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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest


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Yeah, I love the vibe with JE and RB. I don't want them dragging out why Paul is back, though. That Dillon/Paul hug was the best part of yesterday, better than the Tracy stuff, for me. Just......awwwwwww. If Paul is not back for his son, and Paul hurts Dillon, Tracy will kill him. Hee Hee She's got her mojo back ya'll, and I'm loving it.

Leave it to GH to make us wait for more follow up. If they aren't on today, me no watch. I am loving this branch of the Q family unit.

Do you guys think that spoiler-or is it a rumor-about Luke rescuing someone, is about Tracy, or Laura, or nothing at all? I think it's not really a "rescue", but some scheme of Luke's to get Tracy alone, and he hooks Lulu into it. I guess Jane and Tony's last scene will be late next week or on Monday the 27th(isn't that his last airdate?)

I can't believe it's so close.

The ratings, ya'll. They are bad. :(

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I thought I read his last scenes on Monday, the 27th are with with Bobbie or alone? I think next week sometime will be Luke and Tracy's final scenes. Still waiting for falling tears from Jane, but if we didn't get them for Lila's death, I seriously doubt we will get them for Tony's exit. Love her, but I am almost convinced she cannot cry on cue. sad.png

I'm assuming no follow-up. Probably no more Tracy 'til next week? Rip off. Oh, I was watching a Ned/Jenny DVD (for Tracy's scenes of course), and Paul was really pissing me off. This Paul is a lot better for now, though I'm sure he has an agenda.

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Ms.Q, you know I adore ya, and I hope, for your sake, you get your Tracy and her tears. I love that JE doesn't do that, and has said in interviews she feels it's better to hold back. Personally, I think the only reason she might not hold back is if one of her kids or Brook, or even Lulu, died. And really, when you stop and think about some of the saddest moment in TV, not just soap, history, very few of the actors outright bawled. Debbie Morgan has said it, Jane has said it, other actors have said it-it's more effective to hold back.

But again-for your sake-I hope we get some tearyness. I'm going to be positive for you.

Personally, I love her the way she is. Don't know if she "can't" cry on cue, and don't care. She's fab, and she, unlike other actresses and actors whistling.jpg, doesn't have to resort to waterworks to bring emotion to a scene.

THAT is real talent. And I know you aren't saying Jane isn't talented. smile.png I totally get that you want that, and I support you.

What was going on in the Paul scenes that's got you so steamed?

I will say, in 93, during the Ned/Tracy goodbye, if you look closely, they both have tears in their eyes, and I think a little even spills over Jane's eyelash, but only a *very* little bit. Yeah.....her kids? Pretty much the only thing that's going to bring that out. LUKE?

Pfffft. Let him go find Bora.

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ILTQ, you're right; I am not saying she is not talented. I also agree that you don't need tears to make a scene emotional. BUT I just really want to see tears falling down her cheek for once.

Did we get any slightly falling tears when she thought Dillon was going to die during the monkey virus? I wonder what the cut scene between Tracy and Mac would have been like (in which Mac comforts her).

And in the DVDs, Paul was leaving her on Christmas. dry.png But that did result in the fabulous scene with her, Reginald, and the bell. And also, Tracy/Edward when he tells her she will love again (and again and again). laugh.png

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Wow, if I didn't already dread their last scenes, I do now. I already kinda figured I'd be bawling and now I know for sure. I'm gonna miss Tony. I'm gonna miss TG/JE in scenes because really, there aren't any other pairs (romantic or otherwise) that can consistently bring it like they can on this show. I'm gonna miss Tracy/Luke, but I think I'm also mostly mad as well as sad. I think about how Jane has been both blessed and cursed being paired with him. She got some focus, she got some good stuff....and she also got ignored when he was gone, wasted when he WAS here...and the pairing was never given a fair shake and treated seriously. That's why, when I read the inevitable whining from some LnL'ers, I just shake my head. Most of them didn't even watch-they have no idea. They should be grateful Genie wasn't here, and LnL weren't together that whole time, cause SHE would have gotten that treatment as well. They have no idea, and they need to take a seat.

Never mind the fact that they think Luke should just forget about being with Tracy off and on for the last TEN YEARS, and just fall at Laura's feet and kiss her toes. I wish they'd just have enough respect to let us have our ending, without making their childish remarks.

I swore I wasn't going to start ranting about that again. Forgive me.

Anyway-yeah, mostly just really sad about it all. There won't be any more Lacy after next week. And if *I'm* this sad, I cannot imagine what JE and TG were feeling taping those scenes.

BUT-does JE crying mean she cried while taping, cried after, or cried while watching the taped version? Either way MsQ, sounds like you might get your wish. YAY! smile.png

hooked, you haven't weighed in on what you think about Paul or Paul and Tracy. Any thoughts?

That Edward/Tracy scene, isn't it also the one where he tells her "you are a Quartermaine. You smile in public, and you cry in private?"

If so, I liked it too. It's one of the only times Edward was soft with her. As soft as that Edward got, anyway.

ETA-hey, I know it might be hard to arrange, but does anyone want to try and set a time for us to watch the last show together and live post? Even if some of us watch it before then, we could watch the last one together if we can agree on a time. Anyone want to?

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^^^ I don't think it could be during the actual show because of people's work schedules and such, but it could be fun. We could bring back the breakroom. Good times. laugh.png

I'm pretty sure hooked isn't caught up on GH, so she hasn't seen the Tracy/Paul stuff - just heard/read about it. But I too am interested in her thoughts. smile.png

Doesn't seem like too many of us are posting. It's been that way for awhile. sad.png I know I am guilty of disappearing during the school year because I am busy with planning and grading...

