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Days: Jack and Jennifer Fans!


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I can't believe that nobody has replied to this! :(

Well, I love Jack and Jennifer! Always have, always will. They, IMO, are the best couple on DAYS. Matt and Missy are phenomenal as J&J; I just wish the show would realize that and give them some meaty material for once.

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Signing in.

My all time favorite Jack/Jen scenes:

Jack/Jen make love for the first time on the island(1990)

Their first wedding

Jack rescues Jennifer from the church in the fire engine before she has a chance to exchange vows with Emilio

Jack proposes to Jennifer in the Santa suit

The scenes on the bridge(2001)

The reunion on Tony's island(2004)


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Missy and Matt should have been nominated for an emmy in 2001 for the amazing Bridge scenes.especially Missy,who was just great(I loved her scenes with Alice when she was afraid she was loosing her mind just like Laura did). I am really hoping both of them or at least one of them will be on the final emmy list this year,but since they are on DAYS/NBC I dont see this happening.







DAYS should feel lucky they have such an amazing couple/talents on the show and start use them in good stories.of course with JERK it will never happen.

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