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  1. You know... that's a great comparison. Linnethia was determined to bait Kandi for existing for reasons that went beyond her remixing Tardy For The Party into something listenable, the same way that Zen Wen is determined to bring Mia down to size for being a plastic surgery-addicted former "bartender" (stripper) who married well. I know Candiace gets into it with Mia down the line, but her following the rest of the cast in throwing cute shade here and that goes a long way in making her look better than thirsty Dr. Wendy. If Wendy is hoping to launch her own Gizelle/Grande Dame feud to maintain relevance on this show, she has overestimated her appeal with viewers. Whether one is Team Karen or Team Gizelle, what is mutually agreed upon is that both have seasons-long history with each having enough charisma to keep it going for as long as it has.
  2. Wendy needs to remove whatever is up her ass re: Mia. Instead of feeling her out like everybody else on this show, she's coming for her throat and thinking that she'll fold like a cheap suit. And while I'm not one that thinks that Wendy is hideous-looking (she's pretty) or that Mia is this untouchable stunner (she's no Katie Rost), Zen Wen clearly believes so which is why she's pressed by her presence while trying to refashion herself as an IG ho. If these over the top confrontations weren't evidence, her telling Eddie to revise his answer spelled it out. Imagine being an accomplished and intelligent academic/cable news panelist who achieved success through her own hard work and merit being completely bothered by someone who had to marry to get to where she is...couldn't be me.
  3. I can't speak for anyone else, but my unapologetic love for the Grande Dame (since season 1 when everybody else hated her) is due to her blend of wit, heart, and delusion that I find absolutely irresistible. Karen Huger has made me rediscover that loving feeling that I lost when Sheree from RHOA left and the rivalry between her and Gizelle fulfill the promise that RHOA dropped the ball on by failing to find a worthy rival for Kenya, post-Phaedra.
  4. Folks think that they can come for La Dame's marriage and finances while that she is dealing with the decline and eventual loss of her parents for sh:ts and giggles and are mad at her for asking "is Jamal's coming?" at a reunion, huh? I guess folks truly believed that the Grande Dame would be shaking in her boots because that little Heathers act she and her sycophants pulled on Monique last season died from the moment that she let them know that she's "a wh0re from Hampton". Oh, and people whining about La Dame's "Sing Sing" shot being a low blow can go kick rocks. It's okay for folks to air out Karen and Ray's tax issues while she is dealing with dying parents, but folks allegedly being institutionalized because they couldn't handle Pastor's Holy Whoring is a bridge too far? Fvck that.
  5. *waves* Hi, CH! Great to see you as well. It's interesting to see singers from all stages of life get together (from those who never really left the industry after their heyday ended like Nivea to those who've been on the game for a while like the 702 sisters). Same (I feel similarly for Irish). Kiely is here to stir up sh!t while flying under the radar as Aubrey and those horrid chipmunks get the lion's share of the vitriol. That pendulum will swing back in her direction once either of them leave or fall back because she can't help herself. I think LeMisha was unwisely linking up with someone who hated those chipmunks as much (or nearly as much) as she did instead of choosing strategically. Aubrey's only concerned with herself and has no problem screwing people over (that said, I was side-eyeing that Elijah songwriter person for talking both sides of his mouth). I wonder what old group members are going to show up on the next episode (though I'm pretty sure booked and busy Naturi Naughton will not be).
  6. I have no idea if an actual single or album will come out of this show or if there will still be nine people in this group when this show ends, but I do know that it has become appointment TV for me.
  7. I've been looking for something to occupy my time until RHOP returns on Sunday and I found it in Granted, I haven't watched BET reality shows since the days of Frankie "Code 10 Man Down" Lons, but my desire to relive the soundtrack to my high school and college years is what lured me towards this messy mess and messy doesn't even begin to describe what this network has gifted me every Wednesday night. Whether it's that lisping girl from 3LW proclaiming her creative direction or Pam from Total being totally delivered from her lesbianism or Aubrey from Danity Kane starting [!@#$%^&*] on her latest reality show those twins that I've never heard of proclaiming to be highly in demand while shading former group members who've outsold them 10 times over, Carlos King and Todd Tucker have sucked me in.
  8. No Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Friendster, or any email access? Well, OnlyFans is hiring.
  9. I fell in love from the moment that she let them know La Dame has since been consistent in capturing the hearts of the American public.
  10. Don't mind me... I'm just smirking at how the tables have turned when it comes to the Grande Dame Karen Huger from the first season when she was mistakenly maligned by the public to the present day as a beloved national treasure. To reference Amanda Seales, VirginiaHamilton be knowin'
  11. TV One has the most bipolar scheduling for this show that I've ever seen. 4 episodes of Unsung, then 2 episodes of Unsung Hollywood.... what gives? Furthermore, when the hell are they finally airing that Howard Rollins episode?
  12. The more Matt Damon tells on himself, the more vindicated I feel about the fact that I've never liked him. That is all.

    1. DRW50


      I never really have either. The "diversity" comments were so tone deaf and reeked of a man who doesn't know how lucky he has been in Hollywood. And the "beware of being like Rupert Everett" stuff, while not as serious, also annoys me. It's harmful to tell people to stay in the closet or they won't have careers.

    2. NothinButAttitude


      Idiot. He's already alienated African Americans & now the LGBT community. He might as well complete the list and target Asians and women next. I hope The Martian flops at the box office.  

    3. Juliajms


      Why do these stars feel the need to share their idiotic opinions with us? Some people just never learn to STFU.

  13. No Punky Brewster? I could've sworn it was coming this fall on this network.
  14. Call me when they do the same for The Carol Burnett Show. (I'm salty that I don't have UP or ASPIRE [whichever airs The Flip Wilson Show] on my lineup.)
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