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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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^^^ Me too. :)

Grain of salt, but Tracy and Laura get into a shouting match over Luke and what Nikolas did to Brooklyn. Laura slips up somehow, so Tracy huddles with Sam and Jake about it.

Hoping for Tuesday/Wednesday (more?) of Tracy this week! :D

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You guys are cracking me up. :)

Don't misunderstand me, I do think sexy times are a possibility between Paul and Tracy, I just said I didn't think it was going to happen, based on the wording of one site with their spoilers. Of course, most sites just copy others, and re word them to make them look original. So who knows? I don't remember where I read the one I'm talking about, it just made it seem like something or someone stops Tracy and Paul before they get "that" far.

Really like them, though, and I am afraid to get invested, because nothing's been said about a contract for RB. I don't want to get hopeful and then have it taken away. Besides, if we can't have Joe Jr back, it's time for Tracy to have someone who is about her. Unless they are casting another man for her that's even better than the chemistry with Jane and Richard, I vote Tracy/Paul. I'm kinda with you, Ms.Q, that if they don't leave Paul in Tracy's orbit, I won't care about him nearly as much.

UGH if the spoilers about Laura helping Liz keep little Jake a secret, I hope Monica beats her down, Tracy can beat down Nik, and Sam can get Liz. They'll all deserve it!

What I want is good emotional scenes for Tracy/Lulu and Tracy/Dillon over them not telling her the truth.

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I read in the GH Thread that RB has a contract, so that's good news. Today's Monica/Jake scene was good, and I hope we'll get to see more Monica/Tracey scenes in the near future....We haven't had the old "It's my house..." "Alan gave it to me " between the two in a while, and I miss that Tracey/Monica bantering/loving one another as sisters(which after all these years, they pretty much are) Now bring back AL as Brooklyn to call Tracey "Granny" a few times. Rebuilding the Q's around Tracey's side of the family is something I thought they should have done a while ago. I love Tracey/Dillon chem. Now that Geary is leaving, My wish for JE is to be heavily featured YEAR ROUND!!!

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I agree, she should be featured year round ! Also, that yeah, Monica and Tracy are pretty much sisters, which is one reason they bicker so much, LOL. I may go back and watch today's show later for the Monica/Jake stuff. I did hear Luke is already at the Q manse, looking for Tracy, so maybe he and Dillon will find Tracy and Paul at the same time? I do think it's just going to look like they did something, when really, they didn't. But we shall see.

Thanks to all who have posted clips, they are much appreciated. I actually broke down and did the free Hulu script and that's how I've been watching, but that's only a month, so we'll see after that.

Glad to hear RB has a contract, I wonder for how long?

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Me too Slick Jones! It's a good time to be a Tracy fan! I'm sure things will slow down a bit when Finola comes back and Genie comes back after her month off. But the rebuilding of Tracy's family and relationships other than Luke and Lulu has begun.

And I'm here for that!!!

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Don't want to spoil, but after reading today's recaps I had to break down and watch on You Tube while at work! :) Can't wait to see what everybody thinks!!!

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^^^I agree.....and I would have liked to see Luke explain everything to Tracy in person not off screen.

I do have one question, do the Q's know that baby Jake was Jason's son? Because that seems like it would change a lot of what happened with ELQ is the baby has a share.

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Cameron is the product of a quickie fling with Zander Smith, Jake is Jason's spawn, Aiden is Lucky's. She miscarried a surrogate child for Jax/Courtney, and I think there was another pregnancy in there somewhere. It's a good thing Elizabeth doesn't have many scenes with Sonny. He just looks in their direction and they are "knocked up"...LOL

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I knew about Cameron, Jake, Aiden, and Jax/Courtney's baby... Forgot about the miscarriage of her baby with Ric...just looked that up.

The previews tomorrow looked soooooo bad. Mostly UGH characters...

Hoping Tracy and Paul continue at one point... He was so protective of her today, reluctant to leave her with Luke.

I know Paul treated her like garbage in the 90s, but I don't even care. They have been awesome since his return.

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