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  1. Martha Byrne found it in a box, in her mother's basement, while cleaning the house to put it on the market. She was kind enough to send it over to WLS.
  2. misses oakdalelover, Kennylicious, & Darraholic.

  3. Does anyone know of any good 90's-era clips of Lily and Damian (or just Damian)? My friend recently started watching and remarked how sickly Paolo Seganti looks. She was floored when he I told her that "Damian" used to be quite the rootable hunk. I want to show her a video clip, but can't seem to find any. The only ones I see on Youtube are from his current stay, and his "pre-Martha-Byrne-maternity-leave" return a few years ago. Anyone have a link or know of where to find any?
  4. Now THIS is how you do suspense!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWhtSYPOH6U
  5. Hi Dusty!

    Hope you are doing good!

  6. Unfortunately, scheduling problems and lack of ideas has left me with no other choice but to end this fan fiction. It's a sad day for me, but this is a decision that I felt had to be made. I want to thank all the loyal readers (you know who you are) for following ANWT for this long. I also appreciate all the feedback that I've received, good and bad alike, during the course of this fan fiction. Lastly, I could have never have done this without the help of 2 amazing friends. P.J., you are a God-send. Co-writing this fic together was a phenomenal experience that will always be remembered. Thanks for all your support, nagging, and friendship. I wouldn't have had it any other way. DrewH, without you, I would have gone crazy. Thanks for helping me keep my cool and giving me great story ideas in the process. And to all the readers, whoever and wherever you are, thanks for letting us turn your world. It's been a fun ride. With that said, the ending will be posted in parts. Each part will be posted whenever I can get around to it, so please be patient. And now, part 1 of "A New World Turns: The Ending". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carly finds Brad an apartment to sub-lease at the Oakdale Towers. Brad nitpicks the place to death, until Carly finally shuts him up. She points out he was all for pushing her to "move on" when Jack left town. Now she's the one advising him to move on with his life. Brad reminds her they've never been friends. He's always been a pain in the ass, Carly admits. But he grew up a little while Jack was out of town, looking out for her and the kids the way he did. That makes him family. Rolling his eyes, Brad admits the fabulous apartment isn't that bad...all it needs is a recliner and a big screen tv to make it perfect. Carly says he might want to add a bed, unless he plans on unrolling a sleeping bag on the floor. And sleeping alone for the forseeable future. Jack calls in a favor and gets access a copy of the OPD file on Carly's accident. Other than Katie, the OPD had no suspects. He's upset to find a report detailing the earlier vandalism on Carly's car that he knew nothing about. The detective's notes question if the incidents are related. Jack's face turns ashen and he storms out to his car. Pulling out his cell, he leaves an angry message---"you have a lot of explaining to do." Jack remains silent during dinner, and after she sends the kids to do their homework, Carly asks what's bothering him. Calmly, Jack asks why she didn't tell him her car was vandalized. Carly shrugs her shoulders and reminds him he wasn't around. At the time, she wasn't even sure if he gave a damn about her. Kissing her, he tells her everything he's done, he's done for her. A few days later, Carly takes Brad to the mall, to help him furnish his new apartment. While they shop, Brad notices Mac out of the corner of his eye. He doesn't say anything to Carly, but he makes an excuse and confronts Mac, thinking he's stalking Carly. Mac tells him he's an idiot, that he's picking up some equipment for the hockey team. Brad backs off, but he's still suspicious. Later, he plays the sympathy card and invites himself back to supper at Milltown, and takes Jack aside, volunteering to help him "knock some sense" into Mac, Snyder style. Parker walks by and overhears Jack thank him for watching out for Carly, but refuses to confront Mac. After Brad leaves, Jack insists on staying the night with his family---on the couch. The next day, taping runs late at WOAK. Expecting his furniture, Brad asks Jimmy to wait for the delivery men. When he's finally done with work, Brad runs in to Carly in the parking lot. She chides him for acting like a kid at Christmas, anxious see the presents Santa's brought. Brad reminds her she had fun too---spending his money. Carly admits she did, and Brad invites her to be his first official houseguest...and help do all the "woman-y things" like arranging the furniture. She agrees. When they arrive, everything's been delivered but the bed. Brad thanks Jimmy, and he and Carly are soon engrossed in unpacking and rearranging the furniture. When the kids arrive home from school, Jack is walking up the block to greet them. While JJ and Sage do their homework, Parker asks Jack if he had a talk with Mac. Jack denies it, and wonders why Parker's asking. Parker admits he overheard Brad accuse Mac of stalking Carly. And that while Carly befriended Mac at first, she grew uncomfortable around him, and he saw them arguing on the porch the last time Mac stopped by the house. Jack assures him there's nothing to worry about. Parker berates him for acting like it's no big deal. Maybe if Jack had been around to see it like Parker and Brad were, he'd think differently. Parker has a bad feeling about Mac---he thinks he's lying about something. And frankly, he thinks Jack's lying to him too. A knock at the door interrupts them. It's Margo, accompanied by two cops. She tersely asks if Carly's home. Carly's still at work, Jack tells her. Margo shakes her head. Carly's not at WOAK. When Jack asks why Margo wants to know, she takes him aside and tells him 911 got a call half an hour ago from Oakdale Towers---Brad's been stabbed. He's been rushed to Memorial, and it doesn't look good. Jack asks what that has to do with Carly. Carly was seen entering the building with Brad, Margo answers. But no one saw her leave. And her purse was found at the scene. Jack pales---Carly's obviously been kidnapped. Margo hesitates--or she's the suspect in an attempted murder. Jack scoffs at the idea. Margo's serious. She mentions the fact Carly's been seen with Brad all around town lately. She was helping Brad set up residence, using his credit card and ordering furniture, including a bed. She even mentions Katie accused Carly and Brad of having an affair minutes after Jack left town. It wouldn't be the first time a lover's spat had ended in violence. Jack tells