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  1. VirginiaHamilton


    TV One has the most bipolar scheduling for this show that I've ever seen. 4 episodes of Unsung, then 2 episodes of Unsung Hollywood.... what gives? Furthermore, when the hell are they finally airing that Howard Rollins episode?
  2. The more Matt Damon tells on himself, the more vindicated I feel about the fact that I've never liked him. That is all.

    1. DRW50


      I never really have either. The "diversity" comments were so tone deaf and reeked of a man who doesn't know how lucky he has been in Hollywood. And the "beware of being like Rupert Everett" stuff, while not as serious, also annoys me. It's harmful to tell people to stay in the closet or they won't have careers.

    2. NothinButAttitude


      Idiot. He's already alienated African Americans & now the LGBT community. He might as well complete the list and target Asians and women next. I hope The Martian flops at the box office.  

    3. Juliajms


      Why do these stars feel the need to share their idiotic opinions with us? Some people just never learn to STFU.

  3. Don't mind me--I'm just chilling here with my Liz Webber resting face, watching the rest of the world discover what I have known for years, even after certain liberals tried to come for me because I wasn't falling at her feet for sharing the same political affiliation. Virginia Hamilton is never wrong when it comes to people
  4. No Punky Brewster? I could've sworn it was coming this fall on this network.
  5. Frankly, I'm surprised that so many didn't know about this since this definitely made headlines (in the same vein of Chris Brown/Rihanna) when I was a kid: http://gawker.com/heres-whats-missing-from-straight-outta-compton-me-and-1724735910 (And, yes, I'm aware there's another thread on this movie, but I refuse to validate the existence of SON's resident David Duke.)
  6. Frankly, I can't tell who is more loathsome on this show--Tracee Ellis Ross' ashy friend from Girlfriends, Keith Sweat and Ed Hartwell's ex-wife, or Ice Cube's annoying girlfriend from Friday:
  7. Call me when they do the same for The Carol Burnett Show. (I'm salty that I don't have UP or ASPIRE [whichever airs The Flip Wilson Show] on my lineup.)
  8. My favorite delusional housewife of all time has returned to grace us with her messy presence! Come through, queen....
  9. Rest in peace in heaven, sweetheart: And, yes, my heart goes out to both Bobby and Cissy over this tragic loss. http://www.etonline.com/news/166778_bobbi_kristina_brown_dead_at_22_whitney_houston_bobby_brown_5_months_coma/
  10. *side-eyeing the hell out of them casting a better-looking Tori than Queen B*
  11. VirginiaHamilton


    I could've sworn that they did an Unsung episode on Maze featuring Frankie Beverly (or am I confusing this with another show?) already. Candi Staton is an Unsung that I'd love to see. 'Victim' is one of the most tragically underrated disco classics of all time.
  12. Tamar's absolutely spot on, regardless of her intentions. The industry's racism results in their being lazy enough to categorize Rihanna in an R&B category when nothing she's done has come close to being that--at her expense (after all, they'll drag their heels against acknowledging her as the pop superstar that she is while propping up white acts that haven't had a tenth of her success) and at the expense of true R&B artists (who don't get a fighting chance because they aren't mainstream enough for them to celebrate enough).
  13. Hmmm... Someone who thrives off of shitting on Black women for shits and giggles yet'll be quick to hide the hands that she throws the rocks at a white girl with vs. Someone who's been riding high off of her white privilege since a dusty squirrel went and made her cry on an awards show that hasn't been relevant since Arsenio hosted it Needless to say, I'm on Team I-Hope-Both-of-Their-Careers-Implode
  14. VirginiaHamilton


    Very late to this thread, but: I'm mad that I missed the Chuck Brown/GoGo episode (stupid DVR taped over it) and hope that they air it again in the near future. While I'll concede that Xscape were unsung (compared to groups like TLC and SWV that enjoyed a higher profile), I'm side-eyeing the lie that they were the first R&B artists to wear hip-hop attire when the aforementioned had been doing it for at least a year before they were a thing (The stan in me will also mention that Mary J. Blige ushered in that era of hip-hop soul glamour when she first came out before all of them.) I'm thrilled that they closed the season with Kid n' Play (and do believe that House Party deserves its own Unsung Hollywood episode), as it brought me back to my childhood (when having fun in hip hop was the norm and not the exception to the rule). I sure hope that that bucktoothed backstabber Steve Harvey isn't involved in tomorrow night's season premiere of Unsung Hollywood with the dearly departed Bernie Mac and that they get into one of the main reasons why I loathe that fool.
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