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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest


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It's been awhile since I posted so much! And ILTQ, you are posting a lot too. biggrin.png

As for TG/JE emotional scenes...I better see some falling tears from Jane. Not just the tears in the eyes thing she does (and I believe she stated she does that on purpose because it's more powerful to hold tears back - something like that). Anyway, I still want real crying.

And I hope her hair is still nice because I don't want any distractions. laugh.png Check out my image below, lol. That bottom right pic is from today - looking fabulous! Every piece of hair was perfectly in place. How does that even happen?


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Double post... So hooked and I saw these photos last night on Twitter https://twitter.com/reneauberjonois

I know her hair is not styled, but it still seems shorter to me... Why, Jane, why?!?!

So different to see her without make-up... Kudos to her though for going out without make-up... I don't think most women do that...



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Oh hooked I have no doubt JE and TG will rock their scenes. I'm just more than ready for Tracy to move on........

As halee said, she's fun to watch again.

Ms.Q I doubt you'll get your wish. I've never seen JE in any role just bawl her eyes out. In her goodbye with Ned in 93 I think she was teary and so was he, but even then it was just enough that you could see it on her lashes. And when AJ died the first time and Tracy comforted Alan, I think there was a tiny tear on her lash. When Anna Lee died, there were several times you could tell JE was about to break character and cry for real.

But nope. Never any rolling tears. I don't let that bother me, I think it's far easier to cry than not, and far harder to hold it back, and I think the fact that JE can hold it back is a testament to her skill as a actor.

Liked that Tracy called Brook Lynn sweetheart, but doubt she'd cry over the stock. And LOL at "your GRANDMOTHER".


Yeah, someone needs to politely tell JE that she needs to leave the hair longer.

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Sean, I am loving it too. I never thought we'd have Tracy on so many days in the row. I am going to be so sad when she stops being on so much ('cause we all know this can't last forever). As for the pics, maybe I shouldn't have brought them over. They were from an actor/artist's Twitter account, and since she's so private, she probably wouldn't appreciate that they were posted on-line in the first place. I just brought them over to compare the hair, lol.

ILTQ, Deidre Hall has tried to convince her to keep it longer. If her best friend can't convince her, then who can??? I think it was at that in-between length that drives some people crazy, so they just cut it. I am surprised it got as long as it did. I am going to try to forget about the hair and just enjoy her being onscreen. She's still Jane, and she's still playing Tracy, right? smile.png

Edit: Spoilers for rest of the week:

Today: As we know, Michael and Tracy call an emergency board meeting.

Tomorrow: Lucy explains her ELQ vote; Dillon confronts Nikolas over his attempt to gain his shares; Luke receives a shocking proposition that tests his love for Tracy - it leaves him in an impossible situation, but he will do whatever it takes to protect someone he loves (Lucky?).

Thursday: The Q's (so Tracy? Maybe Monica re-appears? Dillon?) wonder how recent events are taking their toll on Michael.

Friday: No Q spoilers, but Luke and Laura are confronted by an intruder.

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According to Entertainment Weekly's website today was Tony's last day of shooting. There is a 15 second clip of his farewell and I guess he did cry a bit despite his best effort not to. Unfortunately, I cannot paste the link on my work computer because of a firewall, but you can check it out.

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That board meeting was a wee bit pitiful. Does anyone remember the days when the board meetings were full of people and fun? Oh well.

I do love that Tracy and Michael seem to be getting closer, but I guess if they can't even bring LC back for this story, she's officially not even recurring anymore? If they're going to do that, they should just kill her off. And now that I've said that, they probably will. :(

Don't misunderstand me, I think JE should be the mentor/matriarch of the Q's, anyway. But Monica is still needed. As is Ned, Skye, and Brook Lynn.

Lucy sucks. That is all.

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ILTQ said:

>much like Jane, I really don't do the social media thing, so if I wanted to see what others are saying about Jane or Tracy

on Twitter, how would

I search for it?

>Yes, I am that unsophisticated.

Me too. If anyone's willing to summarize what you see out there, I'd appreciate it, I'm mildly curious. :) I don't use

either site (they don't play nicely with my screenreader, and besides, I just don't much see the point of them.) I'm kind

of relieved JE doesn't post to them, because then I'd drive myself crazy trying to figure out how to participate, or

feeling bad that I can't. Fewer sites to keep track of is good!

>It irks me that people use the excuse that Luke is always

leaving town, as proof he doesn't love Tracy, when they know he'd be leaving anyone he was with.

Yeah, that really gets under my skin! Luke will be Luke, no matter who he loves.

I read one other msg board, and there are a couple of truly obnoxious GF/Laura fans (and one who weirdly seems to have it

in, personally, for TG, which mystifies and irritates me). She constantly mentions the Edward's heart medication incident,

from 1981, to illustrate what an evil thing Tracy is--as though she hasn't watched anything of Tracy, since then. Today she

said that Luke turning into Fluke was down to Tracy's influence! If he had been with Laura, the very same incidents would

have happened, because that's the SL they wanted to write. I'm not going to bother engaging in debates. I don't have the

energy for a losing cause.

