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    • So basically Ron finds Will boring ...   Will and his right hand would be a better pairing at this point than Sonny and Will are. BFFs and ex-lovers who still care about each other? Sure. But the spark has been dead for years. Paul and Christopher Sean is desperately needed right now, IMHO.   Soaps have been stuck in this "safe" rut for a long time now. Like I said before, Imagine back in 2013/2014 instead of Abby and EJ [!@#$%^&*], we had Will and EJ? THAT would have been juicy. But nope, heaven forbid, not on a US soap. The UK soaps would be all over it ...   How do you even know Brandon Barash and Chandler would have chemistry? LOL. Have they even shared any scenes together? (I imagine they would, Barash has pretty nice chemistry with Bjorlin and Banus; I'd love to see Stefan all flirty with Will, lol, Barash would play the hell out of it, lol). Stefan's pretty stuck in the DiMera house at this point, lol. But I'd be all for it (of course I would ... lol). Chandler's Will has always had chemistry with the DiMera men. Casey's Chad. Flynn's Chad seemed more into Sonny. Honestly, I thought Guy Wilson and Freddie seemed very into the pairing together. They had some nice chemistry for a brief minute. Chandler and Freddie just don't seem into this pairing anymore (like the rest of us and I used to stan Wilson, I can't even imagine stanning them now, lawd)   lol, Maggie is such a hot mess. I love it. Much better than poo-pooing Victor's misogyny while turning the other head. While it felt a bit sudden, her hitting the bottle again, I mean, losing Daniel (WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO), Melanie's not around (WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO), Parker's invisible, Holly's "dead" ... and she's married to a miserable, grumpy SOB misogynist. It makes total sense for her to hit the bottle. I guess finding Mickey dead next to their bed didn't do it ... kudos to Ron for finally being the writer to throw Maggie off the wagon.
    • Dick? I remember Mitch Farmer, but I don't recall a character named Dick.
    • And Twitter goes nuts and loves it. At this point, it seems, folks just want entertainment and things happening.     At least DAYS has a history with masks  so technically, he's honoring history  (lol!!) Roman/Andre anyone?    I'm just sad Kristen's been reduced to a cartoon villain of the month, wearing masks and desperately clinging to a douchebag. I mean, she just always felt ... smarter than that. She was always nuts but Eileen added layers to her. Stacy plays her different. Not "bad". But different. Stacy is very adequate in the role, and a good recast, but I just prefer Eileen and her nuances. And there's history with Eileen. Stacy feels like a filler for Eileen. I much preferred Stacy as Susan Banks. She nailed it (apart from the on/off accent)     Probably not. I imagine we pan to her in a hospital bed at some point.   The problem was, Ron never really tried to hide Nicole wasn't herself. She'd never act the way she was, at this point she'd never dump Eric for Brady (that was one of the biggest reasons I knew she was Kristen, that and I knew Stacy would be back in May). It was obvious almost from the start, lol. It's just a lame cop out. He can have Nicole act ridiculous but then Oh! It's Kristen! GOTCHA!!!! But I did like "Nicole" having a bit more fire in her again. I'm so so so so so sick of weepy victim Nicole. She needs to come back roaring for revenge, not crying on Eric's shoulder as he overwhelms her with kisses and hugging (I love Eric but seriously, he was like pawing at her while she was sobbing over "her" daughter at the crash site ... lawd dude, give her a second ...)   He's ReRon for a reason, lol.   At least certain things fit in better on DAYS, as ridiculous as they are (and masks are beyond ridiculous)   Does he think we don't remember 2012/2013 GH?
    • What boggles me about this whole ordeal is Dorit is quiet as a mouse. These other women are out here doing what Dorit should be doing. We all know that she's feeling guilty as f-ck. Watch Dorit make up with LVP with LVP accepting her apology, and the other women going into a tailspin b/c they've fallen on the sword all for Dorit.     
    • Is it bad that I found Lisa's death to be underwhelming and rushed? 🤐   Some of the acting was a tad bit off too. At least Jane Cox got to shine in this story. 
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