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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest


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I read a quick blurb that said that Tracy and Olivia get friendly. Don't know how true this is but it would be nice for Tracy to have a friend.

Well, they have a lot of people in common, so it makes sense. Both are characters that are kinda hanging out there and isolated from the action.

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Jane and Tony taped three days together this week (with some overlap of others like Monica, AJ, Kiki Michael, Morgan.

They taped two days together last week

and a couple of days the week before

They are about March 19 right now so March seems to be a much better months

I think the next day Tracy is on is the week of 2/17 when lulu worries about her missing father. The next day JE taped from the anna stuff at the police station was a whopping four scenes with Dante Lulu and Britt and Ben I think

Also last night HNY on DD dropped a hint about any upcoming storyline for Tracy and he said "did Tracy ever spend time in Manhattan" I asked if it was a question or hint and he said hint. I think Donna Mills is playing Nina's mother (silas' comatose wife) and is from Manhattan. He qualified his hint with Port Charles Native renews ties with Manhattan Native so I am assuming it probably means Tracy and the Donna Mills character knew each other from her time in the City.

Could be interesting but as Halee mentioned to me....we also thought Maura West would be good story for Tracy and look where that went.

He also said Genie would be returning and they are working on some Stefan return arc (Because not enough people have returned from the dead)

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