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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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I remember that scene, does anybody has the airdate? I wanna see it again.

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LOL! What I love best about that is Tony's face, actually. Like if Jane would've lost it, he would have, too. I love Adrianne's totally deadpan look. smile.png

Oh, about the whole "bringing up the heart pills thing". Lots of people do that. And it just annoys, because we don't constantly bring up everyone else's old sins, even Luke's rape of Laura hadn't been mentioned on screen in years(and even rarely by the fans) until Jennifer just mentioned it.

And yet people constantly throw that around about Tracy. My thinking is, those people must not have any other legitimate, coherent argument, and I just ignore them. Because if that's all you got, move along.

So, I wonder if Paul will be eeevilll. He'd either have to be, or be really ignorant, to come work for Nikolas at ELQ. And it's not even that I can blame him if he wants revenge on Tracy and/or the Qs, but still. If he's out for revenge, his not so nice side (which was always there, IMO) is going to come out and play.

So maybe he'll be more interesting this time?

Guess we'll see. I'm sad though, that it won't be PS. I'd love to see him and JE mix it up again.

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I totally remember Wyn da whaaaaaat?!?! biggrin.png

But for me, the absolute best was when Tracy and Luke came back from Vegas married in 2005 and they had to tell the Q's. I remember Wally biting the inside of his cheek so hard I thought it would bleed. And Jane was bent over with her had covering her mouth trying not to loose it, even Leslie was trying her hardest not to laugh.

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Hee I loved that, too. :)

Say what you will about Guza, the man truly got a kick out of Lacy I think. Wasn't it mostly BG's idea to do Lacy anyway?

Re: Paul. I just hope Jenny is dead, or they had a truly bitter divorce and she's moved clear across the country. Not that Paul and Jenny were this "great love" like LnL, but competing with yet another woman is the last thing Tracy needs. She also doesn't need to be a rebound.

Wouldn't it be a kick if they could get Richard Steinmetz to come back, but as Paul?

Yes, I know it's not likely, especially since he bears no resemblance to the Dillon actor. But I can dream.

No Tracy today?

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And can someone please clarify, do the Q's know that Olivia's baby is NOT Ned's, and that it is alive? Because Tracy seemed to be clueless about what Nik could have over Brook Lynn, and if they all knew that Ned was helping protect the baby....?


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Possibly I skimmed something important with Ned/Olivia--I don't care for her--but I never miss JE's scenes, and we never saw Ned tell Tracy or anyone at the Q's that the baby wasn't his, or even that it supposedly died. He just abruptly left town.

I keep expecting Tracy to call and demand to know where Ned is, and why he's absent, when he should be helping to deal with this ELQ situation. WK doesn't have to be there, for that, but it's a little detail that would tie up loose ends. And it would be nice to give the impression that Tracy stays in touch with her sons, when they're away from PC.

It would also have been a nice gesture for Michael to have said to Nik that Ned prepared him well, for running ELQ (when N. was going on, yesterday, about how much Michael could learn from him, the experienced businessman.)

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MsQ, as everr, thank you so much for being kind enough to describe the pic!

As for today's ep, okay, so no news about Lucky. Why isn't someone assuming this is all a hoax? Why isn't Luke anxious to call Tracy, and tell her everything?

I finally ordered some of Jen's DVDs, which should be here next week! Yay! I have an 8-hour flight to endure, next Saturday (the 4th. Oh, what fun!) so I hope to be able to take them along to pass the time. I hate to travel!

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I have a lot to say or respond to, so I am going to break this post into sections. I am such a dork. laugh.png


nex, I remember those scenes!!! They were so much fun. I bet the actors had fun filming them.


If I am remembering correctly, the Quartermaines finding out LuNacy were married was the first time Luke called Tracy "Angel," which was his name for Laura. He called Tracy "Angel" one other time in 2010.

Would you all agree that Luke's most used names for Tracy were Spanky (Spanky Buns), Popsicle (Pretty Pink Peppermint Popsicle), and Wife? I can't remember when he first started using any of those names though.

I remember once when he called her Pretty Pink Peppermint Popsicle, and Tracy had just come from outside, and she was like, "I feel like a popsicle." Wonder if that was ad-libbed.


truenorth, I hope I did a good job explaining. I am not a good descriptive writer. I remember in high school, I had to describe a painting of some men on a boat for a literature class, and a classmate who peer-edited my paper noticed how lengthy and unnecessarily detailed it was, and she wrote, "Gee, why don't you tell us what color the men's underwear are?" The sad part is - if their underwear had been showing, I am sure I would have! laugh.png

Also, truenorth, enjoy the DVDs. smile.png I was just watching some of my mine the other day, but I was getting annoyed because Luke had scenes with Lucky, Lulu, Ethan, Sonny, Shioban (Lucky's girlfriend at the time), and then more scenes with Lucky, Sonny, etc... And FINALLY, Tracy came to talk to Luke. I was getting so impatient.


I too am missing Ned in this story. A phone call would be so easy. It's not like GH hasn't had Tracy on the phone before. I swear in one episode, she was on the phone talking to Luke (who we didn't see) in like 5 scenes.


