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  1. I was just in Paris too and I remember my tour guide telling us how much the terrorist attack this past winter affected the city and that attack was much smaller. I can't help but also pity Muslims. I live in a rural area where racism against Muslims is strong and this won't help.
  2. Can we get rid of the terrible background music and opening please?
  3. If I my son/brother buys a "meninist" t shirt i'll know i failed at life.

  4. Windows 10 has fucked up my computer. Ugh.

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    2. DramatistDreamer


      I still have Windows 7 but I have the Pro Edition.   I had been debating whether to switch to Windows 10 but decided to put it off until the end of the year, at least.

    3. dragonflies


      I've had no problems with Windows 10. Maybe it was something that was there that the upgrade brought to light

    4. Nate4


      For some reason, my laptop cannot go into "sleep" mode. The screen goes black and you cannot turn it back on until the computer dies.

  5. http://www.gifwave.com/media/657989_real-housewives-rhonj-real-housewives-of-new-jersey-eye-roll-caroline-manzo.gif You really don't get it. Anyways, anyone seen I Am Cait?
  6. Nate4

    The View

    Ew. Candace is a dipshit. And I never heard of Paula Farris. Put this show out of it's misery!
  7. Yay! It's coming back early.
  8. Damn, had no idea how much ignorance was on a soap board lol.
  9. You obviously have no idea what it was like for him. How can you not think it is courage to come out and be yourself when people (probably yourself) will think she is a "fag" or "freak"? Did you not [!@#$%^&*] here she was suicidal? Where is the hate coming from? You are right, us Americans are sissies who cater and coddle everyone too much! Who cares about the trans kids killing themselves, they're sinners! And those who get killed, sure did learn their lesson. You do know America is actually behind in the LGBT movement compared to other developed countries, right? It's a part of the process, I'm sure. She can't do everything at the same time.
  10. The speech was truly amazing and I teared up. She really is an American hero, who hopefully will not be known for being a K, but an Olympian who became the face of trans people.
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