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Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread

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I hope another soap snags RWS after his run comes to an end on DAYS (I mean we know it's coming). 


I think he'd make a great Scotty Grainger recast on Y&R. 

I could get behind that...LOL

But he can't be gay! :lol:


I'd want him to be paired with Abby despite my hate for her. Or even Mariah. Or Summer. I just want him to be a hot, sexy mess like his mom was when she arrived in Genoa City. We are in desperate need of a playboy, who sleeps around and breaks hearts. 


But I am still pissed that they didn't make RWS Andrew Donovan. Pairing him with Abby, who hates his sister, Teresa is a soap classic. 

There go my dreams of Rob Wilson and Rob Adamson.

But I agree he'd make a great Scotty, and yeah I'd like to see him opposite Camyrn Grimes and the other two.

Id recast and fire Rob as Nick and Sharon's son…he has been an awful recast….

I think Rob Adamson is a great Noah. They haven't given him sh-t to do till now. His pairing with Marissa is the only good thing going with the show right now. But I still feel that Kyle should've been Marisa's ex. Not Luca. But I like Miles Villanueva too. 


But RSW would fit in perfectly on Y&R. He gives me Scott Reeves early 90s teas when he was hot and not an avid Bible thumper. 

definitely on both counts

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Rob WIlson would work better on B&B as CJ if he were older. As is, I could see him as Thomas. I think he could play a snarky anti-hero role better than the current guy. Plus he has a look thats more fitting as JMW's onscreen sibling and HT's son

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RSW came alive when they made Ben psycho, before that he was a complete bore.


Why is Joe Mascolo in a wheel chair and speaking like the onset of dementia has occurred?  Is that why they brought Andre back, because Joe M is no longer up flor the job?  

He's been having problems with his legs for two years. He said the doctors don't know what it is.


I guess age is also getting to him since he's been using cue cards for the last six months.

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I can't with this Andy Griffith jail thing with Bo and Steve. And then cue the harmonica hillbilly twang. Sigh. This Bo/Caroline thing has Higley written all over it. Aww ... the lovebirds are having a spat.


Marie shout out. Love the Horton family picture :wub:


Aww, Joey and Theo scenes. Guess they'll be besties.


Lani/Abe follow up. Very quiet reveal. But nice use of history, IMHO.


I really love they're giving Ciara/Chase time with Julie and Doug :wub: And Ciara wanting to steal with Chase as her reluctant accomplice :wub:

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Look, I appreciate history mentions as much as anyone, but it was awkward as hell for Marie to bring up via text message an aborted wedding (either to Tony Merritt or to the guy she was engaged to before the first episode) much less for everyone to "ohhh" and "ahhh" over it.  That exchange made it sound as if the wedding had occurred and/or that the marriage had been a happy one.

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Can it be tomorrow yet!? Days was good today.

Bo slapping Steve's harmonica away, then their fight to get the guard's keys. Loved it. "It was just a love tap."

Wish Abby and Ben would have been on.  Never thought I'd say that a few months ago, but they've really been bringing it.

Joey fainting totally took me by surprise. I wonder what is wrong!?

Loved that Ciara had her earrings from Sami.  Of the new teens she's the one I'm most worried about.  The actress' voice bugs me. 

I thought it was really annoying they had the Horton picture in front of the fireplace and invited Maggie in (especially weird since Shawn was standing right there, too).

Since the new teens casting was announced I've been most looking forward to Theo and Claire, and Theo did not disappoint me today.

Daniel/Nicole baby talk...disgusting. If they are going to give Nicole a baby I can't believe they would make it Daniel's not Eric's. Ugh.

The greek kiss tradition was fabulous. Except for Thrady, that was just annoying. But the rest were great. I didn't even mind Dicole as much because Shawn kissed Kate in the background. But JJ/Gabi and Theo/Ciara cheek kisses were so cute! I couldn't believe the Eric/Jennifer kiss!  Such a great scene.

Loved when they looked through the album of famous Salem couples.

Those lights in the windows took me forever to figure out they were fireworks not the weird lights in Ben's apartment.

LOVED Caroline with her dress over her hospital gown. That was great.

I gasped when Bo and Steve made it back to the mansion.

Such a great episode. I wish they had the budget for big episodes like this more often.

I loved it.

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