, 1996: US Open September 6, 1996: US Open November 28, 1996: Thanksgiving November 29, 1996: Thanksgiving December 31, 1996: New Year's Eve January 1, 1997: New Year's Day March 7, 1997: President Clinton news coverage [episode was re-broadcast on March 10] March 13, 1997: NCAA Men's Basketball March 14, 1997: NCAA Men's Basketball That leaves 1 other pre-emption. I have 2 more suspected pre-emptions: Thanksgiving Thursday & Friday 1995. Here's where I went wrong before: I didn't have the US Open '95 or the NYE '96 confirmed at th time, so I was looking for 4 more pre-emptions. Since Thanksgiving and US Open both seemed like pairs, I assumed that those four episodes were pre-empted, while NYE '96 aired. I now know it didn't. When we check the Thanksgiving pre-emptions above, we'll see that the Thursday was always pre-empted from the early 70s onwards, while there was a period in the mid-90s when the Friday actually aired. It seems safe to assume (but it's still only assuming!), therefore that November 23, 1995 is our missing pre-emption, and that the show aired on November 24, 1995 (Following this logic, it then also seems reasonable to assume the Thanksgiving Friday aired in '94 as well, but we'll get to that). May 12, 1995 - March 18, 1997: 16 pre-emptions, 15 confirmed, 1 assumed. Status: open. -- Haha, oops, excellent point. I'll amend that. I'm reasonably sure that the tournament was only broadcast on CBS from '91 onwards anyway. 😉
  22. All right, so as mentioned, I'm currently working on a major overhaul of the entire list. There is a wealth of information to be found in these historical newspapers, if you know how to look for it. One thing I've realized is that I've previously been a bit too hasty to assume a number of 'regular' pre-emptions. Turns out they were a lot less regular than expected. Especially the Thanksgiving pre-emptions, which I had long considered to be a given, proved a revelation. Here's a quick overview: NCAA Men's Basketball (assumption: Thursday & Friday pre-empted from 1991 onwards) 1957 - 1989: unknown 1990: confirmed as airing on Thursday & Friday 1991 - 1993: confirmed as pre-empted on Thursday & Friday 1994: unknown 1995 - 2010: confirmed as pre-eempted on Thursday & Friday US Open (assumption: Monday pre-empted from 1976 onwards; Friday pre-empted from 1982 onwards) 1956 - 1967: unknown 1968 - 1975: confirmed as airing on Monday & Friday 1976 - 1977: confirmed as pre-empted on Monday, airing on Friday 1978: unknown 1979 - 1981: confirmed as pre-empted on Monday, airing on Friday 1982 - 1987: confirmed as pre-empteed on Monday & Friday 1988: Monday unknown, confirmed as pre-empted on Friday 1989 - 1993: confirmed as pre-empted on Monday & Friday 1994: unknown 1995 - 2010: confirmed as pre-empted on Monday & Friday Thanksgiving (assumption: Thursday pre-empted 1966 - 1969 and 1973/1974 - 2010; Friday pre-empted 1982 - 1990 and 1994/1995/1996 - 2010) 1956 - 1965: unknown 1966 - 1969: confirmed as pre-empted on Thursday, airing on Friday 1970 - 1972: confirmed as airing on Thursday & Friday 1973: unknown 1974 - 1979: confirmed as pre-empted on Thursday, airing on Friday 1980: unknown 1981: confirmed as pre-empted on Thursday, airing on Friday 1982 - 1990: confirmed as pre-empted on Thursday & Friday 1991 - 1993: confirmed as pre-empted on Thursday, airing on Friday 1994 - 1995: unknown 1996 - 2010: confirmed as pre-empted on Thursday & Friday Christmas (assumption: pre-empted from 1978 - 1992 and 1997 - 2008) 1956 - 1959: unknown 1961 - 1964: unknown 1967 - 1970: confirmed as airing 1972 - 1975: confirmed as airing 1978 - 1981: confirmed as pre-empted 1984 - 1987: confirmed as pre-empted 1989: confirmed pre-empted in listings, yet appears on YouTube; possibly dated wrong? 1990 - 1992: confirmed as pre-empted 1995 - 1996: confirmed as airing 1997 - 1998: confirmed as pre-empted 2000 - 2003: confirmed as pre-empted 2006 - 2008: confirmed as pre-empted 2009: confirmed as airing New Year's Eve (assumption: pre-empted from 1990 onwards) 1956 - 1959: unknown 1962 - 1965: unknown 1968: confirmed as airing 1969: unknown 1970: confirmed as airing 1971: unknown 1973 - 1975: confirmed as airing 1976: unknown 1979 - 1982: confirmed as airing 1984: unknown 1985 - 1987: confirmed as airing 1990 - 1993: confirmed as pre-empted 1996 - 1999: confirmed as pre-empted 2001 - 2004: confirmed as pre-empted 2007 - 2009: confirmed as pre-empted New Year's Day (assumption: pre-empted from at least 1968 (possibly earlier) onwards, with the exception of 2004) 1957 - 1960: unknown 1962 - 1965: unknown 1968 - 1969: confirmed as pre-empted 1970: unknown 1971: confirmed as pre-empted 1973: unknown 1974 - 1976: confirmed as pre-empted 1979 - 1982: confirmed as pre-empted 1985: unknown 1986 - 1988: confirmed as pre-empted 1990 - 1993: confirmed as pre-empted 1996 - 1999: confirmed as pre-empted 2001 - 2003: confirmed as pre-empted 2004: confirmed as airing 2007 - 2010: confirmed as pre-empted I'm working on Christmas pre-emptions as we speak. Will update with that info soon.
