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20 hours ago, marceline said:


The sad truth is that whenever AOC gets involved with something, it turns into drama and chaos with her being painted as a victim.

Might be why they only gave her 6 minutes.


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From what I’ve seen of AOC, I like her. I can see why Republicans are afraid of her/obsessed with her: She’s smart, tough, pretty, young.  

OAC and Katie Porter are two of the newer congresswomen that I always like seeing. 

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That was very, very, very good. If you don't believe me, look online. When even Laura fùcking Ingraham is giving props, the GOP has a problem.


If not for, well, everything else in his favor, I'd say that moment where Joe choked up about Beau on camera won the election.



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I see that CNN already has their talking points in line (the same ones I'm seeing from a lot of fauxgressives on Twitter), having Angela Rye in a major role to talk about Biden not being good enough because of a lack of policy proposals. 


(spoiler alert - when Democrats give policy proposals, the same media voices call them "wonky" and say they are too out of touch with the regular folks - the trick is nothing the Democrats ever do is right for Trump-supporting outlets like CNN) 


The "they aren't giving a reason to vote for them" talking points are everywhere, just as they are every 4 years. All I will say is if people don't have a reason to vote this year, they never will. I just give up on those people at this point.


I also saw a lot of handwringing over the lack of Tulsi and Julian Castro. I'd guess that Harris' people wanted nothing to do with Tulsi and Biden's didn't with Castro. I can't say they are wrong in either case...especially Tulsi's.


I don't know when I'm going to watch Biden's speech, but I did watch Jill Biden's and I thought she did a very good job, especially when she talked about the family she became a part of. She was just the right blend of natural and polished. 

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4 hours ago, DRW50 said:

I don't know when I'm going to watch Biden's speech

It's embedded in the post above yours, when you have the time to watch it.  Just the speech.  No commentators.

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