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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest


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Well I don't think my friend was wrong saying JE was bawling and everyone on set was crying at these scenes today!

And what do you know -- another day of Tracy tomorrow unspoiled! I think JE is going to be shining more to come and heard she was amazing today (not that we expected any less)

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Just watched on You Tube, couldn't wait to get home! I have mixed feelings, not about today's show, but I guess I have to accept that Lacy are over! And today is the last time they will ever be together.

Jane did kill it, and Tony did good too!

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No falling tears from Jane, but she was still phenomenal. biggrin.png

I am sad though... some job stuff just made things difficult, so I am extra emotional.

For me, it's not even about the end of Luke and Tracy; it's about Jane and Tony not sharing any more scenes. They really are great together, and I'm going to miss that.

Edit: Hi funny!!!!

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Impressive list, MSQ. You covered nearly everything! Some of those I haven't seen or even read about. florida? Kidnapping?

Does anyone have clips they would be willing to share? (Jen's DVDs start with Nov. 2005, and I REALLY want to see what transpired before that, starting with Vegas.)

2009 - I'd add that scene in June when Luke tells Tracy he's not leaving her for anybody. I think it would have been better if they didn't have an audience for that conversation (Holly was there, I think), but I like it for the emotion behind the words expressed, by both of them.

And I count 2014 as relevant, even though it was mostly Fluke, since it was always Luke.

Well, I knew today would be wrenching, there was only one way this could go, and it wasn't Luke and Tracy together. Even knowing what was likely, I still cried. A lot. More comments later; I'm really trying to put it out of my mind, for now, but I had to come see what the rest of you thought, first.

re pancakes - oh, so now we're going to bash Luke, whenever possible? Luke never made breakfast, yeah, he must have been a terrible husband.

I just have to say that I hate the phrase "one thing led to another." whenever and wherever I hear it! Find some other way to say it, writers. And I'd be more interested in seeing where this SL with Paul goes, if he and Tracy hadn't slept together the first minute Paul's in town, and before Luke's departure.

Seems like there's too much revenge and grief sex, on this show. :) I don't really get how the two go together--especially when the people involved are virtually strangers!

If it had been with Luke, I'd have been okay with it. Grief/break up lovemaking would be understandable, and that would have made me cry, too, but I wouldn't mind. And we didn't get so much as a kiss!

OT - MsQ, yes! I AM very ready to go home, to introduce the puppy to her new home and her new pack/family (I have a partner, and also another dog), and get back to normal routines. Three weeks is too long to be away. Just five more days!

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Just finished today's episode, and I don't think anyone will be disappointed...Jane rocked it...

Yes, she did indeed do a great job. Yes, there was alot of psycho-babble in her scenes today, stuff that usually goes over my head, but not this time. I understood what JE as Tracy was saying. That says something!

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