Margo she's wrong...he and Carly are back together. Margo snidely reminds him it wouldn't be the first time Carly's deceived him. Jack snaps, reminding her Carly was nearly run down just a few weeks ago. Margo says it was probably just an accident, and Carly used it to drum up sympathy. Finally, Jack comes clean. The reason he suspects someone is after Carly, is because someone's after him. Right before Christmas, Jack went back undercover with the FBI after they informed him Ben Harris had been brutally attacked. An obituary of Joe Teague was left at the scene, along with an old newspaper article about Jack finding the evidence that linked Teague to the Milltown Church fire. The FBI has been investigating a white supremicist group headed by Joe Teague's son, Junior. Ben was put into protective custody, and the Bureau wanted to put him, Carly and the kids under protection too while they hunted Junior down. Jack refused, staged a break up, and left town to keep his family safe. Margo chastises him for not informing her--she could have at least placed the house under surveillance while Jack was out of town. Jack assures her he made his own arrangements before going undercover and trying to get information from one of Teague's old buddies about where Junior might hide out. He couldn't find out anything useful, and he came home after hearing about Carly's accident. Margo puts out an APB on Carly's car, and Jack asks to be a part of the investigation. He calls the FBI, hoping they've had a break in finding Junior. Emma comes over to be with the kids, while Margo authorizes police protection for the house. Emma tries to reassure the kids, but Parker overhears the officers speculate that Carly's probably already dead. Convinced that Mac is behind Carly's disappearance, he sneaks out of the house with a baseball bat. While Parker hides in the bushes at Mac's house down the street, Carly wakes up in the dark, screaming, recalling finding Brad laying in a pool of his own blood. Parker spies Mac sitting in his front room, in front of his laptop. When Mac leaves the room, he sneaks inside the house, and is shocked. There are candid pictures of his family hanging on the wall, along with schedules of their weekly activities written out. When he hears Mac returning, he waits by the door, and hits him in the back, knocking Mac to the floor. As the older man coughs up blood, Parker shouts he wants to know what Mac's done with Carly. Mac denies any involvement, and Parker hits him again. Parker shouts Brad was right, Mac is some stalker-pervert fixated on his mom. Slowly, Mac crawls into a corner as he coughs up blood. Parker raises his bat again, as Mac tries to calm him down. Mac understands that it looks bad, but he's not stalking anyone. He's been protecting them. Parker laughs at him--he's a cop's kid, he'd have known if they were under police protection. Understanding nothing he says will convince Parker, he offers up proof. The phone number of the man who hired him. Emma panics, realizing Parker's taken off. The officers search the house and call Jack, who races home. The officers report they've searched the area, and Parker's bike is still in the garage. Jack tells them to keep searching and begs Emma not to worry before taking off again. Parker tells Mac he's calling the police instead, and pulls out his cell phone. Hearing someone else enter the house and call out Mac's name, he hides by the door and raises his bat. Just as the person steps through the doorway, Mac yells at them to duck, and they roll to the floor as Parker swings and misses. Parker's ready to swing again, but stops cold when he realizes it's Jack. Parker tells him he's found Carly's kidnapper--Mac. Jack yells at him, asking what the hell he's doing running out on Emma in the middle of a crisis. Mac yells at him explain everything before Parker hits anyone else with the bat. Then Jack comes clean. Mac is ex-FBI, the first partner Jack had when he joined the Bureau. Parker was right, Jack lied when he left town---but it was to go undercover--and he only agreed knowing someone he trusted would be protecting his family. He got Mac the job at the rink, so he could have a way to keep an eye on them without scaring either Carly or them. Mac called him right after Carly's accident, and Jack decided to come home. Jack assures him there's no way Mac had anything to with Brad's stabbing or Carly's disappearance. Parker apologizes to Mac, and Jack scolds him for taking matters into his own hands. As Jack arranges for a squad car to take Mac to the ER, he gets a call on his cell phone. The caller's voice is disguised, and he's told that if he wants the blonde returned safely, he'll come to where Joe Teague was murdered. Alone. Carly explores the cabin she's being held in. To her horror, she realizes it's the same cabin she and Jack took refuge in after being trapped by Joe Teague in the tool shed and nearly freezing to death. Where Jack was stabbed and Teague was killed after fighting with Ben Harris. Carly desperately tries to escape, but the door is barred from the outside and all the windows are boarded over. Carly hears someone outside and tries to hide, hoping she can just rush out past them. She can't see the man's face, but he advises her not to run, and holds a gun out for her to see. Besides, her hero is on his way to rescue her---she wouldn't want to miss that. Carly tells the man he'd be better off leaving---Jack will kill him for taking her and killing his brother. The last he heard, Brad was hanging on in the ICU at Memorial. Then all he has to do is let her go, and he'll live, Carly tries to bargain. Jack needs to pay, the man tells her, turning around and introducing himself as Joe Teague Jr. Carly pales recognizing Jimmy, the intern from WOAK. Joe/Jimmy tells her to scurry out from the corner she's hiding in. He's not going to hurt her---at least until Jack gets there. He laughs as Carly stays hidden, and tells her how fun it was being so close to her at WOAK, knowing he could just kill her anytime he wanted. It amused him to see her operate, bedding Brad while Jack-the-hero was out of town. And the way she tortured poor Katie made him hate Carly all the more. That's why he trashed her car---for Katie---but he also hoped to scare her enough to bring Jack back to town. It took nearly running her down to do that though. He could have played this out for months, but when Katie left town, it left him without someone to take the blame. So he stepped up his timetable. And when Brad asked him to let the furniture guys in and she showed up too---it was the perfect opportunity. Carly and Joe/Jimmy hear a car pull up, and Carly makes a break for the door, screaming for Jack to stay away. Jimmy hits her, knocking her down, then grabs her up by the arm and hauls her out to the