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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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^^^ I think it's July 27th. smile.png

Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon) Interview with Michael Fairman: Click here.

Here are the parts about Jane...

What happened on your first tape day?

My first day was on a Wednesday, and I just had to say the tag line, “Mother, do not accept that ring." [part edited out] When I walked up to set the first day, Jane and Tony had already had some scenes before mine, and so they were already filming. Then I came in and did my tag line, and Jane made a joke and said, “So, how was your first day?” (Laughs)

What did Jane Elliot have to say when she saw you for the first time, or knew that you were going to be the actor cast to play her on-screen son Dillon?

Apparently, Jane and Emme Rylan were having their girl talk the week before when Frank Valentini (executive producer, GH) and everybody were deciding who was going to be their ‘Dillon’. I guess they found out it was going to be me, and so Emme wanted to facebook me, and she and Jane were talking on the phone, apparently. Jane was saying, “No, don’t do that. I don’t know if he is supposed to know yet!” Then when Frank announced it, Emme facebooked me, but as far as I can tell everyone was ready and excited for a new Dillon. I think it’s been long enough, so it wasn’t as if I was immediately replacing Scott Clifton (ex-Dillon, GH now Liam, B&B ). He was great in the part. I want to bring what he brought to the role plus some of my own style to it. As for Jane, she was so warm right away. Jane is so direct, and so when she gives you a compliment you know she means it, because she doesn’t sugar coat things. So she knocked on my dressing room door and said, “Do you want to go to the commissary?” I thought, “Cool!” Maybe we can bond a little; after all she is my mom on the show! Jane is funny, sarcastic, and is a ball of fire. I love her. We’ve had a couple of heart-to-heart chats, and she told me I was doing a really good job. She has given me pointers just about memorizing, and to have fun with it, and so has Tony.

When you were growing up, I am sure you did not think you aspired to be on a soap...

As I mentioned before, I never watched soaps growing up, and I am kind of glad, because if I grew up watching Tony Geary and Jane Elliot I think that on my first day I think I would have been beside myself, to put it bluntly! (Laughs) So not knowing how huge they were helps me a little bit. But then, when I started talking to my family they were going, “Dude, do you have any idea who these two are?”

It bugs me that Michael Fairman didn't ask what specific advice Jane had for Robert... There are like 2 paragraphs on Tony's wisdom... Jane has wisdom too! Come on!!!

Edit: Tracy is on tomorrow! Denise (Ava) and Tracy at the Q's. Denise (Ava) wants to know where Avery is.

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Oh, good! Tracy and Ava should be fun. (I'm ready for Ava/Denise to lose that accent, though!)

I wish Michael hadn't handed Avery back to Sonny. Why not just let him visit? If the point was to keep Avery safe, she still needs that.

And she'll miss her auntie Tracy. :)

How many relocations/kidnappings has the poor baby lived through, now, in the six months of her life? Good thing it's not real!

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"I cannot imagine what you want, but Vegas is THAT way."

Ha! She has the best lines.

"If I were you I'd run like hell for the hills, because after the last few days I've had, I am itching for a fight."

She misses Avery. And misses Dillon too. Aww, my poor Tracy.

Mentioned Franco, too. Sometimes, it takes very little to make me happy. LOL

And in Laura's very own, very clear words: "My marriage to Luke was over a long, long time ago. ... I really want to put that chapter of my life to rest."

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Haven't gotten to watch yesterday yet, hopefully will soon.

MsQ, since you are so good at finding clips, IF you have time: can you find the one where Tracy is in Jenny's hospital room apologizing to her after the hit and run?

Jane did such fabulous work, of course she always does, but I really loved her stuff during her last months in 93. I'll never forget her hiding in the garage with the car afterwards, almost curled in a ball, especially when Marco came in and found her. *chills*

I am so looking forward to the first Tracy and Paul scenes! Dying to know if JE and RB have any chemistry. Also really interested in the possibility he's back to work for Nikolas at ELQ, because honestly, why else would he come back, unless he knows Dillon is in town? But even that, I kinda figure he'll have an agenda.

