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  1. Thanks! I hope so too! Tamara Tunie's debut date (as most of the others) came from Jessica's character profile on Soapcentral. Many of these dates are off, which is why I had not made that information bold yet. Interestingly, Jessica's "brief character history" on the very same page seems to suggest that Jessica was brought on to aid in the prosecution of Kim Hughes, which was in 1986. Based on both your info (thank you so much for that, by the way) and that tidbit from the profile, I'll take out the May 1987 debut date, as it seems obviously wrong. Generally, anything
  2. Now I KNOW you mean Dr. Marcia _____ Campbell, as that's how she appears in your cancelled soaps cast list thread (and I can also verify that was her character's name, as much of her stint can be seen on youtube).
  3. I absolutely love this as well. I remember the first few times I saw this happen when I started watching around 2000, I was completely weirded out by it... Why is so-and-so facing the wall, instead of their conversation partner? But it's such a beautiful way to show the inner conflict in the characters. I actually started doing it myself in real life, when I feel 'dramatic'... although it never pans out quite the same.
  4. 1994 Year Month Day Weekday No. 1994 1 3 Monday "due to special programming, ATWT will not be seen tomorrow, but will return on Monday" 1994 1 4 Tuesday RATS recap 1994 1 5 Wednesday RATS recap 1994 1 6 Thursday
  5. The character's full name is Tom Pope. He's been played by both Hal Hamilton and Charles Baxter, but I believe it's Baxter playing the role in that episode. This was all long before I was born, so I only know what I gathered from the scrapbook: he was Chris' assistant at the law firm and he was a suitor for Penny. I think he and Penny were even engaged for a while, but finally Penny ended the engagement to reunite with Jeff.
  6. 1993 Year Month Day Weekday No. 1993 1 1 Friday pre-empted New Year's Day [confirmed in ADE listing] 1993 1 4 Monday #9416 RATS recap 1993 1 5 Tuesday #9417 AsTheWorldStillTurns 1993 1 6 Wednesday #9418
  7. I fully understand your confusion because of they way the book is structured. It starts with 'back story', which is pretty much all about Ohio (because of the farm), before going into the actual story, starting with 1956-1960. That story, though, was always set in Illinois.
  8. I was going over Craig's profile on SC... specifically his dating history... Have you ever realized that throughout his stints in Oakdale (spanning all four actors), Craig Montgomery has been romantically involved with: - 1 trio of sisters (Iva, Ellie and Meg Snyder) - 3 pairs of sisters (Betsy and Emily Stewart; Lucinda Walsh and Samantha Markham; Carly Tenney and Rosanna Cabot) - 3 mother-daughter pairs (Lucinda Walsh and Sierra Esteban; Barbara Ryan and Jennifer Munson; and worst of all... Betsy Stewart and Dani Androrpoulos). I guess he really liked t
  9. I believe Oakdale was always located in Illinois. You may be confused with the original Hughes farm, which was located in Ohio. It's where Pa Hughes raised Chris, Edith and John. But when Chris married Nancy, they moved to Oakdale, where they were soon joined by Edith and Pa, with John staying behind on the farm in Ohio.
  10. Thanks for providing these! I have added them in.
  11. 1992 Year Month Day Weekday No. 1992 1 1 Wednesday pre-empted New Year's Day / Cotton Bowl Football Game [confirmed in ADE listing] 1992 1 2 Thursday #9163 [listed in Adirondack Daily Enterprise] 1992 1 3 Friday #9164 [listed in Adirondack Daily Enterprise] 1992
  12. I'm always happy with a new ATWT installment. I imagine the H's (much like the M's and the S's later on) will take some time to assemble, what with all those Hugheses. Thanks, as always, for all your efforts in compiling these lists!
  13. I have the Soapclassics DVD. If I can, I'll take a screenshot later to help you identify her. Does this mean that whenever an entry doesn't have a year noted with it, you're still looking for it? Because I might be able to help you with some. I'll go over them all again later.
  14. 1991 Year Month Day Weekday No. 1991 1 1 Tuesday pre-empted New Year's Day / Cotton Bowl Football Game [confirmed in ADE listing] 1991 1 2 Wednesday #8916 [listed in Adirondack Daily Enterprise] 1991 1 3 Thursday #8917 [listed in Adirondack Daily Enterprise] 199
  15. I think this might be the same character. Ruben Nicolai is a Dutch comedian and television presenter. For a program called "try before you die" he vowed to get a dayplayer role on an American soap opera. I know he played a bartender at the Lakeview. I'm not sure whether that means the other "Frank the bartender"'s on your list are all supposed to be the same character. Mary Callaghan was, in fact, seen, at the very end of the March 20, 1987 episode. That episode featured the wedding reception of Brian & Beatrice, and at the very end, on the way to their honeymoon (an
  16. 1990 Year Month Day Weekday No. 1990 1 1 Monday pre-empted New Year's Day 1990 1 2 Tuesday AsTheWorldStillTurns 1990 1 3 Wednesday ??? 1990 1 4 Thursday AsTheWorldStillTurns 1990
  17. I've recently been rewatching some of the 1979 episodes from As The World Turns that are available on Youtube, and I'm struck at how much Conard Fowkes resembles Don Hastings. I'm not sure it'll be immediately obvious in photos, but they have some of the same mannerisms and the same twinkle in their eyes.
  18. 1989 Year Month Day Weekday No. 1989 1 2 Monday pre-empted Tournament Of Roses Parade 1989 1 3 Tuesday ??? 1989 1 4 Wednesday ??? 1989 1 5 Thursday ??? 1989 1
  19. Also... Is this thread only for castings that were, or also for castings that should have been? When Marie Wilson was brought onto ATWT as Meg, I know a lot of people said she should have been Ellie because that character was more of a blank slate (whereas Meg had been married to Josh, a marriage that was broken up to allow for the recast). Personally, I had never seen Ellie, and I didn't immediately see it when I first saw her in classic clips, but when I came upon these more recent photos of Renee Props, I thought she and Marie Wilson shared an uncanny resemblance.
  20. I know Hunt Block was an unpopular choice to play ATWT's Craig, but in terms of resemblance, I always though the casting of Block and Todd Rotondi as father and son was genius.
  21. Thanks, I added it and made some small updates to a bunch of the early 80s lists from the previous page. This episode number lines up perfectly with the October 6 number if 1 episode was pre-empted in between. This makes it look credible that the US Open pre-emptions were in fact in place in 1982, which further backs up my suspicion that they were in place in 1981 as well. It looks as if 1981 was the first year in which ATWT was pre-empted for the US Open then.
  22. 1988 Year Month Day Weekday No. 1988 1 1 Friday pre-empted New Year's Day / Cotton Bowl 1988 1 4 Monday AsTheWorldStillTurns 1988 1 5 Tuesday AsTheWorldStillTurns 1988 1 6 Wednesday AsTheWorldStil
  23. I guess I always figured Caleb was younger because, when they arrived, he fell in with the "teen crowd", dating Lily, Pam and eventually Julie, whereas Ellie fell in with the "adults", dating Craig and then Kirk.
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