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  1. Gawd.....I hate this show!!! And I don't even watch it. Grrr.
  2. I agree. I loved Stefan. But I didn't like Katherine. And I was a huge Patch and Kayla fan. Weird how that works.
  3. Seriously....with so many people home...it would be great to air the old 80s GH episodes. I bet a lot of people would tune in. But I think the current show would suffer in comparison and also people can't be reminded that the show was infinitely better before Sonny existed.
  4. It's kind of sad. I still have my first SOD magazine that I bought back in 1983. And I still have so many more that I have saved. But I agree, SOD's time has come and gone - regardless of COVID-19. COVID-19 just put the final nail in it.
  5. Me too. Not sure why. Maybe because those were the golden years for me.
  6. RIP. I will always remember John as that smarmy Leo on GH.
  7. One of the worst decisions a GH EP ever made. Grr to Jill Farren Phelps!!
  8. I *loved* this storyline. 3 supercouples: Luke & Laura, Robert & Holly and Frisco & Felicia.
  9. I feel pretty much the same way you do. That said, I think I still had hope for the show when Luke & Laura got divorced. I think I thought they'd eventually make their way back to each other. But when they killed off Alan Q, I just cried and *knew* that my beloved GH was gone forever. And it hasn't been the same since. I've barely watched the show since then and now just keep up on it a bit online.
  10. Yea, I was shocked that Genie wasn't even nominated. Genie should have WON! But that was also the year Susan Lucci finally won her Emmy. A great moment in soap history.
  11. I can appreciate your viewpoint. I do think the storyline got "Guzafied" to some extent and became about "Poor, poor Luke" as well. Ugh. But another added benefit to this storyline was the tender love story of Lucky & Elizabeth. So sweet! Loved them.
  12. Well I think one of the reasons it became mostly about Lucky and Luke was because Genie Francis was not there. She was still on her extended maternity leave. And if I remember correctly, the storyline was mostly about revisiting the Luke/Laura rape which had become white-washed under Gloria Monty. I do think they tried to unwhite-wash it a bit and I think it worked. And while I do think Becky Herbst was good in the storyline, I don't think she had the acting chops to carry that heavy, heavy storyline. When they did the flashbacks of Laura being raped, it was astounding to see what a terrific young actress Genie Francis was. And then when you contrasted that to Becky Herbst......it just didn't hold as much weight. Again, Becky was fine...just not superb IMO.
  13. Elizabeth's rape was such a good story. I love how it also became about Luke raping Laura. Such good writing and acting.
  14. Hee, hee. Nope. Couldn't stand her. Beyond dull.
  15. Yea, this is so great. Steve Hardy and little Robin Scorpio. Doesn't get much better than this.
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