Seems that newer GH fans are bored by the Luke/Laura scenes. They...we...I have to count myself in that bunch... don't

remember the great adventures of the past, so this reunion of sorts means very little. I have a chuckle, every time I read

such a sentiment.

I haven't watched many of the 90s clips with Paul, but he betrayed Tracy, and imo he is just boring; perhaps I'd feel

differently, if I'd seen the progression of their SL. (and since voice is all I have to judge by, his does nothing, for

me--he's not attractive, imo. LOL Luke and Ashton, and even Joe, on the other hand...)

I hope the next love interest will be someone entirely new. There's no one around, currently, who I want to see Tracy with

(please God, just not Sloane!) There's no one I like, much, except Franco.

Jennifer (impostor Jennifer, even--it's not the same actress, right?) I didn't think it was possible to introduce anyone

nuttier than Heather or Nina! What writer thought this disgusting twist was entertaining? Will Luke even be able to... no I

CAN'T think about that.

Damn that flighty Lucy! Can't wait to hear what Tracy has in store for her, today. :)

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ILTQ and truenorth, to search on Twitter...

1) Go to this link: https://twitter.com/search-home

2) Type in what you want to search.

3) Scroll down.

You will get posts on the teacher, Jane Elliott, in addition to the actress, Jane Elliot, so that is kind of annoying, but I do love reading Jane praise, so I deal with it.

truenorth, yes, Paul is/was boring, but I am on board with anything that gives Jane air time.

It was sad today when Michael took Edward's photo off the wall, and he and Tracy stepped into the elevator. I was like, "Nooooooooo."

Also, sweet Tracy/Michael scene with Tracy blaming herself, and Michael saying she wasn't the CEO that lost the company (something like that), and then Tracy saying she started the downfall by giving away her shares.

Finally, those glares that Tracy has been giving Lucy and Nik have been awesome.

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Thank you, MsQ, for the instructions for the FB and Twitter phobic among us. LOL

And for the little tidbits--Michael taking down Edward's picture. How very sad.

I'm not sure if there's more than one EW article, but the one I saw didn't even mention Jane, when naming cast members who were there for his last day. Unbelievable! (and I couldn't get the video clip to play--I even updated Flash, but no luck. Was she in that?)

Nothing much to comment on, today, except, when will Luke wake up from this bad dream? :) Just say he's just been released from the hospital, and everything from the first week of June can be a crazy hallucination...with the exception of Dillon's presence. *sigh* I just felt so aggravated, after today's ep, that TG's last few weeks of screen time are being squandered with this crap, when Luke could be at home. They didn't even allow Luke and Tracy even a measly week of peace, before this started.

It would have made more sense for Lulu to be the one in peril. Who cares about Lucky; he hasn't been seen in three or four years.

I can't believe Luke didn't insist on proof that Lucky was alive, and actually in trouble! Lucky could just be on vacation! The Fluke SL wasn't even this ridiculous!

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^^^ Sean, I didn't notice upon first viewing, but I did notice it when re-watching yesterday. Totally wanted to mention it here but forgot. Thanks for reminding us. I also like when those things happen. It started off like Tracy was annoyed with Lucy, and then it turned into an almost laugh. laugh.png

truenorth, I only saw one video with TG, and Jane wasn't in it. She is in a photo from his last day on set. She is off to the side, and it's not really good quality, but I will do my best to describe. smile.png Her hair is shorter; it's not covering her ears, and it's not flipped out. It's super flat with bangs. She looks to be wearing glasses. And she is wearing black pants with a long white shirt on (it's kind of dressy and it looks kind of big on her), and the sleeves are rolled up (cuffed). Oddly enough, TG is in basically the same shirt except his is not as long. In the pic, he is talking to Finola and Ian.

Edit: Just saw on Twitter that Michael Fairman has a GH interview coming out soon. It's with Jane Elliot, Tony Geary, Robert Palmer Watkins (new Dillon) and Emme Rylan.

Edited by Ms. Quartermaine
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So Jamey from Daytime Confidential pretty much confirmed it is Paul who is returning....they are casting a teen boy so I bet it is his son with Jenny

My spec is Nik is going to hire Paul as CEO to royal piss off Dillon and Tracy -- as for it being a triangle with Laura, she is only on a limited time contract I think of six months so who knows if it will develop

I"m sure Dillon will hate his father LOL

Remember when JE almost cracked up at the police station when Brooklyn said granny yo are coming home with us to Wyndemere and Nik was like "Wyn da whattttt ?

Jane was about to break

Edit: I think it is an interview with the nu Dillon actor and probably he talks about Emme, Jane and Tony. Not an interview with Jane..

I did see this on twitter...apparently Deidre Hall was at Tony's farewell

Edited by hookedongh
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