  23. 10. Amanda Woodward Parezi Burns McBride Blake McBride Burns (Heather Locklear) Long before I started watching Melrose Place, I had heard of Amanda Woodward. She is one of those characters that truly became a bigger pop culture phenomenon than the show she hailed from. And while I have already argued that to say that Amanda/Heather single-handedly saved the show is a bit of an oversimplification, there is definitely no denying that she played a huge part in it. In many ways, this show turned into Amanda's show, with the other characters just living in it. I have to say that made me resent the character a little bit before she was ever even introduced. I had gotten into a show about 8 twenty-somethings, none of whom was named Amanda, while the rest of the world seemed to think of Melrose Place as synonymous with Amanda Woodward. I was fully intent on not liking her... But then she was introduced. And I was sold. I can't remember precisely, but I think I was sold pretty immediately. I loved Amanda as a foil in the Billy/Alison romance I liked so much. Certainly a much better adversary than Keith. Much as I loved Billy/Alison, I liked how Billy seemed like a fish out of water opposite Amanda. I loved her career-mindedness. I vividly remember when she was pregnant and didn't want people to know because she's be treated differently at work (side note, but I would have loved for SOMEONE to remember Amanda's S1 pregnancy when she got pregnant and AGAIN lost the baby in S7). Amanda and Jake were OK together, and worked as part of the Amanda/Jake/Jo triangle in S2. And then Peter was introduced. I remember feeling like Amanda had met her match. Both Billy and Jake had seemed out of their league with Amanda, but here was a guy that could keep up with her. I will go into the mid-S3 twist involving Jasmine Guy in the upcoming Peter post, and I know that many of you loved it, but suffice it to say here, that it feels to me (both at the time and in hindsight) like a storyline written during a writer's strike, that just seemed completely out of place with the rest of that season. I actually pretend it never happened (that's the only way I can buy Peter's return and Peter/Amanda's reunion). I was never a big fan of the brief Michael/Amanda romance. Upon Peter's return, Peter/Amanda quickly joined Billy/Alison and Jake/Jo as my favorite couples on the show. The Jack Parezi reveal was interesting (and although I'm not a fan of his politcal views, Antonio Sabato, Jr. was perfect in the role), but Bobby became real boring real fast. I was never a fan of Taylor, but the mystery regarding her "history" with Peter was entertaining. It's a shame she caused the couple to break off. But then there was Kyle. And something unexpected happened. So often, I, like many of you, am dead-set on a certain couple, and won't accept anyone else. I think it's an attribute to a show when they can sell a character from a popular pairing in a different pairing. Much as I loved Peter/Amanda, I grew to love Kyle/Amanda almost equally. Part of it was that it was built slowly, while the two characters were sidelined by the much more prominent developments between Peter and Taylor. By S7, when they had Kyle/Amanda together, but were heavily teasing Peter/Amanda, I was wondering what it had been like for fans at the time. Were they divided into "team Peter" and "team Kyle". I'm actually surprised to find little love for Kyle/Amanda so far. In the end, I think I was always still hoping for Peter/Amanda to end up together. I think Amanda always needed someone who could keep up with her a bit more, and Kyle needed someone who he could settle down with. But the disintegration of that marriage was surprisingly touching. One thing I regret is that the show didn't explore Amanda's family further. I didn't care for Palmer much, but there's no way I believed him to be actually dead without a body. I loved Linda Gray as Hillary, and was hoping to see her again after Models, Inc. had crashed and burned. It's interesting that David was mentioned, but never seen on MP. They could have either brought Brian Gaskill on MP, or even recast, since the character was still a bit of a blank slate. I get why they didn't focus on her family more, because Amanda was always so independent, but I still would have liked it. The other thing I regret is that her company, which was the result of her careermindedness, completely sank at the end of S7. I can't imagine Amanda not running her company. And to have that happen at the hands of Lexi, who was never actually seen doing any advertising, was an insult.
  24. OK, so maybe not a "short" time in absolute terms, but in relative terms. She came in later than the others and left before anyone else did.
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