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Posted (edited)
9 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:

*On a side note, I am noticing some posts that are defacto duplicates of other posts. Can we consider being more conscientious about this? I have unintentionally done this too, on occasion, particularly if a new post is posted simultaneously and gets bumped to a new page but I try to look back to make sure I am not posting something that has already been posted. Or, if I have something to add, I will at least quote the previous post before adding mine, thereby bumping the other post, so it doesn't get lost.

So many posts are being lost at the rate new posts are coming in and it just becomes a kind of "white noise". I don't know about anyone else, but it has caused me to skip, rather than read a number of posts.

Just a thought.*



I usually check to see if something's already been posted, and then I start composing my post.  Then I submit my post.  Then later on, I discover that it was already posted by someone else, which confuses me since I had carefully checked. 


Finally I remembered that sometimes a member will post three different unrelated things, intending them to be separate posts ... but if the posts are submitted within a certain time frame, the SON forum software automatically causes them to become merged into one single post. 


Thus it can happen that ...  when I check to see if a tweet or article was already posted, it wasn't posted .... but meanwhile, WHILE I'm composing my post ... someone else posts whatever I was in the middle of composing ...  it and it gets merged into their prior post.  So by time I submit my post, my post is duplicate information.


This doesn't happen as often now, but it used to happen more frequently between Election Day and Inauguration Day when so much sh!t was happening.

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Posted (edited)

Thurs March 11, 2021

8pm Eastern Standard Time.

Biden addresses the nation

watch live here




^  the speech starts at 27 minutes into this youtube.

Or watch without commentary on CSPAN here


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2 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:


Yes, hence the word "consider". As I said, I know this sometimes happens, through no one's fault but sometimes, a glance up thread, or on a previous page is all it takes.

I'm in. I usually check, but I will be more diligent.

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2 hours ago, amybrickwallace said:

We can all be thankful for this announcement. Now, if only he'd move out of Cleveland...



Wow. Ohio dodged a bullet there. I hope you get someone decent in there. Where I live there really is no hope. We are stuck with useless hypocrites.

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Geraldo would never win a primary and he knows it. He got the publicity he wanted. 


I see that the main right wing talking point is outrage over Biden "telling" people they can meet again on July 4th. The usual faux-populist outrage that the base craves. It won't work on most people but it doesn't matter, as elaborated on here:



Unless Sinema and Manchin are willing to pass the voting rights bill, this is all that matters. 

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I think they will, based on Manchin's inconsistent commentary on the filibuster but also fairly regular commentary on H.R. 1.


Many of us have conflicted feelings (or worse!) about AOC, but she is very good at certain things and this will be important for the reachable portion of the left flank. Some of the hardcore will turn on her like many already have (as I predicted), but she is still very popular with a lot of young people or progressives and this is good messaging - something she doesn't always do for the Dems vs. herself.



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Yes, similar to what you mentioned with AOC, I see that Jimmy Dore is also turning his followers on Ilhan Omar. I hope if nothing else this will bring the sane members of that brigade and their followers closer to the base of the party, if that is possible. No, the bill wasn't perfect, yes, a $15 minimum wage is what many need and deserve, but I'm glad they aren't going along with the usual dead end left instinct of just focusing on the worst. 

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