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    • My thoughts exactly. She’s just dead-eyed and such a wet blanket. Maybe she hasn’t had an opportunity to “pop,” but a lot of RH “friends” make more out of the little screen time they have.   I’ve been souring on Leah in the past few episodes. She tries to be a verbal ninja in her confessionals, but when it comes to her interactions with the women, she’s comparatively timid except for with Sonja. I get that she’s feeling the ladies out a bit, but I’m getting a sense she’s a bit of a poseur and a phony. 
    • Episode 2.  Love it!!!!   https://peopletv.com/video/ew-reunions-all-my-children-episode-2/
    • It was always heavily rumored that Lauralee is why Terry Lester quit. 
    • Woah! Controversial! No, j/k! You feel how you feel. And in some ways, IA that we are sometimes a little hasty in not giving one-and-done HWs second chances (Kathryn on BH / Jules on NYC come to mind).    First of all, not to defend Ramona because she is only out for herself. But her texts sound like her way of getting Elyse out there. They are like a pep-talk. "The producers love you! Now get your ass over here!" She is trying to draw out Elyse, the friend she brought to the show. In a way, she is a little bit responsible for her and how she performs.   The thing with Elyse, though -- and I stress this is entirely my opinion -- she doesn't pop onscreen. She doesn't radiate joy or humor. She lurks in the shadows, piping up every couple of hours with something that lands with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. For RHONY, you need to be a WORDSMITH. You need to cast a spell with your words. You need to be fast with the jokes and the shade (Bethenny). You need to DECIMATE with words (Dorinda). You need to screw up the English language and invent your own (Ramona: "Let's not make a mountain out of a holemill"). You need to flirt with the audience (Sonja). Elyse doesn't have that wordsmithery or that self-deprecation, it seems.   Last week's party at Ramona's party was Elyse's audition. And lord knows she tried. She tried to Be Seen. But nothing landed. Everything sounded self-scripted. Nothing jokey was actually funny. (And lord knows, as nervous and awkward as Jules got, her nerves were relatable and funny). It all felt a bit heavy-handed, and then got overshadowed by Dorinda and Ramona's screaming match and the DoRamonja kissing-fest. Poor Elyse was badly counselled or was just too nervous, but she didn't stand a chance against those 3.   I wouldn't mind Jill back at all. She is part of the fabric (Zarin Fabrics!). RHONY is not a bust for me this season. But I can see that it has been Groundhog Daying the last five seasons. The problem is that the issues these women have are similar (transitioning from a great past life to a new one as single women). And the other problem is that the chemistry between the Core 4 is so good that Bravo is hesitant to mess it up. And I am glad they are hesitant because that sh*t is truly authentic. Other franchises can only aspire to those years-long friendships and chemistry.
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