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Here are a couple clips with Tracy and Jenny in the hospital you can download. I love that whole time too. Too bad Gerald Anthony is dead. I always loved Tracy and Marco scheming together and against each other.

6-7&8-1993 https://www.sendspace.com/file/jk7rqr

6-9-1993 https://www.sendspace.com/file/rx8lje

And I forget who was asking about Jane on Twitter but if you hashtag #GH after or before Jane's name you don't get all of the other sociologist Jane Elliot tweets and you usually don't miss much.

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Thanks halee for the clips and for that Twitter searching tip. smile.png

Jane Elliot was #3 in the episode counts last month (behind Michael and Dillon and tied with Sabrina, Luke, Lulu, and Dante). The last time she was in 17 episodes was May 2013. I thought it would have been longer than that, but then I remembered she did get a lot to do in the relish story.

I don't like that the ratings were so low last month. That's not supposed to happen with Jane so high up! Not that the problem is Jane or any story related to Tracy, but still...

Looking forward to seeing where Tracy and Paul's relationship goes...

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So it's me again, dropping in after months of not posting on here. I'm always on the board reading what you all are posting but never giving my opinion. A silent watcher. I've obviously missed alot by not posting, like Tony's leave which has got me super upset. Well wishes for him, it was just the worst blow after the fact that Jessica is leaving AHS and Finola is gone as well. I came in to this show on a Luke & Tracy relationship and hopefully it will end on that note. I wrote Tony a letter and mentioned Jane alot and Luke & Tracy as well. Tracy has been getting some good screen time which I greatly appreciate. Dillon back is AMAZING, I just miss SC. Glad that Nathan Parsons and JJ are back for Tony. I miss Ethan :(

Aside from GH, I hope all of you are well and good :)

And another thing, I know I already mentioned it once, but my L&T fanfic is solid & found it's true place in my writing repertoire. I've gotten some pretty decent feedback on it. If anyone is interested I'll just leave it here https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11197093/1/A-Labor-of-Lunacy

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Halee, thanks for giving us some Tracy, on a day when GH didn't. Those are some great clips (new to me). Very powerful scenes, with Edward, and then Lila--I liked how she held E. responsible, in part, too.

Will you post them on Youtube? They should be there.

Hi, PartyPerson. I hope you speak up more often; I really enjoy reading everyone's thoughts. And good luck with your writing.

I really need to get working on mine, again, but the news of Luke's impending departure seems to have zapped my motivation. It's all just too sad for words. I'm sure dreaming up some fic might help, actually, if I let myself think about it.

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Thanks halee for the clips and for that Twitter searching tip. https://boards.soapoperanetwork.com//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png

Jane Elliot was #3 in the episode counts last month (behind Michael and Dillon and tied with Sabrina, Luke, Lulu, and Dante). The last time she was in 17 episodes was May 2013. I thought it would have been longer than that, but then I remembered she did get a lot to do in the relish story.

I don't like that the ratings were so low last month. That's not supposed to happen with Jane so high up! Not that the problem is Jane or any story related to Tracy, but still...

Looking forward to seeing where Tracy and Paul's relationship goes...

The bolded is what I am most excited about. I am sad, that there will be no more Luke and Tracy. I will miss TG. I will miss Luke. I hate that the show's best actress and best actor were in a pairing and the opportunity to make them great was mostly squandered.

But now, I'm ready for change. I'm happy for Jane that they seem committed to giving her material. It does seem though, that Sam and Jake are going to have a bigger part in getting ELQ back than Tracy will. And that's just crap. Seriously, show? Please don't do that. If Tracy doesn't have a major part in reclaiming the company, it's going to feel like such a fail.

Anyway, I know Jane and Tony are going to play the rest of their material for all it's worth. I know I'm gonna cry through most of it. But I'm ready for what comes next for Tracy. I'm a TracyFF. Unapologetically. I feel out of all Tracy's "stories", one of the most wasted and unfinished was Tracy and Paul. Now, I don't even know if RB will act like Paul of old-but what I most care about, is will RB and JE have chemistry? Because I know he's a good actor, so really...what counts is how they connect. I want good material for JE out of this. I don't want a triangle with Tracy Paul and anyone else, unless it's another man fighting for Tracy. Interestingly enough, Paul will be around for Luke's last few weeks. I wonder if they'll meet. THAT will be a must see moment.

