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I just finished a re-watch of season 7 (the Chris Atkins season, don't judge).  The big takeaway is that they produced 30 episodes that season.  I know that they were not meant to be binge watched, but it was way too bloated.  I forgot that there was a whole three episode subplot where Peter (Atkins character) and Lucy become models.  I appreciate the annual traditions of the Oil Barron's Ball and Ewing Barbecue require their own episodes but I feel like that whole year's plot could have been told in 10 episodes. 


Also, the amount of episodes does not relate to continuity in story telling.  Ray's nephew is euthanized, there's a trial, the Aunt admits her guilt, then for the next 20 episodes nobody mentions the trial again.  Yet in three separate episodes, Sue Ellen agrees to meet Peter, he tells he that he loves her and she rejects him; I don't need that much repetition. 


I was influenced by the blog reviews of Knots Landing that were recently referenced on this board and I can see that there is a structure to the season and it is divided into three sections.  However, I would not watch another entire season because I think you can get the whole story by just watching the premiere and the cliffhanger of each season.


On a positive note, the costumes that season were amazing!  I've never seen women dress up like Sue Ellen to pick up their kid from camp but it was fun to watch.  Priscilla Presley wears a beaded gown to the Oil Barron's Ball that was fitted to within an inch of her life.  Even Pam's weird curly bob looks great with all of the hats that she wore.  The money showed in that production.  Everyone had a pool, every episode had amazing crane shots, and the cars were enviable.  It was just too long and repetitive to watch all at once. 

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Ironically, I was just on IMDb earlier today when I happened on this new streaming service and ended up watching a movie on there.

Of course, it had been ages since I used my account so I had to change my password (which I couldn't remember).  

It's probably a little bit less annoying to watch a TV series/show with commercials than a movie, especially when the ad breaks aren't edited to fall on proper cuts in the action.

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9 hours ago, amybrickwallace said:

A friend of mine found this in his local paper. It says that Ken Kercheval (Cliff Barnes) passed on Easter Sunday, April 21. I have yet to find anywhere on the web that backs this up.

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