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  1. ER on HULU

    Love this show, but my favorite character ever was Abby. Maura Tierney played the HELL out of her, and was the MVP during her entire tenure, IMHO.
  2. Ryan Murphy is the worst. He can't write anything decent past the first season of any of his shows, which is why AHS has a different plot every year. Why Hollywood worships him I will never know.
  3. Days actress returning

  4. The X-Files: Discussion Thread

    Chris Carter has stated that if Gillian goes, he no longer wants to do the show, so who knows. To me, Gillian is the MVP on this show. Mulder is replaceable, as proven by the criminally underrated Robert Patrick, but she isn't. They should just end it after this season, IMO.
  5. The Walking Dead: Discussion Thread

    He looks so much better without his 80's Bon Jovi hairstyle.
  6. The Walking Dead: Discussion Thread

    The mid-season finale was fantastic. Chandler was great; he has grown so much talent-wise, and he will be missed. Being as the All-Out War storyline wraps this season, I'm looking forward to the back 8. Hopefully Carol will be given more chances to be the ultimate badass.
  7. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    If Gretchen returns, I am ALL for it. I love me some Ms. Rossi.
  8. DAYS: November 2017 Discussion Thread

    The Will/Marlena scenes today are amazing. Chandler and Dee always bring out the best in each other.
  9. The Kelly/Pink AMA opening was perfection. 

  10. The Walking Dead: Discussion Thread

    Last week's Carol/Ezekiel episode was fantastic. Carol is legit the best character on the show - I wouldn't shed a tear if Rick was offed and she took over the mantle as Leader. At least s**t would be taken care of.
  11. I'm impressed. A DOOL promo looks amazing for once.
  12. GH: Murder Mystery

    Clearly the murder victim is Ron's writing career.
  13. Hiring JP is proof that ABC wants to kill GH for good. I wonder if RC will seek comfort by stuffing himself with Mallomars and men in bars.
  14. Oh Ron is going to throw the biggest of bitch fits about this interview. I cannot believe that he never spoke to Tony.
  15. 2015 Primetime Emmys Discussion

    Tatiana has a very good shot at the gold. She plays so many roles beautifully.