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  1. The LA Times talking about TG's exit. Another JE interview. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/tv/showtracker/la-et-st-general-hospital-stars-recall-their-good-times-working-with-anthony-geary-20150727-story.html
  2. Ms. Q maybe they didn't have but so much time w/TG to wrap up his story lines w/everyone. He had to say goodbye to all the major players. So they had to write him agreeing that she was correct just to break them up. sigh.
  3. @Ms. Q I will drop in from time to time like I do now. Found another article that talked to TG about his exit and JE. https://gma.yahoo.com/anthony-geary-reflects-37-years-playing-dark-dangerous-204253460--abc-news-tv.html
  4. The last few lines were totally JE and TG more than their characters. Will miss LuNacy. If JE decides to leave GH like TG I hope he comes back for her.
  5. All I know is Tracy better find out that Luke is lying. It was brutual to watch and I hated that LUke took all the hatred when in fact Laura stood in the background smirking.
  6. I'm enjoying the LuNacy Love that Luke has been showing. It will be heartbreaking for Tracy if LUke does indeed die. She will flip since he is her soulmate and vice versa for him.
  7. But FLuke was talking a few weeks ago about what Tracy was like in bed. I can't remember the exact wording but it made it seem like they had slept together. So why doesn't he wanna do it now?
  8. ILTQ they must be having sex because FauxLuke mentioned her being flexible unless he's knows the way Lunacy talk to each other.
  9. They also didn't tell FauxLuke about Lulu. It would have been obvious the way he would have reacted, I'm sure.
  10. I saw that too Hooked. And Yeah we've heard about her hair, Elvis and the the Emmys. He's run out of ideas. I know shes tired of answering the same type of questions.
  11. I enjoyed Luke and Tracy, even though Luke is/has being/been wierd. I loved how you was eating grapes while Luke was pouring his heart out to her. I still lol @ Tracy asking Luke was he still "high" a few episodes ago.
  12. Why are people trying to argue over a soap. We don't control them the writers do and whatever they write that's it. I ain't go time for fighting over fiction. I like who I like and nobody will change that.
  13. So since LuNacy kissed are they trying to get back together? I've haven't watched/dvr'd the show since...well a long time. I have caught a little bit of it at times after work. But LuNacy are never on at that time. ILTQ-- I replied.
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