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OLTL Tribute Thread


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Daily News New York, New York 25 Jan 1978,


ABC WENT ALL THE WAY to the tune ol $8,760,800 to supply "One Life to Live" with new studio facilities to accommodate the serial's recent expansion to an hour-a-day air format. "OLTL's" ultramodern, three-story new headquarters are located in the former armory building on Manhattan's upper West Side just off Central Park. Bob Cioppa of the architectural firm of Kohn, Peddersen, Fox supervised the renovation of the early 1900 building, which had fallen into extreme disrepair prior to its auction purchase by ABC in 1976. The transformation began in February 1977 and was completed only four weeks ago.

The medieval castle exterior was steam cleaned and preserved but the interior was gutted and altered. The entire structure was sound proofed and to eliminate noise within the building, an insulated subceiling was constructed beneath the original wooden roof. The main floor contains a high-ceilinged filming studio as well as technical lighting and sound control areas which are built on a split level two feet above the studio floor. The basement rehearsal, storage, makeup and dressing rooms are a modern pastiche of mirrors, chrome fixtures and brightly colored cube furniture. The show's cast double up with "roomies"' in 20 oversized dressing looms that include ample closet space, a sitting area and a couch for between-scenes catnapping. The production staff offices are on the second floor and the show's writers have their own permanent quarters which is highly uncommon in the serial world. '

One Life's" new abode bodes well for the show s potential visual splendors. Says producer Joe Stuart. "In our former studio the sets had to be scaled down to nearly a third of their present size for lack of space. Here we were able to expand and rejuvenate the old sets and construct new ones. We can use seven to 10 different sets per day now as opposed to the three to six that were used in the other-length versions of the show. Also, working with five cameras instead of the previous two or three we used in the past will lend a visual feeling of more scope and grandeur.'

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how lgbtqa+ activist and oitnb’s lea delaria stopped giving a f*ck and started changing the world


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An article about OLTL SCENE STEALER and GAY RIGHTS ACTIVIST  Lea DeLaria. 

Full profile of her stage and screen can be found in Soap Hoppers.

A little gift for Women's History Month.


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Thanks for the link, @slick jones.

Even though I only watched OLTL daily from 1968 to 1983, and then during the Billy Douglas/AIDS quilt saga, when it was good, I loved the show dearly and have great memories of its golden era. And I'm still interested in its overall history, even the years I was not a regular viewer.

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Not sure how many have been but hoping to visit the Paley Center this year and was reviewing the availability of OLTL, does anyone know if Carla appears in the October 1968 episode available? She’s listed in the credits but not much comes of the description. 

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    • While I always take anything new this show does with a massive GOS, the fact that Zeke is in this week's promo with Drew leaves me cold to the character before he even gets going.  Must everything be tied to Sonny or Carly?  
    • A few years ago, there was a certain number of the banking and business sectors that tried to promote the idea of a “cashless” society and at first, I was willing to hear them out but upon hearing more information, I decided that it would eventually become another facet of a divide along socioeconomic lines, with the ‘haves’ benefiting and the ‘have nots’ being at a marked disadvantage. We’re already getting a taste of the repercussions of this with some establishments that have tried to deny cash payments, for example an upscale fast-casual eatery called Sweetgreen (very popular here in the Northeast U.S.) which was forced to reverse their anti-cash policy after a severe backlash once the policy became public. Well, they do say that necessity is the mother of invention and necessity, and I guess necessity can also provide the incentive to transform and refigure.
    • I love that office set and I wish we could see more of it. I forgot the verbal exchange between Lady Whistle Tits and Colin. What was the outcome? Why was she crying? Did Colin clock her over the head and stick a mini LGBTQ flag in the middle layer of her eardrum?
    • Well, we all knew this was going to happen with Sloan/Eric/Nicole/EJ. But I like this storyline. I just wish they would slow it down. You don’t rush through a storyline when it’s good, you play it for all its worth. I hope we get another twist somewhere down the line. Plus, there’s too many Dimeras on the canvas as it is. And not enough Bradys.  Speaking of Dimeras, what was this Dimitri/Kristen marriage [!@#$%^&*]??  Thank God it seems like it’ll be over and done with after just this one episode. And judging by the way those scenes ended, I hope this doesn’t mean that Peter Porte lied in the Michael Fairman interview. Plus, I see they’re screwing up the timeline again, since 39 years ago, Megan was in Salem, completely alive and devoted to Bo.  Other than that, I would much rather have seen Chloe’s first day at the Spectator rather than just hearing about it. And I would much rather have heard about Leo crying about Colin rather than seeing it. They really need to sort out their priorities on this show. 
    •   RHOA has lost the humor that took it to the top of the RH franchises. The ones who understood comedy either got grumpy (Nene), fired (Phaedra) or left of their own accord (Porsha). Kenya and Kandi are not natural comedians. Sheree's comedy was her obliviousness. The shade is now about jabbing each other, not having a belly laugh. Editing is trying to fill the humor gap but failing. There is also no cohesion: everyone comes across as a work hire. I've been waiting for my streaming service to upload last week's AND yesterday's episode. It claims there is a 'technical issue' but has no problem uploading RHONJ, VPR and other Bravo content. I don't know what's going on, but it happened with last season's RHOA, too. It's symbolic of the way Bravo has checked out of this franchise. They need to bring back Nene, Porsha, Phaedra, Cynthia, even KZB (though I really don't like her). Just throw everything at this show, and if Kandi or Kenya are unhappy about those returns, welp... 

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