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  1. Good, he's a seriously good actor, and seriously hot too.
  2. Justin Hartley is a great recast.......and this is coming from a huge MM fan.
  3. The most obvious SL for me would be Brooke and Eric remarrying, and Brooke becoming the matriarch that Stephanie wanted her to be(her dying wish). Otherwise, perhaps Bell will write a breast cancer SL for KKL, or something to do with Brooke questioning everything she has done in the past. Would Brooke side with Maya or Caroline? That is a good question.
  4. I frigging love Darren Criss/Blaine - he's really the only reason to watch Glee. OK, Jane Lynch is pretty terrific too.
  5. Great cast, although I think it's turning into the "Jim Parsons Show" and the others are now little more than extras. I like Leonard far more than Sheldon.
  6. I haven't watched H&A in a while! Is the show missing Kate Ritchie?
  7. I love this show. Great characters, especially my favorites McGee and Abby, a nice mix of drama, suspense and comedy. Hopefully Gibbs is back soon from his retirement.
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