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  1. Major update! See the As The World Turns Discussion thread for a little more info.
  2. I couldn't agree less. Jake and Molly were one of the highlights of these years for me. I'm not even sure what it was exactly, but I just think Tom and Lesli played off of each other well for some reason. I DO agree about RH's casting being the worst casting decision of the last 10 years.
  3. Well, in that case, nearly everyone that's ever been on this show was in the 40th anniversary montage in 1996 (about 50% of that episode consisted of flashbacks).
  4. Wasn't he not an active father to most of his children? He has been somewhat unlucky with regards to learning the truth about his children... First off, Tom and Margo kept the fact that he was Adam's father from him and raised him as their own son. By the time he found out, he did the best thing for Adam, which was to let him be raised by Tom. Next, when he and Barbara were finally expecting a child of their own, Barbara let him believe that he was Jennifer's father, even though it was really Darryl. Will is the only child that Hal got to raise from birt
  5. I can 100% guarantee that this (in bold) is not true.
  6. I know there was a running gag on ATWT in the 90s/00s about how Hal Munson had fathered half the town... but then he only fathered four children (Nikki, Adam, Will and Parker) biologically and one (Jennifer) by adoption.
  7. OK, I swore I wasn't going to do this until I've finished the series... and I won't check back here until I have (which will take me a few more months), but I need to get something off my chest. I've been watching this show for just about seven years now, at the old-fashioned pace of one episode a week (with a few breaks in between seasons). And despite all of the tackiness and camp, I really loved the early seasons. The later seasons have been a bit less to my taste, but they've been interesting enough to keep watching. I'm currently in early season 7, and I have recently had more than a
  8. Right, good point. I did know that, but got so caught up thinking about characters that had been played by multiple successful actors, I forgot to think about when the success occurred. My bad.
  9. Shoot, I thought I posted it there. Am I able to relocate it myself, or do I need an admin to do so?
  10. While discussing the many Casey Hugheses on As The World Turns in the Where Are They Now thread, it struck me that three of the actors who played the role (four if you count temporary replacements) have gone on to have reasonable careers in primetime/movies. As I was thinking a bit more about it, I realized that the same could be said for Casey's cousin, Lucy Montgomery. What other characters have sent several of their portrayers off to reasonable careers? Casey Hughes (As The World Turns) Joseph Cross Zach Roerig Scott Porter (temporary replacement) Billy Magnus
  11. Boyd and Vack were both on less than a year, and, as such, haven't done much with the role. Cross, by contrast, was on for quite a few years (longer than Roerig and Magnussen), but his Casey was definitely still a kid, who was often sent upstairs after a few seconds on the screen. It's interesting to me though that Cross, Roerig and Magnussen (and Porter, for that matter) have all gone on to have reasonable careers in primetime/movies.
  12. Joseph Cross (Casey Hughes, As The World Turns) has directed his first movie, which was just released: Summer Night.
  13. As The World Turns: Will Munson & Gwen Norbeck Luke Snyder & Noah Mayer Jack Snyder & Carly Tenney [Scott Holroyd's] Paul Ryan & Rose D'Angelo Jake McKinnon & Molly Conlan Dusty Donovan & Jennifer Munson Mike Kasnoff & Jennifer Munson Simon Frasier & Katie Peretti Mike Kasnoff & Katie Peretti Casey Hughes & Maddie Coleman Hal Munson & Emily Stewart
  14. I know this is a long shot, but you wouldn't by any chance be selling the Carly and Jack Collection (As The World Turns) as well, would you? That's the one DVD that I missed when they were selling.
  15. Tamara Tunie (Jessica, ATWT) just released an album. I haven't been able to listen to it yet, but it's on Spotify (and, I am sure, all sorts of other services).
  16. Also, in 1979 ATWT had that storyline at the Willows with Bennett (Doug Higgins) and Hester (Ann Stanchfield). Bennett didn't turn out the actual villain, but both he and Hester were quite scary at times. Perhaps not so much to our 2010's eyes, but I would imagine in 1979 this was quite a creepy storyline.
  17. OK, so... when I had just started watching ATWT around 2000, I had never yet seen James Stenbeck on the show, but I had heard so many things about him on the show. I remember there was a picture of him on one of the sites that would profile the characters and that one single picture was the only thing I 'knew' James by. I just checked, and I actually have the picture saved on my computer, so I'll attach it to this post. It's the smallest picture and it's the stupidest thing (mind you, I was 10 at the time), but that picture actually gave me the creeps. Something about the way he's staring in i
  18. An Oakdale P.D. reunion? I'm down for it.
  19. Ah, I hadn't gotten to the R's yet, so I missed that.
  20. Is it possible that Lehman's Mrs. Goldstein is missing from the G-section of your ATWT character list? Or am I seriously overlooking her?
  21. Not sure if this was mentioned already, but I believe I just spotted Tamara Tunie (Jessica, ATWT) in the trailer for the upcoming FOX show Not Just Me. It's unclear how big of a role she'll have, but it looks like she's the mother of one of the main characters.
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