porch with him. Pointing his gun to her head, Jimmy tells Jack to toss away his gun, then kneel down. His dad would want his murderer to die on his knees. Jack wants Jimmy to let Carly drive away in his car first before he'll toss the gun. Carly's horrified and begs Jack not to agree---Jimmy's going to kill her either way. Jack tells her that's not true, Jimmy promised Carly wouldn't be harmed. Jimmy laughs...as long as Jack knows what a faithless bitch Carly was, sleeping with his brother, he'll let her go. He tells Jack to throw his gun away and walk away from the car. When Jack does, Jimmy drags Carly with him off the porch, and moves with her closer to the car. Eyes locked on her, Jack tells Carly he loves her. When they get to the front of the car, Jimmy tosses Carly to the ground and shoots three rounds into Jack's chest. Carly scrambles for the car door as a shot rings out, dropping Jimmy to the ground. Screaming, Carly dashes over to Jack, begging him not to die as she presses her hand over his chest. Jack groans, and tells her not to worry, she's not getting rid of him that easily. Carly feels a solid mass, and realizes Jack's wearing a bulletproof vest. Suddenly she's aware of a handful of FBI agents swarming the scene, and realizes he had an entire squad backing him up. Relieved beyond belief, she smothers him with kisses. Jack groans in pain, and protests going to a hospital when one of the medics suggests it. Carly overrules him, and tells him she's putting her foot down. The sooner he's healed, the sooner they can get married. Jack laughs that he hasn't asked her yet. Carly tells him she's not waiting for him to ask, they're getting married exactly one week after he's discharged. No ifs, ands or butts about it. Laughing, Jack agrees---but he's not taking her name. Carly kisses him, and tells him to shut up. TO BE CONTINUED....
  7. I don't think the video is her best work. From 1-10, I call it a 6. Much like the "Circus" video, the audio and video are off a bit, but not nearly as noticeable. Britney looks SMOKING! But the video loses "oomph" for me as soon as she turns into the 50's housewife. That, integrated with the "Amy" version of Britney, does send a powerful message, though. No matter who she is or what time period she's from, the media's still going to have its way with Britney/her life. At least, that's the message I took from it!
  8. At WOAK, Kim announces that Katie's taking an extended leave of absence while she takes her mother out of the country for treatment. Brad's stunned that she left without a word to him. He follows Kim back to her office, trying to get more details out of her. Impatiently, Kim tells him he knows everything she does. It's an open ended leave. Kim assumes he's worried about the fate of Oakdale Now, and assures him she's already setting up interviews for Katie's on-air replacement. Brad returns to his office, and mopes around seeing all of Katie's stuff still there. On Kim's orders, Jimmy enters and starts packing up Katie's possessions. Unable to watch, Brad drifts over to the break room for coffee. He runs into Carly, who tells him Jack's returned. Jack wakes up in the guest room in Milltown. Heading downstairs, he finds Carly making lunch. Laughing at sleeping so long, he tells her she's the one who should be resting. Carly scoffs and tells him she's gotten used to being on the go with him gone. It made the time go faster so she didn't miss him as much. Carly teases that she's already been by the office and picked up some work, running into his brother on the way. Half teasing, half serious, Jack asks her if she really really missed him while he was gone. When she's too choked up to give him an answer, he leans in and gives her a passionate kiss. Things quickly heat up between them, until Jack pulls back and suggests he leave. Breathlessly, Carly tells him to shut up and listen. Not only has she missed him--more importantly, she realized how much she trusts him. Ever since they started getting close again, she's been scared it wouldn't work, and she'd end up hurt even more. That's not the way she wants to live her life. It's time to stop dwelling on the negative and remember how much joy and happiness they had too. So, he's stuck with her. They'll figure out the rest later...but right now all she wants is to be with him. Cutting her off with another passionate kiss, Jack carries her up to their bedroom and they make love. At Carrie's apartment, Will mentions Paul's good deed in letting him see Hallie the other day. Carrie warns that if Gwen ever finds out, she'll go ballistic. Meanwhile, Rosanna confides in Paul that if Carrie is Cabot's mother, she's worried about the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child. If Cabot really is Jacob, Rosanna exclaims, then where does that leave her? Later, all four get paged to the hospital for the reading of the DNA results. Bob sits them all down and informs them that Carrie is indeed Cabot's biological mother. Across town, Barbara taunts Craig with the information that Carrie might be Cabot's mother. Craig is livid his new assistant didn't mention any of this to him and prepares to confront her. Paul, however, cuts Craig off at the chase and chuckles that there's no way he's getting custody of Cabot with the confirmed birth mother on their side. Barbara learns from Paul that Cabot is actually Carrie's son, Jacob. At Java, Carrie flinches as Craig berates her for leaving him out of the loop. Rosanna steps in and referees, demanding Craig take his lectures elsewhere. Later, she fills Carrie in on Craig's shady past and laments that Craig is trying to take Cabot from her. Carrie's sympathetic and Rosanna insinuates that Carrie help her win custody against Craig. Barbara stops by Carrie's apartment and finds Will walking around in a pair of boxers. She tries to drop off some presents, but Will sends her way, scolding that she can't buy love or forgiveness. At Iris's, Gwen and Hallie play on the floor as Iris cleans. Iris proposes moving away, but Gwen isn't so sure about the idea. Iris reminds her that Will is never going to change; why should she limit her life waiting on him to? Gwen agrees to think it over. Jack picks up the boys from hockey practice. Parker and JJ introduce him to their new coach and the men briefly shake hands before Mac excuses himself. Parker finds Mac's behavior odd, but doesn't say anything about it. Bringing home pizza for dinner, Jack's surprised to find Brad there talking to Carly. While the kids finish homework upstairs, Brad welcomes his brother home. Jack starts to berate him for accusing Carly of instigating Katie's miscarriage, but Carly elbows him and tells him they settled that while he was gone. She even makes sure to let Jack know he felt so bad, he made a pest of himself trying to be