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  1. Maureen McCormick and Andrea Evans (Rebecca). Actually, I'm going to just go with PASSIONS overall. Except Travis Schuldt and Eric Martsolf (Ethan). Those two were pretty much the same.
  2. Heather Lauren Olson and Heather Lindell as Jan Spears (DAYS). I'm somewhat conflicted picking them because they do have similarities in terms of appearance, but Olson's Jan was annoying and lacked any spark, whereas Lindell actually brought something to the role.
  3. Shawn and Belle are two of my favorite characters so happy they are back, but I think they could find a better Belle. Loved the chemistry between KS/JC as the original Shelle.
  4. Agreed--no way do I want to see Farah Fath/Mimi again. Ugh. Didn't like JPL as Philip either; I would like Philip back though if it were JKJ.
  5. Is there any update on Kirsten? She's been more active on social media lately.
  6. I hope she gets better. I don't care for Maxie, but if GH lets her go I'd welcome her back on Days as Belle. I worry she's been playing Maxie too long, though, and I don't want to see her Maxie quirks as Belle.
  7. It was the interviewer who said KS was playing against what was written. It's funny because when Belle was first SORASed and written by SSM and LB, she had a crush on Brandon. It almost seemed like she would be the new Sami, scheming to get her man. Then almost right after Langan became HW it was dropped and Belle became the sweet girl who was interested in Shawn. Thanks for posting the Q&A Paul. I also have some of those from the late 90s and early 00s. If anyone is interested I can post them. I'd be interested
  8. Maya is great. I like her more than I like Riley. I think Riley will grow on me, but her actress' portrayal is less natural than is Maya's. So far I like the show, though. I still wish it weren't a Disney Channel show, but so far it's pretty good. Someone posted an interview that reminds us that Boy Meets World ended with them as 19-year-olds, but this show is starting as Boy Meets World did with pre-teens. So I'm trying to keep that in mind and think it is worth giving them time to grow.
  9. I am actually excited about the celebs this year!
  10. I actually did like Lancy, although I wasn't watching regularly at that time. I just didn't like the series ending with Sheridan/Antonio ending up together. It didn't make sense to me.
  11. I am late in finding this thread, but I was a big Passions fan early in its run. As others have previously discussed, I was quite disappointed that Shuis didn't end up together after all the focus of "fate" regarding couples including them. It made no sense to me that Sheridan was actually wanting to be with Antonio in the end. I am wondering if anything ever came of Faith? Did she ever return to the series? I know when she died there were always thoughts she would return at some point but it never happened.
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