Anyway-I don't want Tracy fighting another woman for another man. She's had enough of that in her lifetime. Time for the tide to turn. Plus, I just really hate triangles. Like, haaaate them. I'd much rather see a couple with internal issues like trust and personality conflicts and other things.

So, in short-I want Tracy involved in ELQ heavily, I want a chem test with Paul and (yeah right like they would) maybe even some other man. I want good Tracy scenes with:Luke, Dillon, Sam, Sabrina, Lulu, Paul, Michael....everyone.

I want *heart*, and I want TPTB to realize what idiots they are for not making TQ a leading lady a long time ago.

I want Jane on twice a week, with something to do.(Okay, I'd like her on four times a week every week, but HA !)

I find it curious that there is no word on RB's and JE's first scenes yet, maybe because I don't think it's "official" that he'll be playing Paul?

Do we even have confirmation he's supposed to be a "love" interest?

I guess we'll find out if they click, next week. My thoughts are that Tracy doesn't leave town to regroup, she leaves to go find Dillon and Lulu when Dante tells her he thinks Dillon and Lulu are having an affair. No ELQ jet anymore, so Tracy Q has to fly commercial. The horror. LOL

And she never makes it on the plane because she sees Paul.

Me.Excited. I haven't been this happy about a TQ spoiler since the early days of Lacy-and that was TEN YEARS AGO, people.


Happy Fourth to everyone, if I don't check back in !

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Below is a LuNacy gif set I made...The date of the episode is July 4, 2005, so 10 years ago!!!




Tracy: I know that you think that Director of the General Hospital Charitable Endowment is a frivolous title - something to give a rich, pointless woman something to do. But it goes much deeper than that for me because it is one of my last links to my mother. And she’s someone that I have loved more than anyone or anything on this earth and, Luke, I won’t give it up.

If I am remember correctly, Carly's father, Durant, was going to sue the hospital, but Lorenzo Alcazar had the money to keep things quiet and to keep the hospital open. Lorenzo would hand over the money if Tracy gave her position to Carly.

I loved the follow-up to the above scene:

Luke: Tracy, before you go in there, we need a word. Look, the ugly reality is whether Durant settles or sues, we still have to have Alcazar's money in order to keep the hospital open. Now, don't worry. Carly's got the attention span of a gnat. I guarantee you her tenure as head of the endowment is going to last about two months.

Tracy: Gee, am I to construe that as you consoling me?

Luke: I didn't really understand your attachment to the job before, and I do now. I loved Lila. She was an amazing woman. And so are you, in your own way. You got to go in there with your head held high. Don't let them see you sweat. And remember, this is only temporary. I guarantee you that we will get your job back.

Tracy: Will you go in there with me?

Luke: I would be honored.

Luke then walked over to her and put his hand on her back. I think this was one of their first "real" scenes as a couple. wub.png

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Thanks for the clips halee and MsQ ! I love clips like the charitable endowment ones because they prove Luke and Tracy were more than a joke. I call scenes like that definitely proof of their caring for one another. Not that we need proof of it, because we've actually watched the show during most of their scenes. :)

I'm just excited Jane is getting fresh material and Tracy is going in a new direction. I'm *really* curious to see if RB and JE have chemistry. I just hope they don't do any triangle with Paul and Laura and Tracy.

Why would anyone choose Laura over Tracy? About the only thing Laura has going for her, is the fact that she's younger. She isn't smarter, wittier, funnier, more sophisticated, or anything else more than Tracy.

A man would have to be an idiot not to realize what an amazing woman Tracy is.

I'm okay if Paul and Laura date-as long as he isn't dating Tracy at the same time, and as long as Tracy isn't dumped for Laura.

I just feel, it's beyond time for Tracy to truly come first, to be someone's first choice, etc.

Just me, or does anyone else think Tracy "bumping" or "running" into Paul is going to be literal? Guess we'll see tomorrow.

