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  1. I finally got around to re-reviewing some of the earliest ATWT lists. I'm adding in dates, descriptions, alternative spellings, etc. in bold. Some of these might be a bit obvious, but I'd rather overshare than undershare This is just what I gathered from my own memory of post-2000 episodes, my viewings of classic episodes and what's in the scrapbook. I'll certainly find out more later, and will make sure to add it when I do.
  2. Wow, thanks for that info. Glad you're feeling better. I certainly don't want to hold up your activities in the cast list and soap hopper departments, but down the line, I'd be downright fascinated to see more of these family trees listed in that treasure trove of a notebook of yours. It always seems odd to me that by 1991-1992, while Marland was still at the helm, there was such an influx of newbies. If you read the scrapbook, there are so many new names around this time, both surrounding the Crawford mystery as well as at the Snyder farm, it's just hard to follow along at t
  3. The November 1986 episodes surrounding the "Hello Barbara" reveal have Annette Miller listed in the credits as Rosalind. Which makes sense, as I believe the character was killed off during that time (I think she fell victim to Hensley Taggart). So, I doubt Miller was on in 1987, unless it was via flashback/ghost appearance.
  4. I was going over Slick Jones' H-section of the ATWT cast list, when I came upon the Harper family: ____Harper James Bartz 85 SUN, DOOL,Santa, DAL, RH, Y&R _____Harper Kevin O'Rourke ATWT, SFT, OLTL, CM, Trinity Anthony Harper Michael Hammond 92 Bill Harper John Dossett GosGirl Wayne Maugans Julius Harper John Doman 92 GL, City Sheldon Harper Brian Davies
  5. This is such a long character name that you accidentally left out the actress' name: Ayo Haynes.
  6. 1998 Year Month Day Weekday No. 1998 1 1 Thursday pre-empted New Year's Day / Cotton Bowl Football Game 1998 1 2 Friday #10666 AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim -- Lisa Brown's return? 1998 1 5 Monday #10667 AsTheWorldStillTurns 1998 1 6
  7. Nope, here's another. This is also part of the reason why I started the 'full episode list' thread, to sort of catalogue what's out there. Same problem here... I'm just getting what I have space for now, but I'm definitely planning to buy a hard drive to collect everything on.
  8. 1997 Year Month Day Weekday No. 1997 1 1 Wednesday pre-empted New Year's Day / Cotton Bowl Football Game 1997 1 2 Thursday #10416 Fansiteatwt recap [from internet archive] 1997 1 3 Friday #10417 Pilar Has Surgery -- AsTheWorldStillTurns / munecojim / Paley Center -- Jon Hensley's
  9. Updated. I had a crazy busy weekend, sorry there was no update. I'll get to 1997 next weekend.
  10. Not that I want to presume to tell you what photo to use... but just in case you were looking for a more Julie Ridley-centric picture... I have screenshots for most of the post-1979 ATWT actors by the way, should you be looking for one in the future
  11. Correct (by my count). I hadn't even realized she hadn't been done yet. Curious to see what you have in store for those next ones. Thanks for sharing! Even if it isn't lined up perfectly, I think I can make sense of it. If I'm reading it correctly, Virginia is supposed to be Cabot & Carloline's mother, which would make her Iva's grandmother and Lily & Rose's great-grandmother. Do you happen to also know the name of her beloved, Simon's (what I presume to be) great-grandfather? (Sorry, this might be a better fit for the cancelled soaps cast lists thread). In the C
  12. I'm assuming Viginia Hathaway Barclay was the woman in the picture that both Lily and Rose had (that brought them together). If I recall, she was an ancestor (hence the name Barclay, which points to Lenore's side of the Carpenter-family that Iva came from). I also remember she was involved with some ancestor of Simon's (which is where the much-featured diamond came from) and she was always referred to as 'Beloved', which I assume comes from letters sent to her by Simon's ancestor? I have no recollection of Vera Hathaway though... Could anyone refresh my memory? This is one of the first st
  13. It's not even that I think she's been on many shows or that I don't know them already, but I feel like this thread has become a compilation of the most significant actors in soaps, so I'd love to see Martha Byrne included. The same goes for the late, great Benjamin Hendrickson. I also figured I'd point out that, by my count, you have currently profiled 973 hoppers. Which means the 27th hopper from this point will be #1000. You may want to plan it out, so it'll be a significant one for the industry.
  14. 1996 Year Month Day Weekday No. 1996 1 1 Monday pre-empted New Year's Day / Cotton Bowl Football Game 1996 1 2 Tuesday #10162 "due to special programming, As The World Turns will not be seen tomorrow or Monday, but will return Tuesday" 1996 1 3 Wednesday #10163 [listed in Lake Pl
  15. I agree @DramatistDreamer! I love those scenes. Such a sense of community. When I started watching 80's episodes, this is exactly the thing that I found most noticeable and was most attracted to. I guess I've seen so many of them now that it doesn't even feel all that special anymore, but once you watch a non-80's episode for a change, you'll definitely find yourself missing that feeling. So thanks for spotlighting that!
  16. 1995 Year Month Day Weekday No. 1995 1 2 Monday pre-empted Extended New Year's Holiday [due to special programming, ATWT will not be seen tomorrow or Monday, but will return Tuesday] 1995 1 3 Tuesday due to special programming, ATWT will not be seen tomorrow or Monday, but will return Tuesday 1995 1 4
  17. Last name is Rady. He's the guy that Denise sold her baby (Hope) to, which led to the baby switch with Faith. Or he at least made her sell her baby. This was right before I started watching, so I'm not a 100% sure about the story, but I'm positive about the name and the actor. I think (with extreme stress on think) that this might be Connie Fuller, who's also on your F-list. I know a Connie Fuller is listed in the scrapbook for 1979. I've seen a "nurse Connie" in the 1979 episodes that are online, but she's always in the background, so I haven't been able to tell if it's
  18. Thanks! I hope so too! Tamara Tunie's debut date (as most of the others) came from Jessica's character profile on Soapcentral. Many of these dates are off, which is why I had not made that information bold yet. Interestingly, Jessica's "brief character history" on the very same page seems to suggest that Jessica was brought on to aid in the prosecution of Kim Hughes, which was in 1986. Based on both your info (thank you so much for that, by the way) and that tidbit from the profile, I'll take out the May 1987 debut date, as it seems obviously wrong. Generally, anything
  19. Now I KNOW you mean Dr. Marcia _____ Campbell, as that's how she appears in your cancelled soaps cast list thread (and I can also verify that was her character's name, as much of her stint can be seen on youtube).
  20. I absolutely love this as well. I remember the first few times I saw this happen when I started watching around 2000, I was completely weirded out by it... Why is so-and-so facing the wall, instead of their conversation partner? But it's such a beautiful way to show the inner conflict in the characters. I actually started doing it myself in real life, when I feel 'dramatic'... although it never pans out quite the same.
  21. 1994 Year Month Day Weekday No. 1994 1 3 Monday "due to special programming, ATWT will not be seen tomorrow, but will return on Monday" 1994 1 4 Tuesday RATS recap 1994 1 5 Wednesday RATS recap 1994 1 6 Thursday
  22. The character's full name is Tom Pope. He's been played by both Hal Hamilton and Charles Baxter, but I believe it's Baxter playing the role in that episode. This was all long before I was born, so I only know what I gathered from the scrapbook: he was Chris' assistant at the law firm and he was a suitor for Penny. I think he and Penny were even engaged for a while, but finally Penny ended the engagement to reunite with Jeff.
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