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  1. I have decided, with great sadness, to delete this post.
  2. I have decided, with great sadness, to delete this post.
  3. Yes, I've seen them and I'm storing them along with the recaps.
  4. I have the exact same problem. I started with the 'smaller' one before CBS got separated off, which only has 1989-1994. What I do, is I make sure I have a lot of time if I want to get to it, then I use 'ATWT' as a search term, and spend about half an hour scrolling all the way down to the end, so I can spend about an hour or so working my way upwards. If I accidentally mis-click, I have to start all over again. It's a ridiculous pain in the ****, and it will be much more difficult when I get to the 'larger' CBS version. I'm also not crazy about the nickname thing going on, which ma
  5. Actually, I've been working my way through the RATS group, tracking ATWT posts (which were authentic audience responses). As I've made my way through 1990-1992, there was a very clear consensus that Heather wasn't well-liked in the role and I came upon many posts of people hoping Martha would be back (long before Heather left). Granted, that's just a portion of the total audience, and I didn't get to MB's actual return yet, but I get the general impression MB was liked in the role. I think this is the first I've heard of Martha and Colleen not getting along. Didn't Marth
  6. Maybe a year ago or so, I asked about the correct order of the Snyder spawn. If you've been following the Soap Opera Digest 1991 thread, you may have spotted this, from the July 9, 1991 edition of SOD: Seth Snyder - 37 Iva Snyder - 35 Caleb Snyder - 27 Ellie Snyder - 26 Holden Snyder - 24 Meg Snyder - 22 Some of the other families have less specific ages listed, so I assume this info came straight from Doug Marland's bible. I only had Caleb and Ellie mixed up, and they're only a year apart. Caleb always came off as younger than Ellie in the
  7. Snyder ages! I've been wondering about the correct order forever!
  8. Just a quick message from me to let everyone who has been sending me info in this thread or the regular ATWT thread, that I DO read them and WILL process them. I've just been very busy lately, but I hope to have some free time coming up soon. There have been a lot of new uploads to YT recently, though many of them seem to be reposts, so I'll have to sift through them to see what's what. Please know that I'm not ignoring your tips and please keep sending them!
  9. I think I need to go recover from seeing Eileen Fulton wearing jeans.
  10. For the last few months, I've been reading SoapCentral recaps from when they become available (late 1996) onwards. I've made it through 1997 and 1998, and am now about to start 1999. These are the gap years in between the end of the Scrapbook and when I started watching in 2000. I knew the rough outline of what happened, but missed out on a lot of the details. I know the era isn't very popular, and I certainly agree it was messy, but I personally think it's better than what I've seen (and read) from 1995/1996. I always felt that these years laid some of the foundation for the upswing the show
  11. I am not sure I knew Michael and Maggie were together in real life while they were on the show. Also, having seen him in old clips only, it was a bit weird to hear Michael without the Scottish accent. I meant to ask last week... Scott and Ellen mentioned hearing Lauryn Hill (Kira) sing during a wedding (onscreen). Does anyone know what wedding that was? Based on the time she was on, I'm wondering if it may have been Duncan & Jessica's?
  12. Yes, please keep doing this! I've been wishing for the SOD tumblr to be revived forever! Thank you so much for your efforts!
  13. A while back we were talking about Emmy Rossum as Abigail and how none of the episodes she was in were available on YT. Well, guess what... it's not a full episode, but... I love what this channel is doing, but I so wish to find out where they store the videos that they're drawing these from.
  14. I've never seen or heard this personally, but I do remember they did a storyline where Paul had Alison impersonate Rosanna to give Craig a scare.
  15. You are right. I think there was an online miniseries and that Kelley Menighan appeared in a few Y&R episodes as well, as Emily. I will echo what's already being said. During a time when ATWT was definitely not at its best, she did a good job as Alison. I'm very sad to hear about this development, and I truly hope she gets better!
  16. Emma was introduced before Holden? Does anyone know what the circumstances behind her introduction were?
  17. An AMC reunion has been announced for Friday. I wonder if that means there's no ATWT reunion this week?
  18. I saw some comments to that end, but it might have just been a few. I agree with all of you that Scott helped the flow of the conversation, and I actually thought it was funny how he would literally sit back to seemingly prevent himself from answering before Kathy & Don. It's funny... It's obviously the go-to abbreviation online, but I don't think I've ever actually heard someone use it vocally (at least not in English, where the W has three syllables. I use it in Dutch all the time, but all four letters have only one syllable here. I kind of like the syncopated sound
  19. This was my favorite one yet. So nice to see them back together again. Kathy's impression of Eileen was spot on and it was nice she humored the fans with that 'kiddo' and 'pal'. It's also funny how some of the slightest mannerisms she has will just bring me right back to the best Kim moments. Don hasn't lost this sense of humor, and I'm really impressed with his memory. The addition of Scott was so nice as well. I know some people were saying he was hijacking the conversation a bit, but I didn't feel that way at all. He seemed genuinely excited to answer some of Alan's
  20. Thank you for sharing that article on Hogan Sheffer. I know it's not the popular opinion, and in hindsight I do see the issues in his writing, but I started watching in 2000 and always loved his stuff. Although 2000-2001 was definitely the best part of his run, to me 2002-2003 is still highly watchable (and certainly more so than some of the 1995-1997 and post-2006 stuff). 2004, which was still very much in Hogan's run, was a low point for me, and JP's arrival really led the show to perk up from mid-05 to mid-06, before it all went south. Still, I'd take Hogan's writing over most of JP's writi
  21. You know... I was thinking this at first, but I think I'd prefer it be just Don & Kathy, and have Eileen do one later. Much as I respect Eileen Fulton, she does have a habit of enjoying being in the spotlight. If the three of them were on together, I'm afraid we wouldn't have much of a chance to hear from Kathryn. I, like many of you, am delighted to hear Don & Kathy will be on. I loved Don in the first one, and I just love Kathryn as well.
  22. I guess it depends on your definition of "classic", but I was always surprised that Richard Roundtree's short stint on ATWT as Oliver Travers wasn't a much bigger deal.
  23. I don't think I've seen it mentioned yet, but I liked how Christopher Tavani (a young Luke Snyder, 2001-2005) was in the chatbox for the Martha/Liz livestream. Alan even called out one of his responses, but I believe I saw his name pop up a few times.
  24. They way I understood it, she meant Jake Silbermann. Either that or Karl Girolamo. She said that the actor playing her grandson (THAT would be Van) told this other actor something along the lines of "it's okay, it's just how she approaches the scene" when he saw the other actor's confusion. Luke and Will never had many scenes together, and the repeated mention of the gay storyline would point to Jake or Karl.
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