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  1. Martha Byrne found it in a box, in her mother's basement, while cleaning the house to put it on the market. She was kind enough to send it over to WLS.
  2. misses oakdalelover, Kennylicious, & Darraholic.

  3. Does anyone know of any good 90's-era clips of Lily and Damian (or just Damian)? My friend recently started watching and remarked how sickly Paolo Seganti looks. She was floored when he I told her that "Damian" used to be quite the rootable hunk. I want to show her a video clip, but can't seem to find any. The only ones I see on Youtube are from his current stay, and his "pre-Martha-Byrne-maternity-leave" return a few years ago. Anyone have a link or know of where to find any?
  4. Now THIS is how you do suspense!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWhtSYPOH6U
  5. Hi Dusty!

    Hope you are doing good!

  6. Unfortunately, scheduling problems and lack of ideas has left me with no other choice but to end this fan fiction. It's a sad day for me, but this is a decision that I felt had to be made. I want to thank all the loyal readers (you know who you are) for following ANWT for this long. I also appreciate all the feedback that I've received, good and bad alike, during the course of this fan fiction. Lastly, I could have never have done this without the help of 2 amazing friends. P.J., you are a God-send. Co-writing this fic together was a phenomenal experience that will always be remembered. Thanks
  7. I don't think the video is her best work. From 1-10, I call it a 6. Much like the "Circus" video, the audio and video are off a bit, but not nearly as noticeable. Britney looks SMOKING! But the video loses "oomph" for me as soon as she turns into the 50's housewife. That, integrated with the "Amy" version of Britney, does send a powerful message, though. No matter who she is or what time period she's from, the media's still going to have its way with Britney/her life. At least, that's the message I took from it!
  8. At WOAK, Kim announces that Katie's taking an extended leave of absence while she takes her mother out of the country for treatment. Brad's stunned that she left without a word to him. He follows Kim back to her office, trying to get more details out of her. Impatiently, Kim tells him he knows everything she does. It's an open ended leave. Kim assumes he's worried about the fate of Oakdale Now, and assures him she's already setting up interviews for Katie's on-air replacement. Brad returns to his office, and mopes around seeing all of Katie's stuff still there. On Kim's orders, Jimmy enters an
  9. Taking a seat on the couch, Dr. Michaels informs Jade that this is a very important decision that she hopes Jade has carefully thought about. If Jade remembers something, it's her duty to report it to the police. As Jade starts to go under, Luke searches for his cousin across town. Kevin appears and suggests he give Jade some alone time. Frustrated, Kevin vents that he feels like his relationship with Luke has come to a stand still. Peeved, Luke grunts that it's Kevin's own fault for doubting him. Kevin's hurt, recalling their long talk last week. He thought they had patched things up. Luke re
  10. Startled by Jack's appearance--pale, noticably thinner and a rough beard, Carly tells him he looks like hell. Jack laughs and agrees with her. On the other hand, he grins, she's more beautiful than he remembers. Carly tries to sit up, only to wince in pain from a cut on her arm. When Jack asks what happened, Carly downplays the accident as merely having slipped on some ice in the road. She's a lot more interested in where he's been for the last two months. First, though, Jack wants to know more about her urgent message to come home. Heated, Carly grumbles that she doesn't think he needs an exp
  11. Finding out Katie spent the night with Lyla, Margo shows up at her mother's with breakfast. Margo casually asks how Lyla's night went, probing for specific details. Suspicious, Katie asks if there's more behind her questions than concern for their mother. Reluctantly, Margo informs her Carly was nearly run down the day before. Katie's shocked...then realizes she must be a suspect. Margo assures her she doesn't believe Katie's responsible, but it'll be easier on everyone if they establish Katie's alibi now. Katie tells her she spent the night with Lyla, and they didn't have any visitors. Margo
  12. Mac rushes out into the street, and unable to get a response from Carly, calls 911. Assured an ambulance is in route, he makes a second call, ending it quickly when Carly's eyes flutter open. As Carly's wheeled into the emergency room, Bob steps into the partition and examines her, and she finally starts regaining consciousness. Passing routine questions, she has no recall the accident. Diagnosing a concussion, along with other scrapes and bruises, Bob orders a CT scan, but reassures her it's only precaution. Panicking about how her kids will hear the news, Carly asks to have the hospital call
  13. The next day, Katie tries to raise Lyla's spirits, bringing out family albums and laughing over old photos. Seeing Katie linger over a picture of her and Brad, Lyla encourages her daughter to fight for her marriage. It's no use, Katie replies sadly. Brad isn't interested. But what she will do, is pour everything into helping Lyla fight her cancer. All her children need her. Lyla gently tries to prepare Katie for the inevitability of her death. Katie stubbornly replies that her mother's never been a quitter, and that's all she's asking for now. For Lyla not to quit. Before Lyla can reply, they'
  14. The tension continues to run high between Parker and Carly. After Parker gives her the cold shoulder, JJ tries to lighten her mood by cracking bad jokes. Carly thanks him, and tells him he's a lot like his father. And Jack will be surprised to see how much he's grown in such a short time. A little embarrassed, JJ admits having Mac to talk to has helped a lot. Carly asks what he means by that. Just that Mac's been really good about talking with him and Parker like they're adults, not just stupid kids. Mac even gave them his number and told them they could call him any time, day or night, if the
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