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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. I follow this account. It's great.
  2. On screen and off screen GH couples: Kin Shriner & Genie Francis (Scotty & Laura) Tristan Rogers & Emma Samms (Robert & Holly) Jack Wagner & Kristina Wagner (Frisco & Felicia) Wally Kurth and Rena Sofer (Ned & Lois)
  3. Love these. Thanks for posting.
  4. I detest the character of Carly. That said, Sarah Brown was the best. Best actress too. Loved to hate the early Carly. Now I just hate Carly.
  5. I really liked the Stefan/Laura relationship. They had some smokin' hot chemistry. And I say that as a huge L&L fan.
  6. Susan Lucci looks absolutely fantastic! Hard to believe she is 72!
  7. AMC's Jenny and Jesse. I floved them! So good! Kim and Darnell had amazing chemistry too. They were definitely one of the reasons AMC had such high ratings back then.
  8. This is the one that broke me.
  9. GH - Ethan being Luke's kid really ruined a lot of characters, IMO. It trashed Luke & Laura's love story. It trashed Robert & Holly's love story. It trashed Luke & Robert's friendship. The logical thing would have been to make Ethan the son of Robert & Holly. But Tony Geary just had to have Ethan as his son. Sigh. So much ruined for one actor's wish.
  10. Yea, I like it too. He never forgot where he came from. I'm still a fan.
  11. Love this post. Every part of it.
  12. I miss the simple ambulance opening. Soooo much better than this. 11 seconds for all those people?!? Wow.
  13. I know there are some die-hard Robert & Anna fans. And if you started watching GH in 1990 or 1991, I can see why you would be an R&A fan. But I started watching GH in 1977 and I saw the real-life magic of both Robert & Holly and Duke & Anna play out. They were the supercouples. GH was the #1 soap when both those couples were the top GH couple. Created by Gloria Monty, both couples had that magnetic magic. For sure, Tristan and Finola have chemistry, but I like them so much more as bickering exes. Plus, I think the "Robin" thing helped cement them as a couple. But IMO, they never were a supercouple. There wasn't that much of a story. They were two individual extremely popular characters that had chemistry. They just didn't have that romantic chemistry that R&H and D&A had in spades.
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