helpful. And as much as she hates to admit it, Brad did manage to do a couple of things right. Grudgingly, Jack thanks his brother and invites him to stay for dinner. Grabbing beers, Brad takes Jack aside in the kitchen and asks if he's met Mac-the-hunky-hockey-coach yet. Puzzled at his tone, Jack admits they met when he picked up the boys that afternoon. Brad tells him Mac's got a thing for Carly and shouldn't be trusted. While the Snyders sit down and divvy up slices of pizza, somewhere a computer screen lights up, the screen splitting into four images---all of them from inside the Milltown house. Lily and Holden talk about Jade and Lily shares her worries that Rose is rolling in her grave due to the fact that her sister has done such a poor job looking after her daughter. Holden comforts her and tells her that she's gone above and beyond to protect Jade. Luke comes in and reveals that Jade has started seeing Dr. Michaels in hopes of regaining her memory. Across town, someone follows Jade and almost smacks her over the head until Kevin's emergence prompts them to run for it. Not having seen the mystery person, Kevin apologizes for the way he's acted towards her, adding that he never meant to insinuate that she or Luke murdered Colin. Jade coldly hisses that the only reason for his apology is so that he can work things out with Luke. Later, Jade meets Dr. Michaels for another appointment. During the session, she remembers running out into the road with the bloody murder weapon and fleeing once she heard a car coming. Dr. Michael assures her that she's indeed making a breakthrough and schedules another session. At the house, Lucinda drops by and informs them that her contacts have some shady news about Edward Taylor. Apparently, he was arrested in college for attempted robbery and simple battery. He was tried but never convicted. Lily worries that if Mr. Taylor did kill Colin, he might come after Jade. Across town, Luke meets up with Kevin, who tells him about his run-in with Jade. Luke shrugs that Jade's good at holding grudges, but she'll get over it in time. Aaron surprises Alison at the fundraiser and admits that he's been thinking a lot about them lately. Ever since he saw that Julie and Caleb have gotten back together, he's convinced that people who belong together will always find their way back to each other...just like him and Alison. Just as he grabs a small box from his coat pocket, Alison gets called away. Michael shows up, much to Susan's surprise and offers to help with the fundraiser since he has the day off from work. He's interrupted by a call from a patient, but promises to make it quick and return soon. Across the room, the show starts and Alison keeps getting light headed. Trying to regain her balance, she passes out right in front of Kim, who calls 911 and beckons for Susan. At the hospital, Susan blames Alison's sudden collapse on herself. Alison had told her she didn't feel right, but Susan shrugged it off and planned to have her checked out after the fundraiser. Aaron calms her down and assures her that Alison will be fine. Later, the doctor returns and informs Susan and Aaron that Alison has developed diabetes.
  9. Taking a seat on the couch, Dr. Michaels informs Jade that this is a very important decision that she hopes Jade has carefully thought about. If Jade remembers something, it's her duty to report it to the police. As Jade starts to go under, Luke searches for his cousin across town. Kevin appears and suggests he give Jade some alone time. Frustrated, Kevin vents that he feels like his relationship with Luke has come to a stand still. Peeved, Luke grunts that it's Kevin's own fault for doubting him. Kevin's hurt, recalling their long talk last week. He thought they had patched things up. Luke recants that despite the talk, he still has reservations about their relationship. Frankly, he admits, he doesn't know if they'll ever get back what they had. Meanwhile, Jade's bothered when she can't go under. Dr. Michaels assures her it's common and suggests coming back another time. Later, Luke finds Jade in Old Town and she tells him she tried to remember the night through hypnosis, but Dr. Michaels warned her it's a slow process. As they talk about Jade's session, we see someone watching them. Dusty smiles as he hands Emily a present. She chimes that he didn't have to get her anything, but Dusty cues her to open it. Inside, she finds a ticket for a trip to Chicago. He reasons that they've both been swamped with work lately and he'd love nothing more than a weekend alone with her. Emily's excited and tells Susan about their vacation plans. Susan reminds Emily of a fundraiser that she had agreed to help with. Knowing she can't let Dusty down anymore than she already has, Emily convinces Alison to help and scurries off to pack her bags. Downstairs, Alison tells her mother that she's felt weak lately, but Aaron has been visiting Julie and she doesn't want to worry him so soon after just arriving back. Susan hands her a pregnancy test, shrugging that Aaron will worry either way it goes. Alison takes the test, but it comes up negative and Susan agrees to have Bob check her out after the fundraiser is over. Meanwhile, Dusty runs into Craig in Java and the two almost engage in a scuffle, but Emily calling Dusty interrupts the fight before it can begin. Later, Craig arrives at Memorial to badger Michael about the experimental program he enrolled Lyla in, but instead, he sees Rosanna and Carrie. Hesitantly, Jack admits to Carly that he lied. But it was only not to scare her and the kids. She's right; there was no client. The FBI contacted him before Christmas about an old case of his, and he went undercover to wrap it up. Carly yells he had no right to put himself in danger like that...not without telling her. He could have died, and the last memory she'd have had is another argument. Jack apologizes, and wraps his arms around her as she starts to cry. Stroking her hair, he admits even that last fight was a lie. He didn't believe for a moment that she caused Katie's miscarriage. It was a way to explain his sudden departure. There wasn't any danger, though. The assignment was just more complicated than anyone realized. And once Jack got her message, he knew where he needed to be: at home with her and the kids. Carly pulls away and teases the kids won't recognize him with that beard, and offers him use of the shower while she fixes him a sandwich. When the kids arrive home from school, they're thrilled to have their father home. Rosanna thanks Carrie for agreeing to a DNA test and suggests Carrie talk with Paul while she talks with the nurse. Paul threaten Carrie that if he finds out she's manipluated them in any way and caused Rosanna to gain false hope, he'll do everything he can to destroy her reputation. Carrie