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  1. I actually really liked MY's first episode. A LOT. It's what comes after. YIKES.
  2. Is it safe to say that MY had very little to do with what we've been seeing the last few months? The pace and style has changed so drastically, it's hard for me to believe that he could have been involved before. I read on this board somewhere that SSM said that her storylines were not interfered with, and now I think I believe her.
  3. Did Mal Young's episodes air yet? If not, when is his first airdate? Thnx
  4. Billy has been an unlikable character for a long time IMO. I like JT though. I don't want Billy Miner back. He's become such a lazy actor.
  5. I am so sad about this. I am loving the show. The last few months have been great IMO. I actually find everything is working. Huge improvement over Pratt's trash. This is the best the show has been in a decade. But if some of you are right, and Mal Young is actually responsible for the last few months, I'll change my mind to being happy.
  6. I've been loving pretty much everything since SS became headwriter, but I'm not gonna lie, I'll be really effing pissed off if she does this.
  7. Yeah, I was watching this the other day as well as this one... I miss her a lot!! I can admit it: CK would never be able to pull this off. Then or now or ever.
  8. I know I am gonna be ripped a new one for this statement but I'll say it anyway. I think there are only two weak actresses on this show and those are HKK and MO. (And no, I'm not trolling) HKK was good at the beginning but she's currently the most annoying presence on this show. She seems to have no range besides whiny, weepy or awkward. MO tries but she's just kinda there even though she is miles better than the other Abby's. Even though MO ain't no great actress, it still kind of works because Abby is meant to be a non-entity. She's this light fun type even if she's Victor's daughter. There's really no depth in the character so it's not like I'm demanding a better actress to play the role. What role? This post is meant to be ripped to shreds obviously because I know peeps will strongly add CK and AH to the list. I disagree but I guess that's what makes it fun (I Think...I hope).
  9. I just don't hate Cane like most do. I really like him actually. The writers just didn't do him (or Lily) any favors by keeping them so isolated and (mostly) drama-free. The writers really dropped the ball on the Tyler and Lily thing. Never understood why they dropped that storyline. That P3 storyline is Y&R's low point. That is one of the worst storylines Y&R has ever done, along with the Brad/Victoria reliquary, the Marco storyline, anything Daisy-related. I actually think I hate the P3 more than anything this show has ever done. What were the writers on when they came up with that one? I actually get pissed everytime I think about it. Geez.
  10. CK ain't that bad. She's greatly improved over her early days IMO. She just needs something to do. (I think I resented her for so long when she came back on the show after loving that other actress...ha...but in the past couple of years, I've eased up). She needs to be something other than a saintly stepford wife. I don't even hate her with Cane anymore but there needs to be something done to shake up these characters. They've been stuck in an isolated vacuum for so long. Edit: I'll admit: I still remember how much chemistry the other Lily had with Daniel back in the day. Kinda hated CK for coming back and ruining that.
  11. I understand where Faith is coming from as well as Victor's reasoning...BUT it still pissed me off that HER ACTUAL PARENTS are expected not to have a say in the matter. Everyone was treating them like jerks for not initially warming to the idea of Faith staying with Victor and Nikki. They were all acting as if Sharon and Nick should be totally cool with their daughter not wanting to live with either of them. I can't help it but it just made Faith seem spoiled. No one tells her that although she is going through a rough time, running away is not the answer. She's being taught that if things aren't going her way, she should run from her problems. And it seems like the entire family is enabling that mentality.
  12. How about Adam just stays dead. Although I don't know what that says for Chloe. Because I was watching on and off during that time but how was Chloe acting after the cabin. I'm guessing no one knew she was there with Adam. Does anyone suspect her, at least? Or know something? Did I miss any big fallout from this?
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