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  1. So excited about Alex and Addison. It seems as though they are going to hook up.
  2. Damn, can they get any more people for Cali on the show. Its weird how the majority of them are from southern Cali, specifically the L.A area. I wouldn't be surprise if they knew each other. Anyways...I am kinda surprises the are doing this, this should defentiely make people head turns. This can be good or bad, just have to wait and see what happens.
  3. The Butterfly Effect! great MOVIE!!
  4. Chaeper by the dozen 2. great movie.
  5. Furonda went last night
  6. Jada or Sara should have went last night, IMO. Jada attitude is total turn off and Sara doesn't have originality.
  7. glory road Empty Cradle Mistaken Identity
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