dares him to try, reminding him that he has a more twisted past than she does. Despite Rosanna's wishes, Barbara shows up and makes a show in front of Carrie. Will comes in, preventing the show from going anymore downhill. The nurse beckons Carrie as Barbara, Paul, Will, and Rosanna all await the results. Will blasts Barbara for coming, but she later confides in Paul that she thinks the outcome of the custody trial is to blame for Will's testy mood towards her lately. Paul chuckles that Will isn't in a bad mood because he lost Hallie; he's in a bad mood because Barbara's made his new girlfriend's life a living hell. In the exam room, Will grills Carrie as to why she never told him about her son. Carrie replies that she didn't trust him enough, but she does now. Through tears, she recalls a drunken one night stand leading to a pregnancy. After the baby was born, he went missing and she soon discovered her father had sold the baby on the black market to get money for his heroin addiciton. Will debates telling Barbara about Darryl, but doesn't realize she's heard the whole thing. Guilty over her interference in Carrie's life and struggling with the news that Darryl has turned to drugs, Barbara returns to the penthouse and sadly strokes a photo of Jennifer and Johnny.
  10. Startled by Jack's appearance--pale, noticably thinner and a rough beard, Carly tells him he looks like hell. Jack laughs and agrees with her. On the other hand, he grins, she's more beautiful than he remembers. Carly tries to sit up, only to wince in pain from a cut on her arm. When Jack asks what happened, Carly downplays the accident as merely having slipped on some ice in the road. She's a lot more interested in where he's been for the last two months. First, though, Jack wants to know more about her urgent message to come home. Heated, Carly grumbles that she doesn't think he needs an explanation other than his kids were worried out of their minds about him. Especially when he didn't even bother to keep in touch like he promised. Looking at him, Carly's mind starts harboring the idea that maybe he wasn't off in South America working. She has a sinking feeling Parker was right, she tells her ex-husband. He's been telling them all a huge lie, hasn't he? As Katie and Lyla prepare to leave, Lyla pulls Margo aside. While she hopes the treatment works, she makes Margo promise to look after Katie if it doesn't...she doesn't want Katie to be alone and blame herself. Margo smiles that Lyla needs to worry about her health and quit trying to tend to Katie's every need. She's a big girl; Katie can handle her own problems. Trouble is, she knows Lyla's always going to be there for her to clean up the mess. Lyla admits that she didn't clean up much of a mess with Brad. She just made it harder for everyone involved. Meanwhile, Katie stops at Tom's office and tells him she's leaving today to help get Lyla settled in France. While she's away, she'll be in close contact with his offices regarding her divorce. She wants this all behind her as soon as possible. At the airport, Margo reminds her mother about her promise to quit trying to baby Katie. Katie, meanwhile, thanks Margo for being there for her. She sighs that maybe the time in France will be good for her. She'd like to take up painting or cycling...something productive so that Lyla doesn't worry so much and can put more effort into getting better. Nearly missing his chance to tell them goodbye, Craig rushes in and kisses his mother goodbye. She scolds him to stay out of trouble and pats his face. Rushed, she tells them that she worries about them too much, but she knows that they'll be fine on their own. She tries to tell them goodbye, but Craig stops her. This isn't goodbye, he says. They've all been through too much in the last year to say another goodbye so soon. She'll be back, Craig smirks, healthier than ever. Through tears, Lyla calls out "I love you" to her two children as she and Katie board the jet, headed towards France. Playing Monopoly, Jade cheers that she won and tells Faith and Natalie that maybe they'll have better luck next time. Faith inquires about the progress of Jade's remembering, but Lily's emergence through the door cuts her short. After the girls have gone, Jade asks Lily about the officers outside and seems puzzled about what she did. Lily assures her that she did nothing. Lucinda sent the officers to guard the house until everything calms down. Jade panics, blaming herself for bringing chaos to Lily's house once again. Luke appears and asks to speak with Jade alone. Jade worries that everything is getting out of control. If only she could remember, she says, they could put this all behind them. Luke informs her that Dr. Michaels has admitted to wanting to hypnotize Jade so that she can remember the night of Colin's murder. Jade refuses the idea and tells Luke that she doesn't need a shrink digging through her head. Later, Holden tells Lucinda that he thinks it was Mr. or Mrs. Taylor that killed Colin and shot at him and Lily on their way home. Lucinda agrees to get in touch with some contacts and see what she can find out about the Taylors. After Holden returns home, Lily probes him as to where he went. She's upset when he tells her that he went to her mother for help. Lucinda has helped them enough, she scolds. Meanwhile, Jade appears at Dr. Michaels' door and tells her that she'd like to be hypnotized so that she can remember the night of the murder. Rosanna puts Cabot down for a nap and returns just as Paul comes through the door. He reveals that he found out something, but she might want to sit down for this. After Rosanna has taken a seat, Paul informs her that Carrie had a photo of Cabot because he's her biological son. The child was kidnapped from the hospital where he was born. Rosanna dismisses the whole thing and rails that it can't be true. When questions arose about Cabot's paternity, Jordan could never remember the woman he had slept with and James would never reveal the mother's identity. Paul groans that there are several unanswered questions, but the only way to get answers is from Carrie herself. Later, Rosanna meets with Carrie at Java. Nervous, Carrie protests that her boss Craig will not like the two of them talking like this, especially with the approaching custody case. Rosanna appeals to the young woman and presents her with an updated photo of Cabot. As Carrie holds back her joyous tears from seeing the photo, Rosanna admits that she has reason to believe Carrie might be Cabot's biological mother. Carrie dismisses it, claiming that her child has been missing for over five years. There's no way that Jacob and Cabot can be one in the same. Rosanna shrugs that there's only one way to find out and asks Carrie to be matched with Cabot for DNA. Reluctantly, Carrie agrees.