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    • First...*waves @Mr. Vixen* and congrats on the next book.   I think...it's Brenda so what could go wrong? Please register in order to view this content   But seriously, it is a great concept. And ohhh how my mind sees so many angles and what you wrote. I would love to see a series like this.   As for me...I might have to chew on what I would do as a spinoff for a spell...:) 
    • Would these rather creepy drawings entice you to devote 1 hr each morning to 2 new soaps?
    • RHOD   Now that was much, much better.   So clearly for me, it had to be who was spotlighted. For the last few episodes, the focus has been on Brandi, Kary, and Stephanie with LeeAndra, Tiffany, and Kameron getting moments here and there, but most in the background. This episode was the end of the Oaklahoma trip and heading back to Dallas. Once there, the show shifted to individual scenes so it was only natural that it shifted since the stronger people with individual scenes (and are still somewhat likeable) are LeeAndra, Tiffany, and Kameron. And I liked all of them. And ooooo at the next leg of the LeeAndra family drama. I keep saying...she's so what soap opera heroines are made of. And as usual...the next nugget she gave in the saga of her vs her brother produced new questions. Hopefully, the answers will start to be revealed as LeeAndra goes to meet with her mother-in-law next week.    Meanwhile, the trip started boring AF. But it ended in a good place I felt. The highlight for me was Tiffany, Kameron, and Brandi (yes, I said Brandi) performing the Bend and Snap from LEGALLY BLONDE as their warmup routine for the series of games Stephanie had set up for everybody. And not shocked that Kary does not know how to give a sincere apology so her trying to apologize to Charles the guy from last week fell flat for me.    And surely I am not the only person who saw that Brandi was clearly preggers on the trip.    Things to make you go hmmmm...   LEEANDRA. Well, well, well. Where do I start? Just like Ashley Abbott finding out that John Abbott was not her dad shattered her, there appears to be more to the story of the events surrounding LeeAndra's Dad's death. And as she was talking to Jeremy, for the first time I wondered if she had considered therapy or hmmm hypnotism? It sounded like either she was editing herself for television or that she might have blocked some of that day out. I thought she had been the one to find the body if I remember correctly...or am I wrong? She definitely saw it. And the reveal of her finding out that her mother-in-law put the one will on the bed day of death...and then Mama Dee's actions with the other will....and I'm wondering how BOTH of the moms factored into the breakdown in the relationship between LeeAndra and her brother. I get LeeAndra's reasoning for not telling him of the death immediately, but it sounded like the mother in law went all out to keep them separated. And then...Mama Dee made a deal with the Dad insuring that LeeAndra would get the inheritance in the first place. But then Mother in Law pushed for a court fight. I mean...WOW!!! This was just the stuff of good soaps. I'll say this much...LeeAndra's relationship with her family has always been her throughline throughout her time on the show and it continued to bear so much fruit for her. And that fruit continues to be juicy. And yes, I love the followup from the letter a few episodes back.    KAMERON. God, Court is hot. lol. That said...I enjoyed her misadventures with moving this week. The packing. The ribbing from Court. The psychic from an earlier episode. Court accepting it all even with an eyeroll. Who didn't like Kameron's dog? It has been natural that she is still mourning Louie and worrying about him as she moves into her dream house. Meanwhile, Kameron was fun on the trip...except for when she got angry over the bed prank that went wrong. Yeaaah...mess with my sleep, I'm a bitca, too. Please register in order to view this content   TIFFANY. Wow at her and Kameron getting along. If only it would last. Meanwhile awwww at her and her mother coming to some understanding. That was a talk that needed to happen.  Tiffany always brings the real and I will be sadden if she does decide to leave at the end of this season. And I hollered at her and the twins' science project. That was my project in elementary school so it was a cute little walk down memory lane.   BRANDI. *side-eye*   STEPHANIE. Who?   KARY. Lint.   So next week we are going to be on the mansion from DALLAS? Good. That means also we are at the end of the season.              
    • They said the show is so bad they no longer have the energy to keep up with it. 
    • Yes, the 'I'm blind and will be a burden so I'll be noble and lie' was something out of a 1930's radio soap and didn't work in 1976. Bill should have been more inventive in finding away to create a wedge b/w Brad and Leslie.
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