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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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Ms. Q did you see your other favorite Jayne was back on Criminal Minds in a flash back tonight?

Yay, for more upcoming Tracy!

I did! I've been looking forward to it since I found out about her return. She wasn't on enough (of course), but some is better than none. I'm still so sad they killed off her character. sad.png

It will be nice to see Tracy again in a decent capacity. smile.png

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I was just on FB looking at the pictures for the 13000th's episode, and you know who's missing - every vet aside from Finola.

I've lost complete interest in the show, so I'm not sure if people are actually tuning in, but it's hard to recognize anything as General Hospital. It's frustrating. Tell me when LuNacy graces our screen again and I might show up.

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she is with lulu and dante I think about luke still being missing and she is with lucy who is overly concerned about Scotty missing and tracy is wondering why lucy cares so much

Anna finds luke and scotty I think on Th

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nice tracy/lulu today

Tracy/Lucy tomorrow

NE spoilers for March 3

Tracy braces herself for Luke's confession

luke tells tracy why he lied to her

I think this has to do with him telling Tracy he feels fine, because they taped with Patrick and monica and Sabrina after that so I bet he ends up having something like LSD flashbacks from Heather or a relapse fo something and lies to her at first but then confesses something is wrong

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Nancy Lee Grahn just announced on her Facebook page that she is going to be one of the judges for the Emmy nominations. And guess who submitted a tape this year... Jane Elliot. Yaybiggrin.png Nancy also said it was the best tape she had seen so far. Go Jane!

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^^^Thanks for the info. So, she must have submitted something from 2013. Why does nothing stick out to me from that year? Oh, the scene where she tells Luke she doesn't want to make a meal out of crumbs? Other than that, I'm blanking on anything Emmy worthy... Not that Jane's expressions as Tracy aren't Emmy worthy enough, but you know what I mean. smile.png

Regarding today's episode - loved Tracy's scenes with Lulu. wub.png I made these gifs and posted to Tumblr.

By the way, her hair didn't look bad today. I like the bangs, as least how they laid today. And she had a lovely outfit on.




General Hospital, 2/19/14

"I lived a lifetime of watching my family embrace a cavalcade of orphans and interlopers and treat them like family – Skye, Emily. I didn’t get it. And then you came along. And that is when my concept of family expanded. And I realized how wrong I had been all along. Family isn’t what you’re stuck with through an accident of blood. Family’s who you choose, who you want to be family, who you love…"

~Tracy Quartermaine

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Emme Rylan in Michael Fairman's interview

Emme on getting the chance to perform in scenes with Jane Elliot (Tracy): I am kind of obsessed with Jane Elliot right now. We have some really fun stuff coming up, and we have enjoyed working together. I find myself staying on set to watch her scenes. I pretty much want to learn from everyone that has been on GH for a long time, and Jane is an incredible actress to watch and learn from.

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in the latest SOD Ilene kristen talks about how it was great to work with maura west, how it was nice to see and talk to Tony and that Jane was so nice going out of her way to make her feel welcome.

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