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The Ridge and Taylor HATE Thread


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Anyone else as sick of this couple who's only reason for ever being together was that Ridge was on the rebound from Brooke? Right before the first proposal in St Thomas he was burning his pictures of Brooke because she told him she wasn't going to divorce Eric to be with him. Then poor little Taylor couldn't help but be attracted to her mentor James and after several kisses eventually took his virginity in Big Bear. After confessing in a letter to Ridge about her Big Bear Boink she ran away from his anger only to be kidnapped and presumed dead. Of course it only took Ridge about two minutes to forget about his dead wife and move on with Brooke. Unfortunately Taylor just doesn’t know how to stay dead and came back to Ridge in a disguise to suss out his interest. After finding Ridge and Brooke happily married with their family she had to have him back and revealed herself to Stephanie knowing that her old ally would help her. Ridge divorced her but she caught him on another rebound proposal wearing a dress that was designed for Brooke and accepting a ring that she knew was meant for Brooke. Although he eventually returned to his senses and got back together with Brooke, Taylor once again got him back with the birth of St Thomas. After that it was nothing but chemistry lacking fish lipped kisses with bony elbows shoved between them and sex that always came after a discussion about Brooke. After popping out two more marriage band aids, Taylor and Ridge were kept together until her second "death". Once again it only took Ridge two minutes to forget Taylor and re-marry Brooke until once again their happy family was ruined by a not so dead Taylor. While she only managed to get him away with the help of Stephanie, Ridge has now been introduced to the REAL Taylor and doesn't quite like what he sees. Now that Ridge is getting ready to divorce Taylor, what do you want to bet the Interloper will wind up pregnant with Baby Bait Number four to keep this triangle going?

Who else on this board would rather see couples with chemistry than to be subjected to watching this couple where the wife stands there like a stone block while the husband slobbers all over her puffed up lips?

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