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  1. Classic GH Thread

    Oh thank you so much for posting these scenes. I can only imagine that Stuart Damon and Leslie Charleson had a blast filming that "red bat" scene. I miss the Qs so much. And I loved all their parties. There was always something happening in them and the Q mansion was always sort in the background. So many storylines got woven into that mansion - even non-Q stories. I will reiterate what someone else said: they NEVER should have killed off Alan Q.
  2. Classic GH Thread

    Yea, I loved Lesley.
  3. GH: May 18 Discussion Thread

    This is the best!!
  4. Classic GH Thread

    Bingo. When the show killed off Alan Q, I knew the show had lost it's way. It hasn't been the same since.
  5. Classic GH Thread

    Well Leslie was supposed to be there but she couldn't make it so Lynn took her place. Yea, JFP should have NEVER killed off Alan Q! I'm still mad about that!
  6. Classic GH Thread

    Now this is the GH cast I want to see!
  7. Classic GH Thread

    She was. Tonja Walker was great as Olivia.
  8. Classic GH Thread

    I actually couldn't stand Colton Shore. The actor had no charisma. I was so thankful when Frisco came back for Felicia.
  9. GH April 2018 Discussion Thread

    As long as ABC is okay with how Frank is running things, nothing will change. I gave up on this show a long time ago. I'd be more than okay if they cancelled it. My GH ended a long time ago.
  10. Classic GH Thread

    Love me some Robert and Holly!
  11. Classic GH Thread

    Yea, I give kudos to Monty for that as well. No female ever got raped again on her show. I did notice that. Monty's biggest thing was the romance. She had that in spades with Luke & Laura, Robert & Holly, Frisco & Felicia and Duke & Anna.
  12. Classic GH Thread

    Yea, that was just a tour de force. Genie was outstanding. In fact, I just might have to rewatch those scenes again.
  13. Classic GH Thread

    I totally agree. The revisit of Laura's rape was so good. I was so surprised when Genie didn't even get nominiated for an Emmy that year. Then again, that was the year that Susan Lucci finally won.
  14. Classic GH Thread

    Brian Frons joined ABC Daytime in August of 2002. The beginning of the end. The funny thing is that I really enjoyed Sonny, Jason and Carly in the early 90s. It's the fact that they have remained the sole focus of everything since. I absolutely abhor all three characters now. Way to run a once great show into the ground, ABC.
  15. Classic GH Thread

    Yea, I'm a huge Monty ran but I loved the Riche years. I loved how Wendy truly respected GH's past but made the show her own. Unfortunately, succeeding EPs didn't follow her same path. The disrespect of GH's past is it's greatest flaw IMO.