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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest


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Thanks for the response, funny. smile.png

Here are some categories for the "Best of LuNacy" (is that what we're calling it?) if anyone wants to start figuring out what should go where. smile.png

Best Overall Episode - Drama

Best Overall Episode - Comedy

Best Overall Episode - Romance

Best Kiss

2nd Best Kiss (because we can't just choose one)

Best Hug

2nd Best Hug

Best Speech Tracy gave to Luke

Best Speech Luke gave to Tracy

Best Sexual Innuendo

Best Face Touching (either Tracy touching Luke's face or Luke touching Tracy's face)

Best Hair Touching

Funniest exchange (back and forth between the two)

Funniest quote (Tracy to Luke)

Funniest quote (Luke to Tracy)

Best Tracy being there for Luke moment

Best Luke being there for Tracy moment

Nicest thing Tracy did for Luke

Nicest thing Luke did for Tracy

Best Overall Luke and Tracy story

"Did that seriously just happen?" moment

"Should have seen that onscreen" moment

Feel free to add on...

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Thanks for th clips Stace! Didn't you make a vid to "I love you" or "far away". Or is that just my wishful thinking? :/. Yay!!! You made the categories! I wanted to post a pic for inspiring other to nominate and vote for the last lunacy awards but I can't remember how to post a pic in my message :/

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The I Love You one is still on YouTube: Link

I am still in the process of transferring backed up videos to Vimeo. I actually had forgotten how many I made. I do remember them being a lot better though. My skills were so bad!!! Or maybe it just seems that way because the quality of clips is so poor?!

I just uploaded Far Away to Vimeo, but it says it's going to take 40 minutes for it to be available to the public. Lame. Link

To upload a pic to the thread, you will first have to upload it to tinypic.com, a Photobucket account, or something similar. Copy the link it gives you. Then, click the icon that looks like a pic of a tree (it's right below and slightly to the left of the smiley face), and paste the link. Then, you should be good to go. smile.png

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Thanks so much for the Far Away link Ms Q :). I love you I know is on youtube. I meant to ask if you've ever done one to Home by Daughtry. Mid thought you had.

A lil inspiration to generate some noms for the final LuNacy Awards (hope this worked) ...


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Oooh, pretty! I didn't do one to "Home," but I'm pretty sure it was suggested I do so. ;)

Okay, it's been years since anyone chatted in here, but I'm putting up a breakroom link. I won't be up too late because I have to be up early for meetings Monday through Thursday this week (no kids yet, but they are coming - week of August 10th!!!), but I will stick around for a bit.


I don't think Chrome will work, so I would try Internet Explorer or Firefox, and make sure Java is updated (http://java.com/en/download/). And if you come in and I don't seem to be around, PM me here. My name might still be visible in the chatroom, but I could technically be kicked out. Remember how that would happen? LOL.

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I'd be down for Thursday anytime between 6 and 8 pm central time. Thursday is really the only weekday I don't generally have set things to do after work right now. Either that, or maybe a Saturday afternoon. I have so many medical bills and other debts I am trying to pay off, I don't have home internet. It was hard, but I've had to cut out a lot of non essentials these days. No cable either, which is why I'm doing the HuLu thing to watch GH. I'd have to sign on at the library probably. If I didn't show up, it'd be an issue with their computer, otherwise if we set a time I can make it, I'll try to join ya'll.

All I can say is, from recaps, today sounds like a joke as TG's sendoff. I will likely watch later this week, but even though I love Dillon and want to see TG's last day, without Tracy, I'm not all that interested in GH. I am so bored, ya'll. LOL

I can only hope the new writers do her justice and use her.

Quickly, LOL. Before I start a campaign to get JE on B&B with Scott Clifton.

No JE back on Days, no matter how much I liked Anjelica and miss JE/WK together.

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I can't do Thursday. I am actually going out for once, lol, but you guys can still chat. I can still post a link from time to time to see if anyone's around.

TL, what browser do you use? I think a chatroom should work on your iPad. But Chrome seems to have compatibility issues, and you will need to update Java, but that is on a PC too.

As for vidding, I have very few clips of Lunacy from recent years. It would just be repeating the clips from other videos, lol.

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Thanks funny for the link. smile.png

I was tired from waking up early, so I ended up taking an evening nap. Now it's after 1am, and I can't sleep!!!

