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  1. Cancelled my cable yesterday and will only watch TWD with my friends who download. I have been paying too much for this channel with only one show worth watching. The recent decisions I hope don't serve it badly but have left me with very little hope for the shows future. Good luck TWD, you need it with boring old Mad Men at the helm!
  2. I don't blame any of them at the cabin, that crazy fart was going to open the door and let the cannibals in. A crazy fart in an unlocked rickety cabin who was lying in bed with nothing to live for? Michonne made the right call. We also have to remember that Rick and co. just lost T-Dog and Lori because Rick threw a live man out the door and considered him toast, just as Merle did with Michonne, who he has reported to the governor is dead. Next week I think he's going to find out how trustworthy his lead enforcer is. Its going to be interesting to see who's hands Merle dies by and I hope it is his own brother who slices him open and tosses him to the walkers. I really thought the Governor was going to rape Maggie. The Lead Exec on the show however said there is no comic book arc they will shy away from, which makes me wonder if he is going to rape someone this season. Why anyone is surprised by Glen's Warrior is beyond me. He was the first down in the tunnels in the Shopping store in Season 1, the one who volunteered to be Well Zombie Bait. He might not be a leader, but its not always the power hungry who step up when needed. Kinda glad its taking a break, can go back to waiting for it to be Friday instead of Sunday's again!
  3. I don't think the baby is as much a liability as everyone thinks. These people need some hope in their lives and if all babies are going to die instantly and not live at all, what is the point in going on and not just popping a bullet into the head? I literally creamed myself when Darryl picked up that baby and fed her. Have never been longing to have one of my own, but that was before last night, seeing Darryl I realized I just haven't met a worthy warrior man! I don't blame Andrea at all. Before last night she has been given no idea that this Woodbury Bunch is nuttier than anyone else still alive in the new world. I don't think in the 8 months since Michonne saved her life that she's learned much about her or her pets. Yes she has kept her safe, but Andrea is obviously longing for companionship and is finally getting some. I think the rug muncher comment of Merle's was very telling and gives me the impression Andrea does go both ways but her and Michonne are not that close. Michonne's gut feeling would not be enough to make me leave either. Especially after the Hershel farm, where it seems to be a psychological norm that makes people keep their zombie children and wives alive, while looking for a cure, rather than chopping off their arms and jaws and dragging them around on chains. As for the rest of the show, I think the prison stuff might have jumped the shark. Zombies are now dragging around their fresh meat and not plunking right down for the snack as they all have been shown to do to date? I'd sooner believe that Carol dragged her around the corner in an attempt to save her life. Or that Carl did not have it in him to shoot her in the head and instead shot her in the neck or shoulder and she dragged her zombie self away, but not before that Zombie had munched a good chunk. Otherwise it makes no sense, how would a Zombie eat her bones and all, in less time than those walkers that chewed a good amount off TDog but still left a recognizable body? As for Carol, I think that red headed Junkie has nabbed her and hidden her somewhere. These men have been without sex for ages and finding an alone vulnerable female, seems more a ticket to sex slavery than a walker attack. I find it ridiculous they'd bury a scarf.
  4. Something about the trophy case makes me think the Governor was more like Dexter than Human before the Zombies took over. Looking forward to next weekend!
  5. I've only seen three and am really bored and I hear the same thing from others. One thing I'm missing is any kind of sense of humor. Sorry but I really think the only people who could survive a zombie apocalypse would be those who can laugh in the face of death.
  6. Why was Mercedes directed to scream out Sweet Transvestite? That song needs to be sung, not used to show how loud someone can be.
  7. I'm more concerned about the number of parents who are whining about this because their little kids watch Glee. If that is the case they must be assuming that a show with singing and high school kids is wholesome entertainment when it is anything but. Even just last week they had Brittany popping Artie's Cherry just so he'd sing with her and Brit and Santana kissing because the girl can't sleep without a bit of action before bed and Puck "is" in the slammer. If I had kids I wouldn't want them seeing teenage girls using sex to get what they want. I feel kinda sorry for that Lea Michelle. She's trying way to hard to prove that she's not unattractive and ugly instead of letting her talent shine & she just looks desperate and pathetic.
  8. I loved the River Deep Mountain High version from Santana and Mercede's, best one I've heard since Tina Turner's original and it has been done by some of the best voices out there.
  9. I'm enjoying this season better than last, although I haven't seen tonight's episode. Their werewolves are certainly much more to fear than the lame ass ones on True Blood.
  10. Just watched New Moon. I wish Victoria would kill insipid Bella!

  11. why can't the media call the oil leak what it is, a man made disaster? There is nothing Natural about it!! & MM sucks Y&R is almost dead to me!

  12. Has this moron even watched Glee? The auto-tuning is one of the worst things about the show, but without it I suspect that the actresses who play Rachel and her mother might be the only survivors. The auto-tuning of Finn is one of the main reasons why I despise his casting.
  13. How is Kurt's dads house bigger if he and Finn have to share a room, and the basement room at that? To me the scene would have had more impact if they weren't forcing Finn to move in and he just came over for a visit and started behaving that way.
  14. I like the show but am also tired of characters being killed off with lots of story left to tell. What are the contracts and shooting schedules like? I want Ian Somerhalder to come on True Blood as Sookie's relative Claude, who is described as having Brad Pitt movie star looks and makes everyone in the vicinity so lustful they stand around panting like dogs!
  15. What happened to this show since the mid season? There used to be more balance but now it is all Finn and Rachel, like they are some great love story. The episode Laryngitis actually physically pained me to watch live and took me three tries online to complete my viewing. Kurt and his dad should have been fine after the single ladies episode Preggers, I didn't need a rehash. Give these characters some new storylines.
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