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  1. GH: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    This is exactly why GH won't improve anytime soon. Frank, Varni and the writers refuse to listen to any criticism. In their minds GH is the best it has ever been or the best it can be. This really upsets me because GH was my favorite soap for years, but with these people in charge nothing will ever change.
  2. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    RHOC: I'm tired of this narrative that Tamra is some saint. Anyone who watched this show prior to season 9 (or somewhere around there) knows that she is the most vile housewife... ever. What purpose does Megan serve? @Nothin'ButAttitude Thank you for sharing the article about Vicki and Tamra's feud and the fact that their jobs are safe. Maybe Shannon will be the one to get cut at the end of this season. This show needs a major shake up, so I wouldn't mind it if Bravo said goodbye to 3 or 4 current housewives and brought in some new blood for this show.
  3. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    RHOC: Vicki needs to stop mentioning Brooks. Why must she say his name every single episode? Meagan is more boring than normal this season. It seems like they are phasing her out and she won't be back next season. Her daughter is adorable though! I would never describe Tamra as selfless, as that woman at the end did. I'm not sure of Peggy yet. I feel for her and what she has gone through and I think she has made a pretty good impression so far. We will have to see what she des with the rest of the season. Watching her close Meagan's lips made me LOL. I know that's such a rude thing to do but I am thrilled someone is finally telling Meagan to shut it.
  4. GH: July 2017 Discussion Thread

    I loved Sam and Ava on Friday. I wish they would explore their relationship more.
  5. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Well said! I really enjoyed Bethenny during her first run on the show as well. Since returning she has become such a chore to watch. Even last night when she was inviting Ramona to Mexico she yelled at Tinsley for staring and called her rude, but then couldn't believe Ramona was having a private conversation at the table (although I guess Ramona was talking about her). She has become so full of herself. Other thoughts: The Mary Tyler Moore show was set in Minneapolis, not NYC. I don't remember the opening, so correct me if I'm wrong and she did throw her hat up in the city, but I wasn't really sure what Dorinda was talking about when she went on about MTM being the reason she is in the city today. TBH, as much as I enjoy Dorinda and her antics when she is intoxicated she seems to be permanently drunk these days. Sometimes Sonja gives us too much information and way to close of a look into her life. I did not need to see or hear about her gardens.
  6. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    RHOC: You know that if Shannon goes rolling down that hill chasing after her dog she will get up and start screaming about how it's all Vicki's fault.
  7. The big Sonny and Carly reunion didn't skyrocket GH's numbers? Watching them go back and forth every single day over and over again didn't have viewers rushing home to watch GH? Hearing the same dialogue from these two for the millionth time wasn't ratings gold? I'm shocked!
  8. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    RHOC: I'm not a fan of any of the tag lines. Vicki's is the best because it reminds everyone that she is the queen of OC, but it doesn't excite me. I am excited to see the show with this group of women because I think they can bring the drama. I still hate Shannon, but at least self-righteous Heather won't be returning. RHOBH: I won't miss Eileen. Love her on the soaps but she was annoying on housewives. She definitely had class and elegance, but she was condescending and refused to let anything go. It didn't make her likable, in my opinion. I really wish Lisa Rinna would have been let go. She may bring the drama but I think she is just mean. I am happy Dorit is coming back. I loved her at the reunion this year because she wasn't afraid to put Lisa R, Eileen and Erika in their place. I love that she called them out on their stuff, especially Erika. Speaking of Erika; I really enjoyed her season 6, but this past year I thought she came off as self-righteous and snooty. Next season I want to see someone knock her off her high horse. LOVE Camille and would love to see her hold a diamond again!
  9. Reinvent the Genre

    Wonderful post! This genre has needed something (or someone) to come in and shake it up for years now. They do the same tired storylines over and over again until the ratings are circling the drain, then in an effort to save the show the network brings in the same old tired writers from a different show that was almost cancelled. Daytime needs some new writers who wont be afraid to take risks. General Hospital would have never become the household name it was in the 80's if GM had been too afraid to pair up Luke with Laura. Looking back it may have been insensitive and probably wasn't the best thing to showcase, but it worked! These soaps need to realize that some controversy may do them some good. I don't think it would be too hard to come up with new material. People working in soaps should take the time to watch Scandal or HTGAWM or Grey's Anatomy (from years ago, not the new stuff). There are so many soapy shows in primetime right now that are doing very well. If daytime would write those types of stories, get rid of the actors that give daytime a bad name (and there are a lot currently on air), and cut the taping schedule down. Nothin'ButAttitude's idea to show soaps three days a week is brilliant. Old fans (and maybe some new viewers) will watch if it isn't as much of a commitment. The five days a week is over and done, nobody really has the time or patience for that anymore (myself included and I have been a soap fan for over 40 years!) Cutting down the number of episodes will not only make it easier for many to watch, but it will make it easier on the actors who will have more time to memorize their lines (and there are some who NEED this break) and it will give them more time to redo scenes if need be so it doesn't have to be one and done.
  10. Would u take back JFP as EP of GH?

    No, thank you. I would rather not see Genie Francis unfairly fired, again. The idea of her getting rid of Michelle Stafford is tempting... but still a no.
  11. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    Completely agree with you!!!
  12. GH Drops Soap Vet

    I wish her well, but I will not miss Hayden.
  13. Actor returns to GH

    My first guess is Steve Burton. Vanessa Marcil is my second guess. Honestly I would be thrilled with either, if this spoiler is about GH, because old school Brenda and SB's Jason are two of my favorite GH characters of all time.
  14. I saw this on another thread so I was curious to see who some of you thought were the characters that helped shape the soaps. Which ones contributed to the overall show with their popularity and stories? Some of the answers I saw on other threads had me shaking my head, so I thought I would ask here because I usually find the answers to be the most insightful and history oriented. I will start with GH and DAYS and do some more later. GH: 1.Laura Webber 2.Luke Spencer 3.Steve Hardy 4.Robin Scorpio 5.Monica Quartermaine 6.Lesley Webber 7.Robert Scorpio 8.Bobbie Spencer 9.Alan Quartermaine 10.Brenda Barrett HM: Sonny Corinthos (even though he has destroyed the show), Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), Carly Benson (Sarah Brown), Lucy Coe and Anna Devane DAYS: 1.Marlena Evans 2.Bo Brady 3.Alice Horton 4.Julie Olsen 5.Hope Williams 6.Jack Deveraux 7.Tom Horton 8.Stefano Dimera 9.Doug Williams 10.Sami Brady HM: Mickey Horton, Maggie Horton, Kayla Brady, Jennifer Horton, Laura Horton
  15. GH Actress Welcomes Baby

    Congratulations Kimberly! I'm happy to hear she and Otis are both doing well!