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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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So, I have been watching the show on YT, but apparently those who were posting the show are not allowed to do so anymore? IDK. So, can someone post Tracy clips, or do you know if anyone on YT posts Q clips? Would love to watch if someone can help. Sorry for sounding desperate, LOL. Was depending on YT and apparently ABC is deleting it when they do it or something?

Anyway, for those who HAVE watched: how is RB as Paul?

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Okay, I finally found someone who posted it to YT.

Gotta post quickly. I might have to rewatch the scenes to get a better idea, but for me, he's exactly what I didn't want him to be-smarmy. I'm glad they are not making him as dull as last time, but it does seem he is going to use getting to know Dillon as an excuse for something. I wished I had more faith they'd write a layered character, but if he's just going to have this slick façade-IDK yet how I feel about it. One brief day isn't enough for me yet to determine if there's even any chemistry with JE, but they seemed to play off one another well.

So do we know if RB has a long term contract? What did anyone else think? I know we're all busy with different things, but it's been quiet in here....

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I haven't found it on Youtube, either; I depend on it every day, as well. Grr!

I'm away from home for the next two weeks, which is going to make watching and commenting tough! Why does Luke have to be leaving, now? How inconsiderate of him. LOL

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Hey. I am out of town. Very poor internet connection.

Did watch GH live today. There is no reason at this point for Paul to want a relationship with Dillon without ulterior motive. Or else he would have showed up sooner.

Interesting that he heard Dillon was back in Port Charles. He must have connections to someone in PC who would know about Dillon.

I am enjoying Paul and Tracy's interaction so far. Not sure what to think of new Paul yet.

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Truenorth, I have just the Tracy scenes from today that you can watch, but not the whole show. I always clip just the Tracy for myself.


Paul has always been an awful character but at least they have a better actor playing him now capable of sparring with Jane and doing comedy. Should be fun having him in the mix!

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Halee, you're a star! Thank you! That's all I need to see--the rest I can read about in a recap. (I like to save Tracy's scenes, too.)

I don't know what to make of Paul, yet. He talks as if it's not possible to visit Dillon, anywhere but in PC! :)

I wondered why Tracy didn't just walk away, and not engage with him, at all. If this weren't a show that requires interaction, I'm sure that's how she would have dealt with this.

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You're welcome!^^

I enjoyed Tracy and Paul reminiscing and sharing a chuckle about Tracy running over Jenny today. As someone who HATED Jenny, I thoroughly enjoyed this and thought it was a funny scene!

That is all!

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Well, thus far I am loving Paul and Tracy! I was unsure what to think, and I'm scared TPTB's gonna mess it up. Do we have any idea how long Richard will be around? Any chance he could stay as long as JE stays ? LOL I miss "fun" Tracy. And this version of Paul brings it out in her.

And um. RB is hot for his age. The two of them together are sexy. :)

Tracy was definitely looking at him like a juicy piece of steak yesterday. You guys, I cannot get upset about the scene with the two of them LAUGHING about her running over Jenny. It was so unexpected. I was dreading that moment because I knew they'd have to discuss it. Then Paul tells Tracy Jenny left him and Tracy basically says she should have backed up and hit her again. ROTFLPIMP!!!

I cannot tell you how that line alone has me grinning like a loon. The only bad part of this-other than the fact that yeah, I think Paul is up to something-is that having them on three days a week or more is spoiling me. No Tracy/Paul today.


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I think she should be on at least twice. Something tells me Dillion is going to "walk in on them" in the boathouse. And that will be one day. And then there are spoilers that says "Luke is shocked and upset to find Tracy with someone else." So that should be another day.

It's a Tracy Summer!!!

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I am wondering if Dillon even runs into Tracy and Paul before Luke does. In my opinion, if Dillon does see them, he will tell Tracy the truth about Luke and Laura, and Tracy will shove Paul aside. Then, there wouldn't be that scene where Luke is upset to find the 2 together.

As for Tracy and Paul having sex...If Tracy and a stranger (Joe Jr.) could end up in bed together immediately, I am sure Tracy and an ex-husband could. I would be surprised though because I don't see GH giving a woman in her late 60s much action, but they did it with Joe Jr., so who knows? (even though she wasn't in her "late" 60s then)

And was it just me or did they both seem tipsy in Thursday's episode? Alcohol could definitely lead to sex or at the very least kissing...

Teresa Gonzalez on YouTube has various Tracy clips from 2013 (possibly sooner, would have to see) through 2015.




[shallow] Tracy's necklace is so distracting - haha. At least her hair isn't horrible. Did like it better longer, though. [/shallow]

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I just feel like that's what they are setting up. Dillion is going all over telling everyone EXCEPT Tracy the truth about Luke. Tracy is getting drunk with her sexy ex out by the pool. Dillion had his swim suit on when talking to Monica. If I was writing this show Dillion would go out to the pool, walk in on them and get a mortified eyeful. It would be a funny way for Dillion to meet his Dad and if Luke ends up walking in too, that's just gravy!
I'd be ok with her hooking up or messing around with Paul in this moment too because she doesn't care about him. It's just grief sex over Luke. So then when she finds out Paul is up to no good she won't be hurt by him, just pissed. It will light a fire in her. And it will be awesome.
If I was writing the show...

But I'm not, so the show will probably pick up 3 days later with Tracy at Lulu's place or something. ;)

Now wish me luck, my Uber driver's English is only slightly better than my Farsi and his GPS just crapped out. Not sure how I'm going to explain the way. I hope I make it home!

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^^^ I would love for both Dillon and Luke to catch them together. laugh.png

There is a spoiler from Wubs that says Tracy makes Luke think she and Paul are an item, but I am guessing that is just speculation based on the actual spoiler that Luke is shocked to find them together.

Whatever happens, I am glad they finally brought Paul back. I know original Paul was boring, but this new one is entertaining in my opinion. And I hope he continues to stay in Tracy's orbit. If not, I will probably lose interest.

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