The writers really dropped the ball by not involving Tracy in the Olivia baby story. I know hooked and I were wondering why Tracy didn't go to the hospital after the baby was born. As far as she knew, it was her grandchild. I can't remember if she was occupied with Luke or offscreen completely, but someone could have mentioned her. And how ridiculous to not have a Tracy/Ned goodbye. mad.gif


ILTQ, I do think Guza was instrumental in setting up Luke and Tracy. They were a really fun couple in the beginning.


But as far as beginning LuNacy goes, I hated that he put Coleman in her bed. It was supposed to be okay because Tracy enjoyed the sex with him?! Whatever. That was ridiculous. I can't defend Luke for that. And it confuses me how I could like LuNacy as a couple so much when Luke pulled something like that. That was twisted.


Sean, the air date was 2/7/11. smile.png 3:27 is Wyn de whaaaat? Looks like after Jane cracks up, Tony smiles.

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Thanks for that answer, truenorth. I guess that means we're supposed to assume the Q's believe Ned left town out of grief? IDK. So frustrating.

MsQ, loved that clip, I guess I've probably seen it, but didn't remember it. John J York, he's another one JE has inappropriate chemistry with, LOL.

Adrianne is so luminous and beautiful. I miss Brook AND Maya. Our cast is so big already, though. But the Q manse needs a few blood Q's of the younger generation to come on board IMO.

So, what do you guys think about the pretty solid rumor about Richard Burgi coming on as Paul? I could actually dig a love/hate thing with Paul and Tracy. I know we've discussed her not needing a love interest, but this is a soap, and without a love interest, I do think she definitely will be shoved to recurring.I'm for it, for that reason, if no other. And I hate that I don't have anything better than that, but I'm also for it due to other reasons, as well.

He'd have to treat her right and love her, if they ever became an official couple. If he does that, and he doesn't come back a big fat slime ball, I could ship it.

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Sayeth MsQ:

>the Quartermaines finding out LuNacy were married was the first time Luke called Tracy "Angel,"

He said it more than once? Aww. I do remember the 2010 "Angel". I loved it. I'm sure lots of other people didn't. Ha!

Since you brought up the endearments/nicknames, silly though it may be, that's one of the little things I'll really miss,

when Luke's gone - no more Spanky. We haven't heard him say it much, this last year. Just a few Sweethearts, from Fluke.

I'd like to know how they came up with Popsicle, of all things!

>air date was 2/7/11.

Wow, you found that quickly! That's my birthday. And a very funny clip, too!This cracked me up:

Tracy: "I'd rather sleep in a snakepit!"

Luke: "I can get snakes."

Also how she stumbles over explaining how Maya is related to her.

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About Paul's supposed return - I just want it to give Tracy screen time and not just a couple scenes in the beginning... I want them to interact throughout. And I want Dillon/Tracy/Paul scenes. I don't hate Dillon and Lulu, but I am getting annoyed that he is spending all his time with her lately. I already miss his scenes with Tracy, so hopefully, Paul returning means more of Dillon and his mom.

Seems like Tracy is MIA next week. sad.pngmad.gif

Luke and Laura are scheduled for 5 days, and on Tuesday, Luke promises to return to Port Charles and make up with Tracy.

Michael and Sabrina are scheduled to be on Monday and Tuesday. I hope she doesn't convince him to give custody to Sonny. 1) I like this Quartermaine side of Michael. And 2) That would mean no more Tracy and Avery scenes.

The ELQ story is scheduled to continue on Wednesday with Michael and Jake and then on Thursday with Sam and Jake. I want to see Tracy involved again.

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Yeah, re: Dillon, me too. Although, even when SC played him, he probably got just as much if not more, non Tracy scenes than with her. There's only so much bonding a grown man and his mama are gonna do. LOL

At this point, I like the actor, and I have watched most of his non Tracy scenes, and I agree that those are the ones I want, the ones with him and Tracy. No need to shove him into a pairing yet, especially not with Lulu.

And, you'd think with everything going on, he'd be more about his family and less about the Spencers, but oh well.

About Paul. I have no idea what RC is planning. I think he's going to keep their relationship pretty antagonistic, at least at first. Why else wouldn't it be? I don't think he's going to retcon it and say Paul ever really loved her. I can buy it though, that Paul never hated her (until maybe the very end after her trying to get revenge on him). I can buy that he will come back intent on causing her or the Qs/ELQ some trouble, and that most of their interactions in the beginning will be as "enemies".

As far as to whether or not they will be a "couple" down the line, that depends a lot on viewer reaction and what RC already has planned.

I'm one of those "rebound relationships never work" thinkers, so IMO Tracy should get a short dalliance with someone else before being with him, or he should get someone else after Jenny, or both.

It could be a great love/hate relationship, a bit like old school Alan and Monica-the type of relationship GH doesn't currently have. And every soap needs one of those, I think. Minus the cheating, because if IC, Tracy isn't a cheater, and she's had enough of that done to her for a lifetime.

I'm excited about Paul coming back, I just want JE to get good material and screen time. And her being MIA at all while her family just lost ELQ is RIDICULOUS. :(

Does anyone really know what the status of Dillon's relationship is with Paul? They've given two different accounts: that he has spent time with his dad, and that he hadn't.

I'm very sure he knows nothing about Tracy accidentally running down Jenny, or that Paul married Tracy for her ELQ stock, or that Paul was sleeping with Jenny while still married to Tracy, etc. It should be some good material for the three of them.

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