  11. Finding out Katie spent the night with Lyla, Margo shows up at her mother's with breakfast. Margo casually asks how Lyla's night went, probing for specific details. Suspicious, Katie asks if there's more behind her questions than concern for their mother. Reluctantly, Margo informs her Carly was nearly run down the day before. Katie's shocked...then realizes she must be a suspect. Margo assures her she doesn't believe Katie's responsible, but it'll be easier on everyone if they establish Katie's alibi now. Katie tells her she spent the night with Lyla, and they didn't have any visitors. Margo asks if she's sure--no phone calls, deliveries? Katie remembers she went to pick up Lyla's meds, and produces the receipt, time stamped at 4:35 p.m. Relieved, Margo tells her the accident was at approximately 4:20 pm, and all the way across town. There's no way Katie could have done it. Michael shows up soon after and tells Lyla, Katie and Margo about a new drug in France that's shown amazing success in treating the same kind of cancer Lyla has. He's talked to the lead doctor himself, and sent them a copy of Lyla's medical history. There's a spot in the trial waiting for her--if she wants it. Katie and Margo encourage her to go, and Lyla agrees. Katie insists on going with her. Lyla's afraid that Katie is taking the trip solely to run from her problems and warns her daughter that her troubles will follow her unless she makes things right with both Brad and Carly. After a restful night, Carly chafes a bit as Rosanna continues to pamper her. When Rosanna asks what's bothering her, Carly says she feels guilty for taking her away from Cabot so soon. Rosanna suspects it's more than that--any mention of Mac's name seems to irritate her, which is a little strange considering all he did and how concerned he was. Carly admits she should be grateful to him, but there's something about him she doesn't trust. And the last thing she remembers is going to confront him about it. Another flash of memory surfaces--Mac yelling at someone on his phone. Rosanna reminds her Mac is the one who called 911 after the accident. That's probably what she's remembered. Carly mumbles Mac has never struck her as the panicky type. Sending Rosanna home, Carly goes upstairs to rest. Later, when she feels someone shake her shoulder, she assumes she's overslept and the kids have come home from school already. She's shocked to roll over and find Jack sitting on the edge of her bed. Rosanna returns home and puts on a nice front while talking to Will. She asks to speak with Paul in private. In the kitchen, Rosanna scolds Paul for bringing Will over to see Hallie. If Gwen finds out, she'll lose all trust in her. It's nothing serious, Paul assures her. He's been watching Will and not once has Hallie's life come into any danger. Paul makes a mention that they need to talk about something later, but Rosanna insists he tell her now. Although he doesn't want Rosanna to worry, he tells her that Will found a photo of Cabot at Carrie's. Rosanna's confused as to why she would have the photo and seems bothered by it. Paul agrees to see what he can find out. After some searching on the internet, Paul finds an old case about a baby theft in Buffalo. When he looks into it, he's shocked to find that Carrie is the mother whose child went missing. Later, Craig meets with Carrie to discuss designs for his new home. He's cut short by a call from Lyla telling him about her plans. She fears that he needs her, especially with the custody hearing coming up. He assures his mother that he's a big boy. Plus, he's been more of a father to Cabot than Paul could ever be. Carrie trembles when she hears the name and interrogates Craig for information. Puzzled, Craig asks Carrie why she wants to know so much about the adoption. Shrugging it off as concern for her employer, Carrie soon excuses herself. Holden panics when Lily screams as the gunshot rings out. Darting down a side road, they fly until they lose the car following them. Holden tells Lily that he believes her now; this isn't all just coincidence. First, they probe the Taylors for information about Colin's murder and then they're getting shot at. Lily, in panic mode, tells Luke to do as she says and ask no questions: take Jade and the kids and get them some place that's safe. At Emma's, Luke thanks his grandmother for allowing them to stay the night. As they all go to bed for the night, Jade guesses that the impromptu sleepover at Emma's has to do with the murder case. Knowing she'll find out any way, Luke tells her that Holden and Lily went to see the Taylors, hoping for clues to help the investigation. Later, Holden and Lily turn to Margo, hoping she can help them. After Holden informs Margo he thinks it was the Taylors, she agrees to see what she can find out. At Emma's, Lily and Holden are relieved to see everyone safe and sound. Jade seems miffed that they went to see the Taylors without telling her, but Lily assures her they're very close to finding Colin's killer and clearing her name. She doesn't mention, though, that she and Holden think the killer is either Mr. or Mrs. Taylor!
