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  1. Jane was terrific today! I loved her rant at Luke and Laura and her scenes with Dillon. So glad she has someone there fir her now. I do think that was it for Lunacy though.
  2. Wow Lunacy together again yay! But something tells me this is not our Luke. Jerry Jacks in a mask maybe? We shall see.
  3. Jane and Tony are stellar together but Luke trying to convince Tracy that he really " does care" falls a little flat to me now. It feels so " been there done that". Yeah we know he cares, but does he care enough to stop running off, flirting with other women and drinking?
  4. Perhaps we should talk about the wonderful Jane Elliott and refrain from hurling insults to people in other fanbases.
  5. I can attest to what J says, sorry Remo you are not only dead wrong but way ouf ot line on this one. J did not post excerpts from the interview it was another poster. Just wanted to set the record straight. There is too much fan base foolishness going on with all fan bases, why fan the flames? JMHO
  6. Lets be real here and take off the rose colored glasses. Laura will be just as heavily featured in this quad as Luke/Tracy/Scott I'm not one to put my head in the sand, I honestly don't know if LnL is headed for a full blown reunion but anyone can see that Tony and Genie will have a lot of together time coming up. LnL are spoiled to "kiss" next week. Gird your loins Tracy fans!
  7. I am liking all the interaction between the Veteran Ladies. Loved, loved, Tracy and Laura talking about Luke's illness. Laura was very aggressive with Tracy in those scenes, surprising. I guess Tracy is not going with Laura to find Luke. Genie and Tony are taping together again so I it looks like Laura is the one who finds him. I want more Tracy/Monica scenes!
  8. I agree with those who liked the Tracy/Laura scenes. Tracy looked antagonistic toward Laura and even a little defensive, I'm just glad she wasnt shouting, I've had enough of Tracy the Shrew! Nice Lunacy final scene though! Awww
  9. Don't get too excited I saw the picture from another angle, it is Tony but Genie is on his other side. Leave it to,them to put Luke right in the middle of Laura and Tracy.
  10. I totally agree with you Hooked, Tracy has always been the brash, yet bold voice of truth and reason. She is telling us what is really going on with Luke and his feeling for Laura. I loved the Lunacy scene yesterday, they are really a great pair, but the writers clearly have Tracy firmly in the "friend zone", romantic Lunacy is gone and it looks like that ship has sailed for good. Loved Janes mannerisms when talking about Laura, LOL Jane does seem to be enjoying all the returns, she seems to be having a blast these days, Good for her. She's clearly not pining for Lunacy, so I won't. Tony clearly still prefers Lunacy over LnL bless him, but unless RC feels the same way and writes it accordingly, it really doesn't matter. I don't see that happening. JMO
  11. I just saw the Luke/Anna scenes from Tuesday. Tony and FH were very good, Glad to see Anna kick Luke to the curb even if we know all roads lead back to Laura. Looking forward to the Tacy/Laura scene I know is coming. I have no issue with GF, she belongs on GH a lot more than some others (Brit, Sabrina). I hope RC gives Jane lots of interaction with Genie. I like them both.
  12. I agree with Hooked, banking on Luke and Laura NOT reuniting is just setting onsellf up for a fall. I'd love a Tracy Scott pairing at this point or a Tracy Duke pairing. LuNacy are over as lovers and husband and wife in my opinion. The Globe Article is so much bunk. NO Way would RC pass on writing a reunion for Luke and Laura,as for them not shairng much screen time. Yeah, good luck praying for that.
  13. I post here every rare once and awhile, the news about Genie prompted me to de lurk and log on. LOL I think it is a good thing for several reasons: it's bound to be fodder for more story for Tracy, I know we'll get some good TraLaura scenes. (as much as some hate Genie, she and Jane like each other and always have enjoyed working together) Luke and Tracy are over, that much is obvious, RC ended them months ago, so we likely won't have to sit through a Luke/Laura/Tracy triangle ( thank goodness) Like it or not, Genie is a fan favorite, having her back is good for the future of the show. I know some may disagree, that's cool, I just wanted to put in my two cents. I am encouraged that Tracy is still getting good stuff with the ELQ sl, I expect it to continue with Laura on the scene to spar with. Tracy has been like a mother to LuLu, Laura is bound to have feelings about that. Even though Lunacy are over, you can bet that won't ease Tracy's ire at Laura, I expect to some good scenes between these two. I say bring it on RC and well done GH on getting Genie back in the fold.
  14. Guys thought you'd like to know Genie is coming back. EW Online has an interview with her confirming it! Wow
  15. It's been ages since I posted here. I just have to say I'm floored by all the changes headed to GH, what the frack is going on? OLTL and GH in a hybird show? Wow, who'd a thunk it? I guess they feel this is the only way to save the genre? I wonder what it will mean for our favs? Someone on GH is sure to get the boot, I just hope it's not our girl. As for Lunacy ending, well five years is a long time in soaps, so it could happen. I agree with Hooked, as long as they give Jane some good stuff, I don't mind them ending Lunacy. I guess it's just a waiting gam now to see how RC arranges all the players.
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