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  1. Some good ATWT recasts: I know Julianne Moore is well-loved for her Emmy-winning Frannie Hughes, but I really like her replacement Mary Ellen Stuart, who had a real natural quality and blended in with her castmates well. I never cared for Shawn Christian's Mike Kasnoff, so it'll be no surprise that I preferred Mark Collier. Neither will ever win an Oscar, but Collier never hammed it up, played the role as it should be...underplayed. Of the adult Paul Ryans, Scott Holroyd was unquestionably the best. He nailed the blance of playing the Son of Satan with a conscience. How they could replace him with that scenery-chewing one-note Howarth is beyond me.
  2. Nicolas Coster played 2 characters on ATWT, both involved with Lisa (years apart).
  3. It must have galled Runyeon to see his role become the one of troublemaker, while former villain Bryce was heading for leading man. After all , for two solid years, ATWT literally centered around only 2 stories, Betsy/Steve and the Stenbeck heir tale. Suddenly Frank went from "star" to ensemble player.
  4. How stupid was ATWT to end Steve/Betsy the way they did? The biggest couple on the show since Penny/Jeff and they just let them peter out by sending Steve to Greece and (eventually) prison, and putting nuBetsy with Josh? What a huge disappointment. Of course, the problem was that Runyeon and Frost had ZERO chemistry. They should have just let Steve and Betsy ride off into the sunset after the big wedding.
  5. Did anyone see the recent news about Finn Carter (Sierra) being arrested on felony charges? Her mugshot was a shocker. I wish I had the technical abilities to post those type of things , but I don't. So sorry for Finn, who I LOVED during the Craig/Sierra days.
  6. Maybe I'm blind, but I never would have picked out Christopher Durham or David O'Brien.
  7. I never thought about it, but you are right, vetsoapfan. There was very little "overlap" of stories. Everything was about one storyline until it ended, then another one began...unusual for a soap.
  8. The first time-travel (Victoria's trip to the past) will always be my favorite storyline.
  9. Actually, they did do a "Dr. Bob as a perve to a young girl" storyline. But fortunately ,it was all in the girl's (Marissa Tomei) mind.
  10. The all-time nadir on ATWT was the casting of the first "adult" Paul Ryan. I can't remember his name, but he came on when all of those other no-talents did (Sarah and Mark Kasnoff, T. Jones, that model Zoe). But the Paul model was the worst...wooden beyond belief. Sometimes there is hope. When Agim Kaba came on as Aaron, he was awful, but he did improve over time. I have to agree with the poster who said that Thorne No. 1 of B&B was one of the worst.
  11. Was Miranda ever mentioned again after she left?
  12. A perfect example was the Luke/Noah pairing on ATWT. When he first appeared, Noah was attracted to Maddie. 30 days later, he just flipped for Luke. Since they got together so quickly, there was nothing left but one ridiculous storyline after another (Ameera, Professor Scarf, the Z Twins, etc). Why not make Noah bisexual, where he has to juggle Luke and Maddie, keeping him in everyone's orbit, and not isolated in the gay storyline?
  13. Hank Elliott on ATWT was daytime's first gay male character. It's probably a safe bet to say that Barnabas Collins was soap's first vampire.
  14. My personal Holy Grail would be the first soap story I ever remember seeing as a kid. It was The Edge Of Night, and it was the story that introduced the character of Nicole Travis. There was a crazy lady named Stephanie Martin, who pissed off EVERYBODY in Monticello, and , of course, was murdered. Nicole was arrested, but since the whole town wanted her dead, every character seemed to have their moment on the witness stand. Adam Drake represented Nicole, setting the stage for their romance. The day they revealed the killer, it was like "Who Shot J.R." for me.
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