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Soapnet's "50 years in 50 hours" GH marathon

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    • RHUGT: I echo the sentiments here. I went into this thinking Vicki & Tamra are going to remind us all why they're needing on the mothership. Tamra? Yes. Vicki? Nah, I'm good now.  Besides being Debbie Downer on steroids, her overly prim, conservative reaction to anything sexual is old and tired (fitting, huh?). Plus, the whole anti-vax thing?  Yeah, let this be your Housewives swansong.  I'm still good with Tamra though. She's still a Housewives pro and plays the game well.  Taylor and Eva are surprising breaths of fresh air. I'm digging their friendship. Eva definitely seems more at ease in this setting and gives great commentary. Too bad they can't plop onto another city franchise.  Face work and badly done makeup... yeah, it can be harsh looking at Taylor, Brandi, and Vicki. At least Taylor's face has recovered from her years of drinking. This Phaedra is the Phaedra I know and love and... miss. I was side-eying her return to Housewivesland, but her comments, reactions, and her ability to make it nice with all the women of the group has been a welcome return.  Jill. I love my thirsty Jill Zarin (LOL at Brandi calling Jill out on her thirst to rejoin NYC on WWHL with Jill right next to her. Jill was noticably irked by that). She's a little underwhelming in terms of a personality so far, but her side digs (watch out Dorinda) and talkative nature is always fun. Sounds like she'll get into the mix more later.  Dorinda's reaction to Brandi's "national television" reminder to Jill while they played that game was classic Final Years of Dorinda on RHONY.  Girl, you need to give up control of EVERY single aspect of every function during this "Girls Trip."  On one hand, I would love her to be on the NYC OG cast, but she's gotta tone down the nastiness.  Can't wait for Episode 4! Please register in order to view this content  
    • First time he’s ever beaten Andy, who used to smoke servebots.
    • I have asked this question for YEARS!!  He doesn't care about real Roman and he's the one who killed Orpheus's wife.  I don't think there has ever been an explanation and they seemed to have just added that to John's backstory.   It's probably too hard to explain.  I am not sure Orpheus's endgame.  He isn't a super villian.  His target was Roman and his family because of his wife's death.  He wasn't a crazy lunatic.  He was a good guy gone bad.  Even Stefano at his worst, most cartoonish had a specific goal or endgame for his plans even if it just was to destroy the Bradys/John or make Marlena his queen. .  The whole Jan/Evan thing might be a round about way to screw with John/Marlena via their child, but it seems like a lot of work and planning to pull this whole scheme off when the only reaction is that a handful of people are a little bummed about it lol.   Anyway, I actually do think Jan could work on the canvas without Shawn.  I would be willing to give HL a shot to do something else.  I mean, a serial killer is our leading man so...... I had to laugh at the dress Jack and Jen picked out.  A beautiful prarie maxi dress from Free People bought at Nordstrom Rack.  LITERALLY.  It is very Marci Miller's Abby though I guess.  I am just not sure that oversized piece of endless cloth would wow anyone let alone her husband.  The acting was much better for CM and MA today though.  JJ and Chad were good as well.
    • People will post thirst traps to anything. I suppose Kate would be honored:  
    • I vaguely remember that story. Someone posted a TV promo for that storyline and for some reason, I found the promo pretty funny. The actress seemed solid and engaging, as as she was clearly a vixen. Had the character been someone like Kirk Anderson instead of Sean Baxter, who was fairly new and had a very thin tie to the canvas through Courtney, (a fairly recently introduced character herself), the story may have had more resonance but I guess, given Kirk’s recent storyline with Lenore, Kirk’s ex-wife and coming off the very messy storyline of his breakup with Iva to marry her sister Eli (which still seems so wrong even now, decades later), not to mention an early storyline introducing Kirk’s former employer and ex-lover Adelaide Fitzgibbon, it might have been too much of a “case of the ex” for Kirk.
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