ILTQ, yes, that's the same scene with Tracy/Edward.

On the topic of Tracy/Edward, I thought it was silly to use the LuNacy wedding scene as the flashback when John Ingle passed away. I know there wasn't a ton to work with as Jane was off the show most of the time John was on, I just felt that scene didn't capture their relationship as much as say this one did...

Edward: I should be better at this. God knows, I’ve had enough practice. Praying for a miracle and preparing for the worst. Preparing for another loss. Lila, A.J., Justus, Alan, Emily, Michael, and now Monica with this poison. I thought I had myself mentally prepared enough to handle anything that should come. But not this. Not you. You’re too tough. You’re too determined. That this should take you before me is – I’m an old fool. Too seldom did I tell you that I love you. But I do love you, Tracy, and I’m very proud of you. You are the last child that’s left to me, and I can’t stand to lose you.

Tracy: [wakes up] You’re going to make me sick.

Edward: Oh. Oh, that’s my girl.

Maybe it was too long for a flashback, but they could have cut part of it out. They cut out part of the Tracy/Lila flashback from her memorial episode.

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Oh, a lot of the people who posted here in the past don't post anymore. I'm sure some don't watch anymore, others just get too busy......I go through my periods where I just catch clips and may not post, but right now I'm into what's going on, so.....

I will forever think of David Lewis as Edward, John Ingle, bless his soul, was miscast IMO. So my favorite Edward and Tracy moments are from the DL/JE years-but as you said, he's the one she mostly acted opposite. I did like that scene you posted, though. It was during the hospital crisis, right? And Luke was gone. Again. Anyhoo......

Absolutely we'll have to arrange a time to watch, I don't think any of us have similiar schedules and plus some of us are in different time zones and some of us are even in different countries *waves to Remos if she still lurks*. Might even have to be that Saturday after, I know that will be easier for me.

About that DL Edward/Tracy scene. I believe that scene says so much about Tracy, and her relationship with her father, and the Q's in general.


I miss complicated, layered writing. And I can't believe we get two straight days of awful characters and it looks like we'll get ONE of Tracy this week. I guess we got spoiled these last six weeks or so, but I don't think wanting Tracy on consistently twice a week (I'd love her on more than that, myself) is too much to ask. And we BETTER get something about Tracy confronting Dillon and/or Lulu about lying. But we can't even get her and Paul bonding by the pool, so......*sigh*

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ILTQ I think JE was bawling personally and it was both reel and real....bawling probably not on camera but maybe after.....spilling over

all I know is my friend said everyone was crying....

Seems like Tuesday is probably the last luke tracy. There is a tracy/dillon spoiler for next week that after getting advice from Dillon she tells Luke where she stands...

I know the last scenes involve them saying they will always love each other but tracy thinks luke needs to figure out who he really is and get his [!@#$%^&*] together....

As far as Tracy/Paul....I am sure I will like them

I am just glad Jane is getting screen time....and interacting with other people and am more than ready for TG to go. As fabulous as I think Tony has been with JE, its far beyond time.

I'm just happy and feeling positive about JE and Tracy and I think she will continue to be in story throughout the fall.

I know Dillon is around for a long while and has story with lulu/dante/valerie so I"m sure even if Jane isn't deeply entrenched in story after the ELQ arc resolves, she will alway have the supporting role with Dillon etc.

I think TG leaving is the best thing to happen for Tracy in a long time

I'm choosing to be positive and be happy for what she has gotten not lament over what she might not be getting. There are far too many characters on the show now....

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Will respond to the previous posts later, but I am re-watching a clip where Tracy and Anthony get married (much better hair and wardrobe than her wedding to Luke - maybe Maxie should have been put in charge for that wedding), but anyway, why did LuNacy divorce in the first place in 2011? I checked out recaps...something about giving Tracy her freedom? And Luke feeling that no one, including Tracy, needed him?

Now, unless Luke had legal grounds, wouldn't Tracy have to agree to the divorce too? That doesn't seem like something she wanted. And if getting a divorce was as simple as giving someone papers, then Tracy and Luke would have been divorced long ago in 2005. IIRC, Luke would agree to a divorce if Tracy agreed to 15 million in alimony (the money Luke stole from Helena and put into Tracy's account). But Tracy didn't want to give up the money, so they stay married. But apparently, if it were 2011, she could have just handed over some papers.

Back to the Anthony and Tracy wedding...Watching that mad me angry. Jane's expressions, as Tracy looked at Luke waiting for him to interrupt, were really sad. sad.png

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I'm gonna have to come back in later and respond to everyone. Busy, busy at the moment, just coming in to dash this off.

I hope Genie and Tony get some good stuff next week.

GH must have big plans for Richard Burgi, I can't imagine they'd spend the money to get him and not use him. Oh, wait..... Nope. Positivity. They DO have something big planned. What oh what could it be? As long as it includes Tracy and Jane, and Tracy isn't looking like a fool, I'm in.

They are getting ready for a big story for Jane and Tracy. I have no idea what it is, but I get that feeling in my bones. Anyone else feel it? It's something unique, and wonderful, and Jane's going to rock it. I'm excited. They are getting ready to use her like she hasn't been used in a story since coming back to the show. It's gonna be something awesome. Ya'll just wait. We are gonna be so glad we hung in. Jane AND Tracy are getting ready to school some people.

Major stuff coming ya'll, don't give up. :)

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