I don't like that there haven't been any Tracy spoilers. I thought there was supposed to be stuff for her and Paul coming up, or I guess I was just assuming, but seems like that's not happening in the near future. And that conversation about Tracy finding herself and doing something non-Luke and non-ELQ related makes it sound like Jane won't be on GH for awhile. Noooooo! :(

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Oh crap Ms Q, I'm getting teary again looking at them......UGH stupid show

Anyway, I wish we'd at least get thrown a bone and know that she has good stuff coming up soon. And I know we all agreed on trying to be positive, but let's be honest: I think Paul is probably going to be her last chance at any kind of a romance, but I don't mind them just being friends for now, and even him dating Laura or someone else for a while. I surely hope he's not involved in the mob. UGH I'd much rather, like Ms Q said, he be involved with Nikolas at ELQ.

I just can't see this show bothering to cast someone else as a love interest for her, and if the new writers don't like Tracy/Paul....eh. IDK what we can expect from them. I will say, if they put JE on recurring and SHE doesn't choose it, I think the show will officially begin it's final storyline arcs towards cancellation. I don't dare think JE keeps this show afloat or anything like that. It's just that she's been a regular fixture at GH for so long, and even people who don't like Tracy generally like JE, and I can't see the audience in general taking too well to her being given the shaft.

On a positive note, surely TPTB are smart enough to realize they need a few vets on contract, and JE consistently brings it, no matter what the material. I think FV loves her, and no matter what I think of him at the moment re: RC and the whole mess, I do think the man has some taste in loving Jane.

Guess we'll see, ya'll.

Just out of curiosity, if you were the writers, what would you do now, post Luke, for our girl? I'll have to think of my own choice, I have several ideas and not sure which I like best.

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I should be around. Sometimes I go to my parents on the weekends for food, lol, but 3 is after lunch time, so it should be fine.

As for Tracy, post-Luke... I do want Tracy and Paul. But not Paul of the past. I don't want him to be pining after someone else while he's forced to be with her. If they are a couple, it has to be because he has feelings for her. I want him to to treat her well, like a lady should be treated, someone like Joe Jr., except without his history. Tracy can maybe express doubts about being in a serious relationship with Paul, but he assures he's not the same man anymore, and then we actually get to proof of that. Now I am inclined to say bring on some soapy drama once they are established as a real couple - maybe he starts to fall for someone else - but Tracy's at that point in her life where she deserves a happy relationship ending, and in my little world, this new relationship with Paul is it. Until Luke comes back. wink.png Then, she has a decision to make.

So, that is one option. Another option is that Tracy gets sick... Someone here in the new writer thread suggested Tracy gets breast cancer, and that could result in Tracy/Monica bonding. I know breast cancer has been done so many times before, so maybe another illness. But nothing that kills her or puts in her a coma or anything like that. But Tracy being sick would give Jane awesome material, and it's not something we've seen a lot of. I mean, really, she's been sick twice in her entire time on the show? Funny how it was 2 years in a row - 2009 toxic balls and 2010 on Cassadine Island. Am I missing a time?

And another option would be to continue to focus on ELQ and get it back from Nikolas. Tangle with Helena. More of the Quartermaines coming together. Michael/Tracy had some good scenes. Let's see more of that. Tracy/Sabrina. Bring Ned back, Brook Lynn... Maybe Maya and Ethan? Get Monica involved. So silly how Tracy may forget about ELQ to "find herself." As if she would take time to do that while ELQ is in the hands of an outsider. We know Alexis is already on the case, so we could get Tracy/Alexis scenes. Maybe Paul plays a role. Laura is on Nik's side, so you get Tracy/Laura. You get Tracy wiping the floor clean with Elizabeth. Lulu doesn't know which side to be on but she has bigger things on her mind because she finds out the truth about Dante and Valerie, and then Tracy/Valerie can get confrontational scenes. Tracy/Dante. Tracy/Lulu. Laura/Lulu.

What else? They can finally do that rumored long long daughter story line...Hayden's been rumored. Ellie was rumored at one point. Skye was rumored, but she and Ned were an item, so there is that ick factor. A new character perhaps? Pretty sure Sam was rumored at one point too before it came out she was Alexis' daughter, but again, the ick factor with Jason...

Just some thoughts. :)

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