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All Time Favorite Soap Characters?!

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Since I am new here, I thought this might be a fun thing to do. So I could see who some of you have enjoyed over the years. Just an ice breaker, hope this will generate a lot of responses and maybe take some of us down memory lane!


Here are some of my (soap by soap):


All My Children: Adam, Erica, Jenny, Angie and Bianca


Another World: Frankie, Rachel, Jake


As The World Turns: Carly, Margo


Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke, Stephanie, Katie


Days of our Lives: Hope, Marlena, Jack, Kayla, Lucas


General Hospital: Sam, Laura, Robert, Robin, Brenda, Luke, Lesley, Alan


Guiding Light: Alexandra, Roger, Reva, Maureen, Alan-Michael


One Life to Live: Vicki, Dorian, Bo, Nora, Max


Santa Barbara: Julia, Mason


Young and the Restless: Jack, Ashley, Katherine, Michael, Sharon, Nicki, Drucilla


I just did this off the top of my head, so I may have forgot some.

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All My Children: Brooke, Dimitri

As The World Turns: Barbara, Hal, Carly, Lucinda, Henry

Another World: Rachel (Robin Strasser), Jake

Bold and Beautiful: Stephanie, Sheila

Dark Shadows: Angelique, Victoria, Barnabas

Edge Of Night: Nicole Travis, Stephanie Martin

One Life T Live: Clint, Viki, Bo

Young and Restless: Paul, Jill, Jack (Terry Lester)


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ATWT: Barbara, Carly, Lisa, Lucinda, Margo

AW: Felicia, Donna, Paulina

Days: Marlena, Maggie, Julie, Sami, Vivian

B&B: Sally, Stephanie, Macy

GL: Vanessa, Roger, Reva, Billy, Alex

Y&R: Jill, Ashley, Dru, Nikki, Lauren


After I did this I saw Roger was the only male character I even listed; there's a plethora of male characters I've enjoyed I suppose the divas all stand out so much more. 

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ATWT: Barbara, Lucinda, Lily, Craig(Scott Bryce version only), Hal, Tom(Gregg Marx rocked), Margo(HBS version), Nancy, Bob, Kim, Emily(Melanie Smith version), Paul(Andrew Kavovit version), James, Tonio, Meg, Holden, Connor, Neal, Royce, Frannie, Darryl Crawford(Rex Smith:wub:), Reid, Luke, Dusty(Brian Bloom version), Gunnar Stenbeck, Betsy, Steve, Jay(Breck Jamison:wub:)

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Trying to keep this relatively short, which is not easy...


Lucinda Walsh (ATWT)

Delia Reid Ryan Ryan Coleridge whatever else (RH)

Kathleen McKinnon (AW)

Billy Lewis (GL)

Megan Gordon Harrison (OLTL)

Stuart Chandler (AMC) 

Nell Beaulac (RH) 

Jill Foster Abbott (Y&R)

Sally Spectra (B&B) 

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Oh, boy. Okay.


  • Victoria Lord (OLTL)
  • Marty Saybrooke (OLTL)
  • Nora Buchanan (OLTL)
  • Dorian Lord (OLTL)
  • Natalie Buchanan (OLTL)
  • Todd Manning (OLTL) - sorry!
  • Rebecca Lewis (OLTL)
  • Blair Cramer (OLTL)
  • R.J. Gannon (OLTL)
  • Rachel Gannon (OLTL)
  • Luke and Laura Spencer (GH)*
  • Bobbie Spencer (GH)
  • Robin Scorpio (GH)
  • Anna Devane (GH)
  • Lucy Coe (GH)
  • Angie Hubbard (AMC/LOV/TC)
  • Bianca Montgomery (AMC)
  • Erica Kane (AMC)
  • Lois Cerullo (GH)
  • Billie Reed (DAYS) - Lisa Rinna '90s edition


* - linking them together is intentional - without Laura or rather the acknowledgement of Laura's essential touchstone in his life, the post-2002 Luke meant little to me. I grew up watching them in the Labine era and that's my most important point of connection.


Alexis Davis on GH was also a huge favorite of mine at her peak in the late '90s and early 2000s, but the character is a mess today.

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Shows with more than one character listed are in no particular order. Obviously, I have a hell of a lot more favourites, but these are my first tier. Still, I'll probably kick myself later for forgetting someone.

SFT: Stu

B&B: Sally

DAYS: Linda Anderson, Brooke Hamilton, Alex Marshall, Doug Williams

OLTL: Tina, Gabrielle, Dorian, Meredith, Herb

PSNS: Ivy, Tabitha

GL: Kit Vested, Roger, Holly, Blake

GH: Felicia, Bobbie, Scott, Audrey

Y&R: Lorie, Nikki, Jill, Nina

Home and Away: Marliyn, Morag, Celia

Neighbours: Steph Scully, Charlene (no way Kylie Minogue isn't getting a shout out!)

AMC: Daisy, Brooke

ATWT: Kim, Susan

AW: Iris

Corrie: Emily, Elsie, David Platt, Bet Lynch, Annie Walker

EE: Angie Watts, David Wicks, Carol Jackson

ED: Kim, Zoe, Charity, Annie Sugden

HO: Darren, Mercedes, Clare

Shortland Street: Brooke, Rachel

Red Rock: Bridget Kiely, Paudge

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