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  1. All Judith Chapman does is bug out her eyes. That's old and tired; didn't one of the Marx Brothers do that? I feel pretty much the same way about both Brenda Dickson and Victoria Rowell. No doubt they have legitimate grievances but it's really too bad it's all wrapped in so many confusing layers of crazy.
  2. I never could stand Dru and I do not want to see VR return to Y&R. Surely the show can hire someone else to steal scenes; it's not as if it's never been done before or since.
  3. It's a long spiral. AH's inability to inhabit the character and show any depth or layers means they write down to her. The more they write down to her, the less ability she exhibits.
  4. His money-hunger is a sad thing to watch. He and the Cheetwood brothers formed an MLM a few years ago to sell protein drinks to athletes, so this isn't exactly new for him. There were complaints about consumers turning a rich golden color and I think they stopped marketing the drink.
  5. Thank you for reminding me how much I disliked Lucy.
  6. I was pretty sure you were aware of that. Soaps have always played fast and loose with medical/legal issues but that worked a little better when viewers were less aware of such trivia as legalities. My eyebrows have flown up into my hairline at totally wrong things I've heard on soaps. I really wish they would quit making it up as they go along, especially since it's rarely vital to the story. It would be nice if the Winters would become the exception, but that's obviously not going to happen. Hillary and Devon would have problems to overcome no matter what, and those are the problems I want to see them working through. I like Hillary and I don't see her as a gold-digger or she would be pushing Devon to buy expensive baubles so she has stuff to sell when she moves on. I despise both Lily and Cane and I freely admit I zone out when Lily starts running her diarrhea mouth. IRL she would get slapped about 10 times a day or more. She really needs to keep that mouth to herself. It's not as if she's some prize heifer. Seems as if Y&R's writers like to use Lily to provide a voice for viewers who have that other set of opinions, as if they might shut up and go away if they hear their version of reality come out of her mouth. And then there's Neal. I used to like him and feel sorry for the poor schmuck for being married to Drucilla but he's done too many screwed up things in recent years. He's one character I would love to see redeemed.
  7. A post-nup would accomplish absolutely nothing because Wisconsin is a community property state. Like most other states with those laws, windfalls like jackpot winnings and inheritances are not part of community property, and any property bought with those funds is not owned communally. Hilary wouldn't get a big financial reward in a divorce. I'm hoping the writers will spin this into a deeper story than the usual lame soap amnesia fluff. There are some pieces already in play that could make for a good yarn if they'll write it.
  8. Me too. I don't always like everything that's going on in every story and at times I get frustrated, but this is way beyond what I've come to expect from Y&R in recent years. I'm watching and waiting to see if they get rid of some characters and stories that need to end, but I'm also willing to let them do it their own way. Having said all of that, WTF is their obsession with Faith? Enough already. ETA: Happy to see they've got a new scriptwriter on board. That's been an ongoing and terrible problem.
  9. Maybe they made a deal with him that if he left quietly and acted like it was all his idea, they would write him out as the action hero he thinks he is wishes he were.
  10. Before GH hired him, he said he was sitting on his sofa eating pizza. After being supported by his helicopter parents, hired at GH by FV who probably had the hots for him, being constantly praised by MB, and then winning a totally undeserved Emmy, he probably doesn't have a very clear frame of reference for how he fits into the world. BC did a series of things publicly that began turning fans against him. One incident that did great harm to his image was that twitter blow-up where his mommy defended Brian to someone who twitted something critical, and then Brian physically threatened the guy. It was like looking at a moment in the lives of a dysfunctional family, and it turned people against Brian because it was so uncalled for. After that incident, not much would surprise me that happened BTS.
  11. Part of the reason I have always loved the very best soaps is that they showed us a mixture of socioeconomic classes and occupations, were multigenerational and except for the very young, people from every generation drove story. Most of them featured great (usually female) tentpole characters who were like the grandparents you wish you had, and were told in long ongoing story arcs that captured us and never let go. I genuinely wanted to know what was going on in their lives. Soaps lost all of that when they decided to become action adventure shows with characters no one but another sociopath could have cared about. I wouldn't have minded Helena killing Luke or hearing that Sonny, his boytoy Jason and his harpy wife Carly all died in a shootout. The reason I loved Y&R a lot longer than some others is that it retained an element of that old soap style until a series of terrible employment decisions nearly destroyed it. I'm excited that a real soap may be given a new chance at life.
  12. I mostly remember Guiding Light and One Man's Family. Everyone seemed to like those two. My mother disliked Ma Perkins but one of my aunts listened to it faithfully. There were others too, but I don't think they planned their kitchen time around them like Guiding Light and One Man's Family. My mother loved soaps throughout her life, and she watched quite a few of them after they began to show up on television. By the way, I agree with what you said upthread about soaps fueling your fantasies. I grew up in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere and soaps showed us a life we wouldn't have dreamed of otherwise.
  13. Me too. It's been years since I've looked forward to watching Y&R every day to see what's new. I remember being in their various kitchens with my mother, my grandmother and all of my aunts while they listened to the radio soaps. I've got a long soap-loving history. It's always been true that I like some parts of any soap and don't care for others. Y&R doesn't have to blow up my skirt with every story they tell, as long as the writing works for the stories and characters I care about. So far, I'm enjoying the new regime.
  14. Please stop quoting the troll. It hurts my brain to read what he says.
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