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Soapnet's "50 years in 50 hours" GH marathon

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Does anyone want to start guessing what episodes they'll use?

I think the following are probably sure bets:


Stone dies

Luke and Laura's wedding

Sonny leaves Brenda at the alter

Sonny sees Brenda is alive

One of the Nurse's Ball

Luke saves the world

Luke sees Laura alive

Holly finds out Luke is alive

Luke and Holly held captive at the expo

Heather kills Diana Taylor

Blackie kills Lou

Lesley sees Laura alive

Frisco meets Felicia

Frisco marries Felicia

Frisco watches Felicia marry Colton

Sean marries Tiffany

Robin meets Robert

Robin is rescued and runs to Anna

Lucy transforms

Bobbie and Monica held hostage

Monica and Alan fight with the red rubber bats

there are 50 episodes, so much to choose from...

Bobbie discovers Carly and Tony

Bobbie discovers Michael is her grandson

Bobbie discovers BJ is dead

Felicia learns BJ is dead

Ryan terrorizes Audrey

Tracy and the medicine

Tracy and Monica fight in the fountain

Robert takes Lucas from Bobbie

Robert and Anna die

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Yeah not many shows hit that kind of milestone and none of the current soaps will hit that, probably not even Y&R, Days MIGHT hit it, but it's hard to tell.

Days will hit it.

Its renewed now through its 49th year, two months shy of its 50th actually. Im sure everyone will proclaim that its the shows last renewal, like they do everytime it is renewed.

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