  12. Mac rushes out into the street, and unable to get a response from Carly, calls 911. Assured an ambulance is in route, he makes a second call, ending it quickly when Carly's eyes flutter open. As Carly's wheeled into the emergency room, Bob steps into the partition and examines her, and she finally starts regaining consciousness. Passing routine questions, she has no recall the accident. Diagnosing a concussion, along with other scrapes and bruises, Bob orders a CT scan, but reassures her it's only precaution. Panicking about how her kids will hear the news, Carly asks to have the hospital call Rosanna for her. Bob tells her "her friend" was taking care of that. Confused, Carly asks him who he means. Bob didn't catch the man's name, but he came with her in the ambulance and has been pestering the nurses for updates. Blanche Taylor sits quietly reading her evening paper when a knock comes at the door. She stutters when she sees Lily and Holden on the other end. Still gawking at the Snyders' presence, she offers them a place to sit while she fixes them some tea. Holden shakes his head in refusal for a cop while Lily tries to hold her emotions in, thinking of the heartbreak this whole ordeal has brought to her family. Lily starts off first, apologizing for the loss of their son. Edward thought so highly of him, Blanche gushes. It's all hit him so hard. She dare not mention Colin around him or he leaves the room. When Holden asks why they moved and gave no one a forwarding address, Mrs. Taylor shrugs it off as snotty neighborhood bullying that made them leave so quickly. Lily explains that she and Holden have travelled a ways because they're hoping they might have a lead about the ongoing murder investigation. Stirring her tea in a swift motion now, Mrs. Taylor offers them nothing. She knows they're only hear to clear Jade's name. She reports that she's kept up with the investigation behind Edward's back; she knows Jade was arrested with the murder weapon. Holden holds his wife back as Lily pleads with Blanche to help them exonerate Jade's name. Just then, Edward Taylor blasts through the door and huffs that they will do nothing of the sort. Now is a good time to be leaving, he grunts. In the waiting room, Mac describes the hit and run car to an officer...a late model silver coupe, possibly a Honda Accord or Civic. While he didn't catch a license plate, he has a suspect, the Chief of Detective's sister---Brad Snyder's wife. When the officer questions that assumption, Mac fills him in on the bad blood and unsolved vandalism of Carly's vehicle a few weeks ago. Margo walks in and asks her officer for a preliminary report--she's anxious to get an APB out immediately on the hit-and-run car. Mac introduces himself, then blitzes her with questions, wondering if she'll bother to check out her sister's whereabouts. Calmly and firmly, Margo assures him she'll investigate anywhere the evidence leads. Unconvinced, Mac stalks off. Meanwhile, Margo blanches at the description of the car. Katie owns a 2006 silver Honda Civic. Under his breath, Michael curses the hospital's night staff. They're much too understaffed, he sighs. Around the corner, Susan slips out and surprises her boyfriend as he prepares to go on break. She begs him to take his break right away; she has a surprise for him. Darting into an unoccupied exam room, Susan locks the door behind them before unbuttoning her coat to reveal the sexy lingerie that she just got. Michael chuckles, running his fingers through her hair and playfully throwing her on the bed. As soon as both of them are naked, they start to make love. Their love is interrupted when Michael gets a page. Although Susan tells him to ignore it, Michael checks and sees that an important phone call has come through. Hurt, Susan tells him to take the call; she'll be waiting back home. Later, Michael traces the door frame and grabs the spare. Quietly, he unlocks the door and glides in, hoping Susan will ignore the time and follow through with her promise of a continuation of their interrupted lovemaking. Instead, he finds Susan, sound asleep in her bed. He kisses her cheek and calmly whispers that he hopes that one day, their busy schedules will allow them the time they need together. Outside , Will knocks repeatedly until Carrie finally answers her door. Will asks her what took her so long and Carrie excuses the dirty apartment. She was just cleaning. He notices the house is spotless and chuckles that she didn't waste any elbow grease; the place is spotless. Carrie smiles that when she has a lot on her mind, she cleans. Will vaguely mentions the picture he found of Cabot, prompting Carrie to become agitated very quickly. Later, Will tells Paul that whether he likes it or not, they have to tell Rosanna about Carrie's photo of Cabot. Paul asks how Will is holding up since the trial. Wiping his brow, Will admits that he's trying to keep his mind busy and not think about it. Paul smiles as he reveals that Cabot has a friend with him in the play pen: Hallie. According to Paul, Gwen has allowed Hallie to spend the night with Rosanna, under strict orders that Will not see her until his scheduled (supervised) visit next month. "I've never been one to follow the rules, though", Paul smirks. But since Rosanna's with Carly at the hospital and he needs an extra hand caring for two babies, he couldn't think of a better helper than Hallie's own father. Will hugs Paul, surprising the older brother. Holding back tears of joy as he holds his daughter for the first time in a long time, Will thinks to himself that maybe his brother isn't as cold hearted and evil as he thought. Rosanna appears just as Carly's being wheeled down from x-ray. As they wait for a diagnosis, Rosanna assures her the kids are with Emma. Rosanna asks if she remembers anything about the accident. Carly has a flash of arguing with Mac, just as he interrupts and asks if he can wait with them. Before Carly can answer, Rosanna introduces herself and thanks him for calling her. Carly struggles to recall what they were arguing about, but comes up blank. Bob enters and informs them Carly has a concussion, but can be discharged providing there's adult supervision. Mac offers to take her home and stay with her for the night. Rosanna steps in and thanks him, but she's already made arrangements to stay at Milltown with Carly and the kids as long as she's needed. Mac doesn't press, but insists on helping them to Rosanna's car and tells them to call if there's anything they need. Once they drive off, Mac dials a number and leaves a voicemail. The situation has gotten out of hand. It's time for a new plan. Holden and Lily can feel the tension mounting in the Taylor household, prompting them to take a graceful but hasty exit. As they leave, Holden spies his wife looking through the passenger side window of Mr. Taylor's car. She knows they're hiding something, Lily hisses. Holden finally gets his wife in the car, writing off the long trip as a waste of time and energy. Jade will just have to face her crimes, Holden mutters. Lily's eyes bug out and she rips her husband a new one for insinuating Jade is guilty of Colin's murder. Holden denies he meant it like that, but he thinks it's pretty apparent that they won't be getting any help from the Taylors. Later, Lily convinces Holden to make another stop by the Taylors' old neighborhood. One neighbor states that he recalls the Taylors leaving overnight. Lily calls Luke with an update and tells him that they're headed home after getting nowhere with Jade's adoptive parents. As they make their way back home down the dark road, a car zooms up behind them. Frantically, Holden yells for Lily to duck as a gunshot rings out.
