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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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I would have liked Tracy to be a little more receptive, but I loved the laugh at the end. These two really are made for each other. I hope whatever the weirdness is that it brings them closer, and does't push them apart.

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Wow, it's been literally forever since I watched gh and was genuinely interested which was great because I've been just deciding to return from my gh hiatus. They always make me smile more than I should. My true otp. I will never be over them tbh.

And I'm also freaking out over Jane submitting to the Emmy's??!? I really want her to win, I have everything crossed a person can cross! I can't wait to see her all dressed up :)

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Hi *hookedongh*

Real life has been full of sorrow and joy. I graduated, finished two plays and lost my Aunt and like-an-Aunt to lung cancer. The stage work helps and watching Lunacy get together makes me smile. I have been reading the board whenever possible. When I can; I want to write again.

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Lunacy together again yay! But something tells me this is not our Luke.

Jerry Jacks in a mask maybe? We shall see.

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Hey hooke. I was not even away from this board but there was nothing about Tracy to post. Hopefully things will get better but that depends on TG vacation schedule. I believe he will stick around till may sweeps the least.

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Ha! Yeah I don't know if I believe he is Bill Eckert back from the dead or Luke all brainwashed and rebooted/angry style. Either way I like it, and I'm in. Fun to see a different storyline for them for a change.

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They would probably have to recast Dillon, since Scott is on B&B. I want Luke and Tracy together, no more cheating and scamming. Pod Luke will hopefully not last too long.

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Okay. Today's Kook Luke was totally disturbing and hilarious! This story is effed up. I've really been enjoying TG!

*And YAY for Ned coming back!*

**Oh and by the way I normally FF the kids. Are they always that painful to watch? Spencer, sheesh!!!**

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