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  1. Peter Dinklage also had comments on Tyrion's stupidity, felt like Mark Hamill realizing how crappy Star Wars had become.
  2. I agree with you. It made no sense at all. I was really disappointed too. It just kills the re-watch value of the show for me knowing how lame it ended up.
  3. For anybody that doesn't know, this site has a lot of old classic Days episodes. And other soaps as well. https://archive.org/search.php?query=%22days%20of%20our%20lives%22
  4. I remember when the Last Blast teens were on Days 1999-2003 (before JER and his sleazy writing took over) every teen site that you would go too were talking about the Days teen scene.
  5. It's sad when lunacy takes over and ruins a good thing. LIke SoapDope, I really miss the IMDB boards/threads for the gossip and the latest. But the site I miss the most was the Sony Pictures Days Of Our Lives site. I miss all the posters, the beautiful banners and all the wonderful artwork. Plus the intelligent conversations about soaps and our favorite couples/storylines.
  6. Moviechat.org has a lot of the old IMDB comments - message board threads. I don't know if they swiped them or what. But if you are looking for an old IMDB thread to reread , you might check that site out. But really it's not the same as IMDB. I'm sure the Game Of Thrones thread at IMDB is one of those threads that helped to get the message boards shut down.
  7. Thank you for posting this interview! I really enjoyed reading it. The Margaret DePriest/Sheri Anderson era was my favorite. And Miranda's "Megan" was a great villain. She had great facial expressions that said a lot without having to say any words. I say why not bring her back as Megan. Hope needs a rival and the Dimera's need a female in the family.
  8. I hope the show isn't a boring talkfest and the actors can sell their roles to me. Remember when the James Bond franchise tried to sell Denise Richards as a weapons expert.
  9. I just wish that they would put out the rest of "Who's The Boss" on dvd. So far, only Season One has been released. I read on a site that Season One was a poor seller. They could stop at season four or five as far as I'm concerned. WTB is a show that is a good example of a show that went on too long. The British version of WTB is pretty good except it's almost identical to the USA version.
  10. I had no trouble at all viewing this wonderful documentary! Thank you for posting. Bill truly has had a memorable life. Sad about his daughter though. I like that Carl Reiner, Mel Brooks, Judy Johnson, Florence Henderson and a whole lot more made appearances. It speaks volumes for him. Be sure and watch the end credits for some more cool clips. It's interesting that Wes Kenney is the one really responsible for Bill getting the DOOL job as Betty Corday thought he was too old for the part. It sounds like Susan was smitten with Bill from first sight. I assume the HW that Bill and Susan was talking about from 1982 was Pat Falken Smith? She is one HW you don't get cross with. I knew that Bill and Susan didn't like playing the uptight parents role but as a kid back then I loved it all! I have a couple of records by Bill that I drag out on occasion and listen too. He has such a great voice. They both are daytime royalty of the highest caliber.
  11. Kirsten should take a full year off. Surely, she has enough money to do that as she has been working steadily since she was 16 years old in soaps.
  12. Has anybody here bought the new soap book called "Soap Opera Couples: The Great Romances of Daytime Drama" by Henrietta Roos. I couldn't find any reviews anywhere for this book. I was wondering if it was a well written/researched book or just one of those Wiki knockoff books. It's kind of pricey. Any help appreciated. Here's the Amazon link: www.amazon.com/Soap-Opera-Super-Couples-Romances/dp/1476662177/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1482030093&sr=8-1&keywords=soap+opera+super+couples
  13. Days won't be the same without Stefano. The Prism storyline will always be my favorite.
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