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  1. RHONY: Watching Carole call out Andy was the highlight. Actually watching Carole use messages and comments made on the show to end Bethenny all while remaining calm, until the very end when she let Andy have it and said what many of us had been thinking was the best part. I don’t understand why anyone stills like Bethenny. Yet, she has a swarm of fans who defend her week after week, including the execs at Bravo.
  2. NY: I used to love Dorinda but I am finding her to be really mean spirited this season. First she had a fit that Bethenny didn’t properly thank her (while maintaining that she isn’t one to want the credit and attention ). I hate to stick up for Bethenny but I’m not sure what else she could have done. She even apologized to her but Dorinda once again mentioned it in her blog. Now she is having a fit because Sonja has a family crest and uses the last name Morgan? What is wrong with her? When she made the comment about Sonja just sleeping with a lot of men I was pretty confused. We watched her have a hissy fit and yell a few weeks ago about how Sonja is divorced (and I guess not worthy of loving and missing her husband) but this week she seemed to forget that Sonja was married to the man and had a child with him. Ugh, Dorinda has been enjoyable and fun to watch these past few seasons. I hope we get back to that Dorinda and far away from the one who seems to think she has a monopoly on pain.
  3. NY: Carole really is loving what is happening to Luann. Her attitude about the whole thing is really bothering me. I’m one of the few on this page that has always liked Carole, just not her Bethenny worship, but this season she is really bugging me more than ever! I honestly feel like Carole can be two different people. I read her memoir What Remains and I can’t help but wonder what happened to that Carole who was so down to earth, witty, and a seemingly good person. She definitely hates Luann, but it seems rather mean girl for her to be basking in the aftermath of her arrest. Bobby’s funeral was heartbreaking. He was a always a kind soul on the show. Jill may have her faults but she loved him with everything in her. Not surprised Bethenny found a way to make it all about her.
  4. I thought it was Tamra too. I think this season looks good, I’m excited to see this sudden reconciliation of Tamra/Vicki/Shannon. Sadly for Vicki, I think Shannon is her only hope for a real friend on the show now that her and Kelly are on the outs. I don’t believe Tamra has good motives when it comes to her friendship with Vicki.
  5. Orange County trailer is finally here! https://people.com/tv/real-housewives-of-orange-county-season-13-trailer-exclusive/
  6. Another good episode, IMO! The women have valid arguments against Bethenny and her behavior, but this stupid nutcracker is not one of them. She showed her appreciation to Dorinda by saying she saved Christmas, jumping up and down, and paying for it. Dorinda and Carole are really reaching here. The lunch with Carole and Bethenny reminded me so much of the feud between Jill and Bethenny season 3. Everything Carole said are things Bethenny said back then. I think that’s interesting. I’ll always root for Luann, she made a bad decision by going back to the scene of the crime and she paid for it.
  7. While I did prefer AT’s version I enjoyed NL’s version and do not understand the hate she gets. AMC: Babe Carey was one of the worst characters in soap history. OLTL: I hated John and Natalie, he was more enjoyable with Evangeline and even Blair. GL/GH: Carrie Marler was Jane Elliot’s best soap character ever and she gave her best performances as Carrie, not Tracy Quartermaine.
  8. What are some of your unpopular soap opinions? Some of mine (I’ll start with the soaps currently on air): B&B: I was never a huge fan of the Ridge/Taylor pairing. I prefer Liam to Wyatt. DAYS: EJ was only viable and likable with Nicole. Victor and Maggie haven’t been relevant or needed in decades. Mike and Carrie were so much better than Austin and Carrie. GH: Elizabeth hasn’t been a likable character since Lucky died in the fire. I never liked the Dante/Lulu pairing and thought he would have been so much better with Sam. Sarah Brown is still the best Carly and her version was the only time I liked the character. Y&R: Lily and Cane need to break up, she would be better paired with Nick or Billy. Phyllis was only ever somewhat likable during the first round of Jack/Phyllis. Those are some of mine, let me know if you don’t think any of them are all that unpopular. These are what I think seem to be unpopular. What are some of yours?
  9. This is exactly why GH won't improve anytime soon. Frank, Varni and the writers refuse to listen to any criticism. In their minds GH is the best it has ever been or the best it can be. This really upsets me because GH was my favorite soap for years, but with these people in charge nothing will ever change.
  10. RHOC: I'm tired of this narrative that Tamra is some saint. Anyone who watched this show prior to season 9 (or somewhere around there) knows that she is the most vile housewife... ever. What purpose does Megan serve? @Nothin'ButAttitude Thank you for sharing the article about Vicki and Tamra's feud and the fact that their jobs are safe. Maybe Shannon will be the one to get cut at the end of this season. This show needs a major shake up, so I wouldn't mind it if Bravo said goodbye to 3 or 4 current housewives and brought in some new blood for this show.
  11. RHOC: Vicki needs to stop mentioning Brooks. Why must she say his name every single episode? Meagan is more boring than normal this season. It seems like they are phasing her out and she won't be back next season. Her daughter is adorable though! I would never describe Tamra as selfless, as that woman at the end did. I'm not sure of Peggy yet. I feel for her and what she has gone through and I think she has made a pretty good impression so far. We will have to see what she des with the rest of the season. Watching her close Meagan's lips made me LOL. I know that's such a rude thing to do but I am thrilled someone is finally telling Meagan to shut it.
  12. I loved Sam and Ava on Friday. I wish they would explore their relationship more.
  13. Well said! I really enjoyed Bethenny during her first run on the show as well. Since returning she has become such a chore to watch. Even last night when she was inviting Ramona to Mexico she yelled at Tinsley for staring and called her rude, but then couldn't believe Ramona was having a private conversation at the table (although I guess Ramona was talking about her). She has become so full of herself. Other thoughts: The Mary Tyler Moore show was set in Minneapolis, not NYC. I don't remember the opening, so correct me if I'm wrong and she did throw her hat up in the city, but I wasn't really sure what Dorinda was talking about when she went on about MTM being the reason she is in the city today. TBH, as much as I enjoy Dorinda and her antics when she is intoxicated she seems to be permanently drunk these days. Sometimes Sonja gives us too much information and way to close of a look into her life. I did not need to see or hear about her gardens.
  14. RHOC: You know that if Shannon goes rolling down that hill chasing after her dog she will get up and start screaming about how it's all Vicki's fault.
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