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  1. This is what I thought as well. I've never watched ATWT a day in my life and I thought they would be #1. Santa Barbara?!? Yes, maybe in the top 10 but no way #1. ATWT should have been on there.
  2. Love in the Afternoon. ABC's all-time best promo.
  3. Nothing will fix GH. It's a shadow of it's former self. Unless ABC gets serious about an overhaul (i.e., firing Frank, etc), this show will continue it's dismal placeholder as ABC's only soap - new headwriter or not.
  4. I don't even know who Ben and Ciara are. Granted, I haven't watched DAYS in years but you usually hear about ultra popular characters from other soaps. Never heard of them. 🤔
  5. Who wasn't at GH's 30th Anniversary? So many people were there. Loved it!
  6. I just get mad everytime I think about JFP killing off Alan Q. 😡 On another note, I love the pic with Gloria Monty, Kin and Jackie Z.
  7. ^^^^ Man, what I'd give to have these ladies back in charge at GH!
  8. I didn't realize how good we had it in the 80s. Soaps were so good. So ahead of their time. The stories were feel good stories that women could relate to. Now I just feel like soaps are low-end stories run by men trying fulfill their teenage fantasies.
  9. Oh, I totally agree with you. GH did make a big mistake making Luke a hero despite his rape to Laura. However, after that, maybe because of that, they didn't have another rape on the show for almost 20 years. I give them small kudos for that.
  10. One thing I have to give kudos to GH for was not having a rape on their show for many years after Luke raped Laura (1979). The next rape was many years later when Elizabeth got raped (1998). And then they finally addressed Luke raping Laura. But since Elizabeth's rape, the show has gone downhill and like everything else, rape is just another ho-hum vehicle to give drama to someone for a day or two. 🙄
  11. I follow this account. It's great.
  12. On screen and off screen GH couples: Kin Shriner & Genie Francis (Scotty & Laura) Tristan Rogers & Emma Samms (Robert & Holly) Jack Wagner & Kristina Wagner (Frisco & Felicia) Wally Kurth and Rena Sofer (Ned & Lois)
  13. Love these. Thanks for posting.
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