  13. The next day, Katie tries to raise Lyla's spirits, bringing out family albums and laughing over old photos. Seeing Katie linger over a picture of her and Brad, Lyla encourages her daughter to fight for her marriage. It's no use, Katie replies sadly. Brad isn't interested. But what she will do, is pour everything into helping Lyla fight her cancer. All her children need her. Lyla gently tries to prepare Katie for the inevitability of her death. Katie stubbornly replies that her mother's never been a quitter, and that's all she's asking for now. For Lyla not to quit. Before Lyla can reply, they're interrupted. WOAK intern Jimmy drops by with flowers and chicken soup. Expressing admiration for Katie's devotion to her mother, he tells her the world would be a better place if more people were like her. Breaking down, Katie thanks him for being so kind to someone he barely knows. After Jimmy has left, Katie notices her mother's out of medicine and offers to go fetch some more from the pharmacy. Jade smiles when she sees her cousin come straggling through the door. Detecting his ruffled hair and dissheveled appearance, she claps at her own assumption that he and Kevin talked things over. Once Jade mentions that something must have happened for Luke to come home in the morning, Luke finally admits that he and Kevin had a good night. Nothing happened between them, despite Jade's apparant belief, but they did have a good talk. And in turn, Luke says, Kevin has offered to go easy on Jade from now on. Jade's touched that her cousin went to bat for her, but Luke claims that she proved her loyalty by refusing to let him wallow in self-pity and arranging the talk between himself and Kevin. Later, Luke receives a call from Lily. She tells him that the Taylors have moved and according to the neighbors, no one knows why or where to. Lily scoffs at the mention of asking Lucinda for help. It's Jade; she'll refuse. Luke objects, reminding his mother that she said the same thing about the money Lucinda gave for Jade's bail. After talking with Lucinda, who in turn asked her private investigator to do some digging, Luke calls Lily and gives his mother the new address for the Taylors. Carly tracks down Mac at the hockey rink and asks him to explain his interest in her kids. Mac tells her that part of being a coach is taking an interest in his players. Being friends, he doesn't understand what her problem is. The problem is, Carly asserts, that she can spot liars and manipulators. And the more she's around Mac, the more she senses something is "off" with him. Mac dismisses it completely, telling her she's listening to Brad rather than her own instincts. Carly accuses him of deflecting her question. He's gone out of his way to befriend her and the kids, but not anyone else in town. He's going out of his way to be her sons' new best friend. He finds excuses to come over: returning cell phones, scarves, and playing the new lonely guy in town. Carly tells him that if he's trying to use her kids to get close to her, he can stop right now, she's not interested in him. She's never going to be. Stalking off angrily, Carly cuts through a line of parked cars to cross the street. She hears Mac call out her name just seconds before seeing a car coming straight at her. Trying to jump out of the way, she slips on the icy road, hitting her head as the car races out of sight.
  14. The tension continues to run high between Parker and Carly. After Parker gives her the cold shoulder, JJ tries to lighten her mood by cracking bad jokes. Carly thanks him, and tells him he's a lot like his father. And Jack will be surprised to see how much he's grown in such a short time. A little embarrassed, JJ admits having Mac to talk to has helped a lot. Carly asks what he means by that. Just that Mac's been really good about talking with him and Parker like they're adults, not just stupid kids. Mac even gave them his number and told them they could call him any time, day or night, if they needed to talk. Carly says that's very nice of him, but she hopes her kids always know they can talk to her when they're troubled. When JJ goes off to bed, Carly's suddenly suspicious of how quickly Mac ingratiated himself to her kids. Neil, the private investigator Brad hired to check out Mac Donnelly calls him and reports Mac's past is as clean as a whistle. He went to college on a hockey scholarship and after some years in the semi-pros went into coaching. It sounds too good to be true, Brad grouses. Neil privately agrees that something's not right about Mac's spotless record. Later, Brad tells Emma about his findings. Emma accuses Brad of having feelings for Carly, but he denies anything of the sort. He just feels obligated to look out for her with Jack gone. Emma sighs and confesses that she thinks Mac might be getting a bit too close, too. Bob remarks how Susan seems to be a little on edge lately. Susan agrees and contributes her lack of sleep to her high anxiety. Bob apologetically professes they've been working her a bit hard lately. He gives her the weekend off, telling her to take advantage of her free time. The happiness is short-lived when Michael reveals that he works long hours all weekend. Later, Alison tries to cheer up her mother with some sexy lingerie she can wear to surprise Michael at work. Lily promises Holden that she's doing this for Jade. Holden replies that he knows her intentions are good, but nearly always, Lily's plans don't go like she wants them. Holden offers to go with her and Lily has no choice but to agree. When Jade asks why Luke didn't go with his mom, Luke replies that he's too worried about his relationship with Kevin to travel. In private, Jade arranges for Luke and Kevin to inadvertently meet with each other at the Wagon Wheel. After waiting for Kevin for a while, Luke finally assumes his estranged boyfriend is a no-show and decides to give up on waiting for him. He turns to leave but stops when he hears Kevin's familar voice apologizing for being late.
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